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Horrible cold at clothing store


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At a clothing store a while ago and I hear HaCHOOO in some corner of the store. I don't think anything of it, until I hear a second identical sneeze 20 seconds later. I look around, and a tall girl in her early twenties stands out. She is quite pretty, but I notice her because she has holding a tissue in her right hand and just looks sick. Her eyes are slightly closed like someone who is looking into a bright light, and her nose is many shades redder than the rest of her face.

This girl must have been sneezing all day, because she continues to try to function in the middle of a prolonged sneezing fit that seems to be dominating her attention. Every time I glanced up, she looked like she was already building up, and the one sneeze I saw thrust her body forward. She kept looking at cloths, but spent half of her time sneezing or bracing for a sneeze. I was there for a while anyway, and her sneezes just didn't stop. Every thirty seconds or so, another single AhCHOO!!! Same as all the others, but possibly getting more desperate. At one point I saw her talking to a clerk and she sneezed during that time too.

By the time she left, maybe 20 minutes or so, she had been sneezing regularly the whole time. Not so often that I hear so many from one person.

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Wow - that's a pretty amazing sounding fit! Possibly the perfect antidote to the horrors of Christmas shopping, and I love the whole thought of a girl 'bracing for a sneeze' :D

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Aww, the poor thing must have been doing last-minute holiday shopping through her cold! Cute to be honest :wub: her sneezes sound pretty great too! Great obs, thank you for sharing Europa! :)

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