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Thorin/Bilbo (Bagginshield) Stories I Found


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None of these belong to me, but I've been digging for some fluffy Bilbo + Thorin stuff (thank you 3rd Hobbit movie) and managed to find a few Bilbo sick!fics that I thought I would share here in case others wanted to read them. I don't know if they've been posted here before (either by the authors themselves or others who have found them) but I do not think I stumbled across them in the forum while searching~

I found a few sick stories that have little/no sneezing in them. The care-taking aspects are all there, with some fever/coughing, general fatigue as well~

gestures speak louder than my words (can you hear them?) by authoressjean


Very tame fluff~ Even some fever high Bilbo LOL.

Not So Delicate by Antartica_or_bust


Okay, so this one is actually Kili + Bilbo, but it's pretty cute. Kili has no idea what a cold is, so Bilbo has to assure him it's nothing serious (with cuddling!)

The "Dying" Hobbit by Resacon1990


So this one is actually pretty hilarious. I mean, it's sad because everyone things Bilbo is dying and Gandolf is a useless, trouble-making idiot, but the way it's written is really great. Bilbo is super sassy xD.He loses his voice, and is bedridden for a couple weeks.

An Unwell Hobbit by Sams_Soliloquy


Hooray for a fretting Thorin and a fever-fainting Bilbo! Just an all around fluff-fest.

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