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I was looking on the Internet hopefully to find some Ross Lynch <3 sneezing stuff and the closest I found was this interview where the cast is asked what they do if they have to sneeze while performing. It's not him sneezing but he answers (along with the rest of the cast which is also awesome!) and just hearing him say sneeze is beautiful... :)

Here's the link:


It's the second video, first question. I suggest you watch the first to because Ross is being cute and funny in it!

Hopefully the link works. Sorry if it doesn't!

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Looking into the light STOPS a sneeze? Well I have never heard that one before lol

I know right! Pretty sure she's not a fetishest!

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Awh all their answers arr cute.Laura you're naive Aha.Looking at a light stops a sneeze? Convince Ross to try your method (;

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