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Amazing Phil :D


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FINALLY THE GODS HAVE GIVEN ME A PHIL LESTER SNEEZE. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED THANK U THANK U IM A HAPPY PERSON AT MIDNIGHT RIGHT NOW. "Jeez Louise" "Oh is that what that was? I thought you were just doing a squid impression or something" . Holy pinnaple fruitcake I fucking love this so much. :D PHANNNN <3 . :stretcher::jawdrop::drool:

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OH MY GOSH! NO WAY! I'm so damn happy and excited right now but I can't watch the video while I'm at work!! D:

Ugh only a few hours to wait wub.pngyay.gif

Eta: Okay I watched it.


Dan's reaction though. :lol:

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I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. I've been waiting for this moment for two years and it's finally here. Not to mention he has a fantastic sneeze. Thanks for the find!

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