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Sick and Sneezy in Time for Holidays (Self)


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My first illness of the year, just a cold but hopefully it won't get worse. The good news is I'm off work till Friday so hopefully I'll be fine, the bad news is I'm sick in time for Christmas and the last day of Hanukkah.

Anyway, woke up this morning with a sore throat and the sniffles. Sneezes soon followed. When I have a cold, I sneeze so many times in a row, I almost never sneeze when I'm not sick. My biggest chain today was 6.

I was lying in the guest bedroom of my dad's house (visiting for the holidays) and I needed to sneeze. My sneezes are really messy, mess is everywhere if I don't cover. I've been trying SO hard not to sneeze in public today because when I cover with my arm there's always mess strung between my nose and my arm.

Anyway, when is felt a sneeze coming, I didn't wanna deal with the mess plus I was trying not to be super germy in my dad's house. So I nestled my nose into a couple tissues and ended up spraying my wrist with my mouth anyway, germy. Since it was through my mouth it sounded like "ESHHHH! K'SHHHHH! ESHHHH! Eh'KSHHHH! ESHHHH!" The last one was stuck. "Heh... Hih... Hhhh... Heh'KSHHHHH!" I just kept holding the tissues to my sore, tired nose after for a minute, exhausted from such strong, sicky sneezes.

I haven't had a cold in a while so I must say I'm a little pleased. Though I wish I was in my own apartment when I could sneeze freely and... Enjoy it fully ;) I'm super stuffy though, was singing in the shower, "Sadta baby, just slib a sable udder da tree, for be..."

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Really really hot! Bless you ;) one of my favorite sneeze kinks happens to be girls sneezing into tissues ;)

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I like the way that even when using tissues some mess still manages to sneak through ;) Hopefully you'll be able to contain any more sneezy fits until you're no longer a guest - or at least write about them here if you don't :D

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