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12 weeks without inducing. :)


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Hey guys!

I would like to wish everyone on the forum a very Merry Christmas. :)

It has now been twelve weeks without inducing and things have calmed down a lot just recently.

I had a few sneezes a couple of weeks ago and then three in one day on the 15th due to a cold. The cold has turned to a cough and no more sneezes have come about since that day. In fact, my nose just keeps running but it is now clear stuff. I'm wondering whether my nose blowing and the nose running is clearing out any irritants and therefore no sneezes, any thoughts?

I had the urge to sneeze yesterday on two occasions. Once was very much stronger and inhaling was all I could do to try and coax it out but it didn't work. :(

Nothing today in the way of tingles so I'm wondering what is going on. I don't want to induce to check sensitivity so I will just wait it out.

My bf has had a few since I stopped sneezing. I think he had one three days ago and then he had one or two and four days before that he had one. His nose does seem calmer which is reassuring. ;)

He induced for me the last time with chhinkni powder and that was amazing. He is just the perfect boyfriend and I'm so happy he accepts and occasionally indulges my fetish. :-)

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