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Christmas Traditions!


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I know there have been a lot of Christmas threads, but I thought it would be nice to share some of our Christmas-y traditions - or other holidays if not Christmas! - whether family or individual! (That and I'm just supremely excited about Christmas heh.gif )

One thing that my family has always done is not eating meat on Christmas Eve. It's originally an Italian tradition, and we've always done it since my mum mostly grew up in Italy.

I also have a few traditions with my best friend, who loves Christmas as much as I do! Every year we make each other handmade presents that are specific to our friendship - so inside jokes, etc. We also have a tradition that I'm not quite so keen on, where starting on December 1st she calls me everyday to tell me how long it is until Christmas, getting earlier and earlier as it gets closer. laughing.gif

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First off, your Pusheen signature image is SO CUTE, MaiMai! eeee! I love Pusheen!

In my family, we have a few Christmas traditions too! On Christmas Eve we get a gift of new pyjamas from our parents so we look nice for Christmas photos the next morning when we're opening gifts :D Even though my siblings and I are all over 20 years old now, we still get PJs! We also get to choose 1 gift from the stack to open that night before bed, but lately we've been exchanging gifts between siblings the night before rather than a random package.

Also on Christmas Eve we have a dinner inspired by the Italian "Feast of the Seven Fishes" but since we're not Italian, we change it up to suit our own tastes and go for a New England inspired menu of lobster with clam chowder, scallops, shrimp, etc. I look forward to it every year!

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The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, with my mum in the choir and dad and sisters and me in the pews, singing along out loud when allowed (and me singing along softly with the choir-only carols, especially that one descant to "Hark the Herald Angels" which I love but can never quite reach) :D I'm not a practicing Christian of any denomination, but this one tradition I cherish. The music is beautifully uplifting and the atmosphere is so full of happiness, it's lovely!

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Love this thread!!

I have a couple traditions I figure I might share here:

On Christmas Eve, the brolas and I, and sometimes my dad attend Midnight Mass.

For years now, ever since we were little, my mom would make each kid a scavenger hunt from Santa where we had to find clues that led us to one special present not found under the tree. Obviously, we don't still do them from Santa, as baby brola is now 20, but we still do scavenger hunts for each other. Honestly, I find the tradition rather obnoxious, but it is sweet that that brolas still get excited to do one for each other (or me or my parents).

We always, always watch one of the 'A Christmas Carol' movies. It's my dad's favorite movie.

Gosh, there are so many different things that I want to do someday with my own family. It's so much fun thinking about what traditions to start and I love reading everyone's to get ideas!! :heart:


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Christmas traditions well my favorite involves pizza obviously ahaha. Usually on Christmas Eve we order a bunch of pizza and invite family over to my house.my parents have been hosting Christmas Eve for a while.: D

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As far as Christmas traditions go in my family go we always do the whole gift exchange on Christmas eve night. A good chunk of my family comes over for Posole and tamales and unwrap gifts. They all just left about 30 Minuets ago. Then on Christmas Day its basically Thanksgiving part II. My dad will cook and stuff a turkey along with everything that goes with it and the rest of my family will come down to eat and just enjoy each others company for a while. :smile:

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We will always go visit the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows (in Illinois) sometime around Christmas. My husband's family has a fun tradition where we play 'Dirty Santa' - everyone brings a gift (either a 'real' gift or a gag gift) and we play it with the same rules as 'rob your neighbor'. Lots of fun.

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