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Jenna Marbles!


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Yes! I have been waiting for this!

In an extras video she puts up, Jenna sneezes twice! Julian also comments on them.

It's at 2:47

I'm sorry if the link doesn't work!

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She is so gorgeous, and those sneezes were really hot. :dribble: I'm usually not a big fan of squeaky sneezes, but hers sounded so desperate here, it more than made up for it. <3

Thanks for posting!

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Great find - very girly and squeaky, but I particularly like the more powerful, just on the edge of being out of control nature of the second sneeze :D

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Oh my god Jenna Marbles <3 is so rad and those sneezes were adorable. "Bless you Mouse" :)

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From reading all the comments first I thought it was going to be really fake sounding but they were actually really nice and I have always wanted to see her sneeze! :)

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