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Girlfriend obs with visible spray! (F)


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So this actually happened awhile ago but my girlfriend and I were in my truck going to the mall to just do some casual shopping. I was driving of course and she was sitting in the passenger seat. This was probably around 4pm so the sunlight was shining through her window JUST right to potentially capture some spray ;)

I was watching the road when all of a sudden I heard her let out her usual forceful and wet sneeze. "Ehhhchhhh!" I didn't get to see that one but I looked over just in time to see her build up for another one. I thought to myself, "yes! It's gonna be a double..." She raised her left arm up but left a pretty big gap between her arm and her mouth. As she sneezed, she let out a very fine and visible mist that spread out about a foot in front of her. I blessed her, she said thank you, and that pretty much made my day.

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I love the light! Both for photic sneeze potential and to highlight spray. Happy to have more obs (a double!) from your gf.

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