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It's been a long time since I last posted anything, and I just recently discovered Wolverine and the X-Men on Netflix (O.o Another X-men series to get hooked on) and I kind of liked the idea of Gambit sneezing.

Warning: This kind of contains a spoiler, as it's a 'redo' of when Gambit arrived on Genosha on a mission for you know who if you've seen the series. Come to think of it, I might have one of Nightcrawler on here, too, just kind of divide it.

Can't say I didn't warn you :)

I don't own any of these characters or the show! Enough of my rambling :)


Gambit didn't like himself at the moment.

Everything about her was.... entrancing. Her hair was an electric shade of green, and Gambit liked electric. She seemed so calm and unmovable, and it.... no, this couldn't be. What was that he felt in his heart? Gambit tensed, and pulled one of his cards from his coat. With a crackle, it lit up, red and pink flickering over the surface of it. He tossed it into the air outside the window, and it exploded in a cloud of smoke. He didn't like what he felt, but he couldn't get her off his mind. The thing about it was just that it seemed inappropriate. Ah, well..... Gambit jumped from the windowsill, landing in a crouch it one hand flat on the ground. He scraped rocks from his hand and straightened, ready to take a walk and clear his mind. Senator Kelly had sent him here with a purpose, he couldn't forget that-

"What's your name?"

He jumped and turned around, ready to whip his cards out..... it was her.

"Uh, well-" The scent of her perfume hit him like a brick wall. "Wha's yours, Chere?"

"Lorna... You're the thief."

He smiled at her, ignoring the growing itch in his nose. "I don't go by thief... call me Remy."

"Remy." She repeated. Lorna regarded him, clearly surprised. "Wait- aren't you supposed to be up in the guest quarters?"

"Ah, yes... about that, Chere...." He rubbed his nose swiftly with a swipe of his thumb, and touched the back of his neck nervously. He was usually such a smooth talker, but this was different. This Lorna girl... She made him weak at the knees. "I seem to have gotten lost."

Lorna smiled. "I can help you..."

"Actually," he murmered, gently picking up her hand and kissing it, "I was hoping you would show me this magnificent city."

"That I can." Lorna said, pulling him along. Gambit smiled and allowed her to take him where she would, but his nose began to itch terribly. "Are you alright, though?"

He looked at her with raised eyebrows. "Now why would you ask me that, Madmozelle?"

"You seem like you are hiding something."

"Not from you-" the itch spiked, and he pinched his nose with both hands and tilted forward, stifling a light "hi'ish!" into his hands. Lorna smiled at him, and he felt the heat rush to his face.

"Bless you."

"Uh... Thank you, Chere." Gambit said quickly. Lorna pulled him up the steps to a balcony overlooking the sea, and he was able, momentarily, to lose the itch among the salty scent of ocean water.

Until they went to the gardens.

Lorna seemed elated to proudly show him the flowers and trees, and he went along with it until his nose once again overwhelmed him.

"S'cuse me..." He muttered, with one hand pressed to his nose. Lorna watched him with calm eyes, and he bent forward twice, sneezing ferociuosly. "H'ish! Ch's!"

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Hu'sh! Yes, fine, really." Gambit said, when he saw the concern on her face.

"Why don't I believe that?"

He smiled playfully with her, and rubbed his nose again. "Why don't I prove it to you?"

"Then, you'll stay out here for five minutes."

"I can do that, Chere. Make it hard." Lorna looked around the garden, amused.

"By the daisies."


"With me. Why would I leave someone like you alone?"

He thought over it for a minute, staring at the patch of daisies she was referring to. "I can do that, too, but since you'll be there with me, it'll be less boring."

Lorna went over to the bush, and he followed, partially amused, partially embarrassed, and he didn't know the other feeling. Love? It was impossible.

Was it?

She sat down by the plants and patted the ground, gleefully. Gambit immediately felt the effects, and his nose itched like mad. Still, he denied himself the ability to rub it, and soon he was unconsciously holding his breath.

"Give up?"

"Nah. How long has it bee'?

"One minute."

One minute? He gave in and rubbed his nose fiercely with his index finger, trying to will the itch away. Stubborn as he was, it was worse, and he was forced to sit still and hope it passed. Lorna watched him with scrutiny.

"Don't do it."

He gave her an awkward smile, and sat stock still, staring at the ground, and focusing between the urge to sneeze. The breeze picked up, and suddenly it was too much to bare.


His head snapped forward, and he sneezed into open air, too startled to cover his mouth. Already another one was there, and he cupped both hands around his nose and sneezed again.

Lorna giggled, watching him.

"How long did lil' ole' Gambit last?" He questioned, looking at the green haired woman.

"Three minutes."

"It's more than half. I'll take it, Chere."

"Bless you."

"Wha- Huhg'sh!"

"There it is." She smiled dazzlingly at him, and, suddenly possessed by an urge he'd never felt before, Gambit kissed her.

"What the?!?!" Someone's voice sounded suddenly. Gambit and Lorna looked up, into Quicksilver's eyes.

"You know, every time I come here, something's up. You're... You're..... Lorna, Father's gonna kill you!"

"I'll kill who?" Magneto's voice called behind the bushes. He rose up into the air behind them, looking annoyed at his son. "I told you to stay away from Genosha."

"Uh, Father, look before you leap." Quicksilver said smugly, pointing to Gambit. Lorna clutched his shoulder, and with the smell of her perfume once again pervading his nose, he lurched forward in another sneeze.

"Funny, coming from the man who can run around the world in 4 seconds." He said. Magneto laid eyes upon his, and the metal of his boots was suddenly thrown up, so Gambit was hanging upside down in midair, above the daisies.

"I told you to stay in your quarters!"

"He was making out with Lorna, too-" Quicksilver pointed out. Mahneto turned to him.

"Pietro, leave Genosha, now!" Quicksilver was gone in a matter of green smudges and 0.0005 seconds. Lorna watches the encounter with silent, terrified eyes, until her father caught he in his sights.

"Lorna, go to your room. You aren't to come out indefinitely."

"She didn't do... Hi'ish! She didn't do not'ing, Monsieur."

"Do not speak, Gambit." Suddenly, Magneto dropped him other the ground. The French mutant sat up, rubbing his head and his nose.

"You are to be taken to a cell. Remain there until you are given a proper sentence."

"For kissing your daughter?"

"And for trying to take my helm."

"Hi'ish! Sh! Can I get a break, Monsieur?"

He was hauled off so fast he didn't even have time to sneeze again.



What do we think?

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What do we think?

Darn, Why did I have to come here and read this.... I mean, I'm addicted now *blush* I used to read Xmen when I was in college and I loved gambit but never thought about him sneezing... now that I think about it, stiffled sneezes from him sounds so right :)

So yeah, I hope you continue this :)

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Here's part two- Enjoy!


Gambit stared at the partial rock wall across from him. There were iron bars to his right, and walls on every side of him. There would be no escaping this metal cell- the bars were charged to send an electrical shock through the hands of whoever didn't think enough to grab them. He pulled his cloak higher around his shoulders and crossed his arms, drawing his knees up to his. Almost the entire place was made of metal, and Magneto clearly didn't care enough to warm it up, because it was so cold. He rubbed his nose absentmindedly, thinking about how one of his cards could probably blow a good sized hole in the wall.....

"Don't dream of it."

"What?" He looked around. The room was empty, save the cells lined up beside and across him.

"Blowing a hole through the wall. You think some of us tried that?"

"Where are you...." His eyes widened. He hadn't actually heard that. "Stay outta my head!"

"Fine. My friend says bless you."

"Oh, you're kid- hu'ish!" He stifled it into the back of his wrist and gazed at the wall.

"Cold much?" The voice in his head snickered.

"No..." He growled, whipping a card from his coat.

"Be careful. The wall bites!"

He didn't stop, just allowed the card to behind glowing, then tossed it at the wall with all his might. It blew, sure, but pushed him so hard against the wall the air escaped his lungs.

"Told you."

"Stay out of my head, monsiour." He said. Already the back of his nose twinged and itched, and the scent of metal was not helping.

"That's hard to do. I share a cell next to you."

"Oh, great, a telepath." Between that striking Emma Frost, the irritating bald old man Charles Xavier, and the lady of Summers', Jean Grey, he figured there was enough to make up the entire population of telepaths. He was stirred from his thoughts by the sharp urge to sneeze, and barely cupped his hands around his face to sneeze sharply three times.

The voice chuckled. "My buddy hear can see the future. That trial of yours, see, won't go too well without my help. And tonight, you'll have a visitor."

"You're good for one thing...." He muttered, passing a knuckle under his nose. "Who is it?"

"Magneto's daughter. If I was you, I wouldn't kiss her."

As if I can, anyway, he thought glumly, staring at his hands. "You want something in return for this, non?"

"How do you know? Are you a telepath, too?"

"If I was a telepath, mon ami, I'd be outta here by now."

"Classic." The voice huffed. "You're one of those street thugs."

"I'm not a street thug, I'm a high class thief." He paused and rubbed his nose, expecting to sneeze again, but it passed and he continued. "There's a difference- Hih... Hi'gsh!"

"Mm-hmm. A difference. You steal, don't you?"

"It's still not the same." He murmered, looking around. "How strong of a telepath are you?"

"Level three. Not as high as you, Mr. Class four, but I can knock the bars out."

"I'm not a class four."

"Please. I'm looking at one of your memories right now. Charles offered to help you, told you your class, and you took the info, then ran."

"I didn't run..... Hi'ish! Hi'sh!"

"Don't do that!"

He rolled his eyes and took out his deck of cards, thinking how a good game of Solitaire would get him out of his head. "Do what?"

"When you sneeze, I feel it in the back of my skull. Stop pinching your nose."

"That's just what I do." He said defiantly, smiling to himself. "And if you don't like it, why are you still in my head?.... Speaking of which, you said you could knock the bars out. Why don't you just do it?"

The person in his head sighed. "I can, it would just use up a lot of my energy. Me and Sight are waiting till the next meal."

"Sight? Oh. Of course. Tell me, Monsiour, what's your name?"

"I'm Sound."

"Sight and Sound? What kind of name's that?"

"Ours. Tell me yours."

"Remy LeBeau. Gambit. Thief. Gun for Hire. Whatever you call me."

"Right..... Here comes your girlfriend."

"She's not my..... Hi'ish! Huh'sgh!" He pinched his nose to get on the telepath's nerves, rocking forward. The telepath was already gone, though, and his mind felt as cold as the metal walls surrounding him.



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Love it! I love Remy!!! Haven't read any of him in ages!!! You are doing a great job!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Now I can say I picked this up a year later, lol. That was a very long gap, sorry for the wait if anyone's still interested. Sorry if there's not a whole lot of sneezing- I need to explain some of there story-. Anyway, this is part 3! Or quite possibly 4. I should probably check. :)

"Do they treat you well?"

He shrugged. "It's not a question o' how they treat me, Chere. More of if they'll ever let me out o' here." More than freedom at the moment, he just wanted to go outside and feel warm for once. The cold of the prison was the slow kind, but it sank into your bones after a while. He figured he'd maybe dropped ten degrees in body heat.

"Father says he'll never let you out." Lorna said plainly. He gave her an irritated look.

"What? Why not? I haven't stolen-" his head ducked forward and he sneezed twice, barely having the time to do more than turn his head aside from her. "-Hug'sh! Hu'ish!"

Lorna looked truly sorry. "Bless you.... Maybe we can get out."


"I got his power. If I wanted I could rip these bars out."

Gambit frowned at the metal bars, crackling with energy. "I got some people ov'r there saying dey can. Why didn't you do it sooner?"

"See.... he knows.... Father has alarms all over here. Anyone who tries to break up the bars'll get a bonus three years."

He sat down and rubbed his nose to suppress the growing itch, unsure of what to do anymore.

"Three years will give Gambit no break."

"I know, Remy.... I'll figure this out, I swear. We can do it together. That way-"


Black smoke and sulphur. Gambit, had a preference for pink, even though it wasn't the best color. If his hands made it, why not?

A dark haired mutant, well, dark hair was an understatement, he was covered with blue fur. His eyes were yellow and he had such an impish look Gambit would have started laughing if he wasn't about to sneeze.

"Who are you?" Lorna asked. The elf-man looked at her, then back at him.

"Who's she?"

"Who're you?" Remy stood up, passing his knuckles under his nose. "We asked you first."

The blue mutant sighed. "Nightcrawler. X-Man. By now I think you'd know me. I'm here to get you out."

"What?" He was happy just hearing those words.

"Just come vith me." He grabbed his hand and in an intant they were out of the cell. "I've been detected. We'll have to teleport over the sea."

"Teleport?" BAMF was the word for it, the Cajun was sure. Lorna called after him, but they were around the corner faster than she could run.

"Wait!" Gambit dug his heels into the ground, looking back. "Go back, we-"

"I can't." Nightcrawler said calmly, teleporting again. "Magneto's coming."

A few teleports later they were out on the beach, Gambit on the cliff sneezing almost every five seconds, it seemed, Nightcrawler crouching by him, regaining his energy.


"Do you ever stop sneezing?"

"At some point, possibly. Do you ever feel cold?"

"Not often."

"Exactly, Mon ami-- Hu'ish! H'ish!"

Nightcrawler looked back, then tackled Gambit and tell reported out over the ocean, disappearing and reappearing consistently.

It took them hours to reach land, and by then Nightcrawler was so exhausted he only got then up onto the bench in front of the X-Mansion.

"Velcome home." The German elf murmered, before promptly going to sleep. Gambit looked curiously at him. Just like that? Leave a master thief alone on a..... well, not alone, there was Wolverine, Iceman, and Rogue...... Oh, he remembered her. The pretty girl. Silently, he stalked away toward the mansion, cringing whenever he sneezed, waiting for Nightcrawler to jump up and yell for him to stop. That would be Italy all over again. Italy. Those men showed him.

He opened one of the doors (they should not have been unlocked, but as luck would have it, Kitty had gotten around to other things) and stepped in. So many things to steal, but he was here to see Rogue. He paused, sliding his arm under his nose and waiting, then sneezing harshly into it. All of a sudden, a form lurched under his stomach, tackling him for the second time that night, and the wind was knocked out of him as his back struck the floor. Instantly a man with black hair, blue eyes, and no shirt- which was a bad thing for people who didn't exactly shave, Gambit noticed- snarled at him. Metal scraping bone sounded next to his ear, and then he realized.


The Beast would have been better.

"You got nerve coming here, Gambit," Wolverine barked. "I should cut you bits and hang you out to dry."

"Relax. Gambit didn't come here to fight. He didn't even want to come here." The Cajun replied curtly, pushing Logan off of him. "This is a new coat, too. Try not to slice it up."

Instead of listening to him, the Canadian man cut the sleeve of his cost arm off.

"That's it, fur ball, now Remy's gonna teach you-"

The lights flicked on. A shriek echoed through the house.

"Boys! What are you Doing???!" Storm shouted. Boys? Before either could open their mouths to deny her naming, two sheets of ice pinned then to the wall.

"Ugh, you two woke me up....." Bobby snapped, rubbing his eyes. He looked at Gambit and his eyes widened. "Wait, that's not-"

"Uuuhhh...... why are those two glued to the wall?" Jean asked, coming down the stairs. "Nightcrawler's outside. He's fine."

"What?" Wolverine asked, peering out the window.

"Yeah..... did anyone tell you guys about the mission?" Jean continued. Everyone exchanged confused looks. "Now I know not to trust Forge with anything. Gambit Jere was stuck on Genosha-"

"Huh'isgh!" He sneezed sharply, shoulders slamming up so fast they cracked the ice that had him pinned.

No one said bless you, which in a way was good. They should have been informed in the first place. Then again, the X-Men weren't exactly organized.........


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I admit I haven't been in tune with the comics for a very long time so I'm a bit lost. But it's exciting!

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