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Memory from art class

mysterious sneeze man

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I just remembered this great obs from my high school art class. It was early spring and everything outside was starting to come to life. My school was basically on the outskirts of town with nothing but mesa for miles. And in the mesa where tons of lovely, flowering, allergy inducing plants and weeds surrounding the school. So i walk into art class, gather my supplies and take my usual seat. They had big square tables with 4 chairs each. I was lucky enough to sit next to this girl who's name i cant remember for the life of me who was having an incredible fit. Every 2-3 minuets or so she would sneeze for the entire period. I would describe her as a cute band girl, blonde, petite, small, red itchy nose, but back to the obs. I remember her saying that she had been sneezing all day and she hadn't gotten her allergy medication yet. We were doing water collaring that day so there was no shortage of tissues for her either. She would catch 4 or five into her tissue, blow her nose then go back to the teachers desk to grab another hand full Her sneezes where soft sounding Actchoos with lots of nose rubbing in between. Thats all for now guys ill keep you posted with new obs and with whatever else i can remember. :)

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very lucky obs! what were her blows like?

fairly wet sounding. i bet she blew her nose around 15 times

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