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NHL(National Hockey League) - Is Anyone Here Interested In It?


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Hello everyone,I haven't been on here in ages(life got in the way unfortunately :/ )and while I've been gone over the last 2 years my biggest "obsession" of sorts has become hockey,more specifically the NHL and since I had already been watchin' baseball,more specifically the MLB for 10 years prior to that it sure was an adjustment period for me to get used to watchin' another sport and now that I'm used to it I haven't been able to stop thinkin' about it 24/7 for over a year now and I'm not ashamed to admit it I know alot of you on here know how carried away one can get with an "obsession" ;) Anyways,my favourite team is the New York Rangers whom I'm not ashamed to admit that they have my heart and ever since I started watchin' 'em this has become my all-time favourite list of Rangers past and present: 1)Ryan McDonagh 2)Henrik Lundqvist 3)Dominic Moore 4)Ryan Callahan 5)Carl Hagelin 6)Derek Stepan 7)Dan Girardi 8)Brandon Dubinsky 9)Brandon Prust 10)Chris Kreider 11)John Moore 12)Derick Brassard 13)Brian Boyle 14)Brad Richards 15)Marc Staal 16)Mats Zuccarello 17)Anton Stralman 18)Marian Gaborik 19)Benoit Pouliot 20)Michael Del Zotto 21)Dan Boyle 22)Marty Biron 23)Rick Nash 24)Marty St. Louis Now since I just gave off my list of favourite Rangers,I'm curious to know if anyone on here happens to like the NHL and have a favourite team and if you do who your favourite players are and don't worry even though my heart belongs to the Rangers I happen to like a bunch of players on other teams that I really shouldn't cuz they're supposed to be the "enemies" but I can't help how I feel about 'em so you don't have to worry about offendin' me no worries :) *Jen McDonagh

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