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Silly Thoughts About A Nursery Rhyme


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I just had this thought the other day, and thought it was amusing enough to share with you guys.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the "Ring Around the Rosie" rhyme. Being fetishists, I'm sure a lot of you have also heard the story that the rhyme is a coded message for the effects of the Black Death, with "ashes, ashes" being a bastardization of the sneezes that plague victims suffered from.

Well, there's a lot of debate about whether or not that story is true. Both Wikipedia and Snopes question it;



But here's the interesting part: A lot of the variations of the rhyme have a phrase that looks suspiciously like a sneeze spelling. I mean, look at this list from both sites:

Hush!, A-tischa!, Hasher, Husher, Hatch-u, A-tishoo.

So based on all that, I can't help but wonder if you couldn't apply a fetishy aspect to the rhyme, like someone brought flowers to their lady love, only one or both of them turned out to be allergic to them.

There's no way that's actually the case, but it's amusing to think about. I know Count de Tiza used to make up sneezy nursery rhymes, so perhaps this is just a logical extension of that.

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Sneezing was never a symptom of the "Black Death" (i.e. bubonic plague), though. It's a common and extremely tenacious misconception, as indeed the Wiki page points out.

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Snopes seems to claim that sneezing could be a symptom of some forms of the plague? I suppose perhaps pneumonic? ._. I'm not sure.

I'd believed the plague origin of the rhyme to be true, honestly, but yeah, it seems as if there's some debate about that. Dumb as this may sound, I can't help but wonder now that if the rhyme is indeed referring to sneezing, maybe it actually is a reference to allergies? I mean, "pocket full of posies." It does seem to make sense. XD I dunno. Maybe it's a stretch.

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