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Messy car sneezes (self-M)


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I realize that not everyone likes mess. So, fair warning if it's not your thing.

I sneeze in the car almost daily if the sun is shining. I'm a powerful sneezer but these were even more so than usual. I had a bad tickle all morning that just wouldn't turn into a sneeze. I'm a photic sneezer but it was overcast so I had little expectation of anything happening on the way to work. I was driving in heavy traffic when something triggered me suddenly and I had no time to do anything but release full force onto my steering wheel, "HHHEEEAAAAAAASHIIICHHHHHOOOO!!!!!!" I felt the spray flying everywhere and had no time to grab a tissue before I sucked in another deep, involuntary breath and blasted again in much the same fashion, this time showering my lap. I felt more coming but was able to grab a couple of tissues in time to catch the final sneeze. I was able to inspect the aftermath at a stoplight. I'd completely covered the steering wheel and much of the dashboard with spray. My lap felt damp as well. I spent the next few miles wiping everything down with carwipes. I'm a messy sneezer but I hate leaving a mess. ;)

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Bless you! I love being in the car with someone that sneezes strong sneezes......any are good, but I love good strong, healthy sneezes. And I'm lucky to have a carpool bud that loves to talk about sneezing and joke with me about it. :) the person sneezes much more often than I do (unfortunately.....I love to sneeze) so from time to time I sneak one in by inducing.

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