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Are you a rapid sneezer? (Plus Bonus Questions)


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Sneeze so close together that there is no question of drawing breath between each sneeze. In which there seems to be no breath in and only a soft small release outward, "choo". And some release it the rapid loud ones. The sneeze that goes on and on-sneeze after sneeze in a rapid fashion. Some people who sneeze like this only manage two or three sneezes, but some come close to eight/ten or more. They would sometimes sneeze a double or triple, like right at the end of the first sneeze they have a second one followed by a third sneeze right in the same breath after it.

So are you a rapid sneezer? If you not, then anybody else have a rapid sneeze (Cousin, Friends, Neighbour, Parents, Sibling, etc.)?

Bonus Question - Those with rapid sneeze, what happen?

My Answer:

I'm not a rapid sneezer. Hmm... One of my co-worker has those sneeze.

My Bonus Question Answer:

I think about two months ago. She end her work and about to leave office. Then she sneeze 5-6 times in a row rapidly. I think she tired cause her sneeze.

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