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Just a little something I whipped up. This will be a my (late) one year birthday/Christmas/Thank you gift to everyone here! Merry Christmas, Felis Na Vidad, and Happy Holidays! :heart:

Kevin: Age of 17. Short brown hair in a short tie with blue eyes. Tanish skin fairly fit and toned.

Ashton: Age of 19. Short gelled up dirty blonde hair with green eyes. Tan skin, slightly big boned.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Merry Christmas~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

“Hehhh'SHHEWWW!” Ashton shot up from his slumber on the couch just as his little brother slammed the front door shut. A volley of horrid wet coughs teetered him into the wall as he removed his winter coat. Ashton ran to Kevin's side with a firm hand on his shoulder.

“Easy, bro.” Kevin's fever bright eyes locked with his big brothers gentle ones. His hand gripping tightly onto the one holding him up. His breathing was rough and scratchy with each strained gasp. “I got ya..”

“Ash...I sdill couldn'd find her. I couldn'd...” Tears swelled in his eyes. Ashton's eyes nearly copied his little brothers, but they remained strong. He led his brother to the couch and laid him under the worn out wool blanket he was sleeping under.

“It's okay, we'll find her. Sit tight for me.” Kevin pulled the blanket closer and pulled his knees up to make room. The brothers had been on their own for five years now. Both parents suddenly gone missing on a big time work call. They managed to find jobs and rent out a cheap motel room since they were evicted form their home. The 'her' Kevin was looking for, was a calico kitten that the boys had adopted a month ago. She some how got out a few days ago and they had been trudging through the snowed over town in search for her. Kevin had caught himself a bad cold in the process, and Ashton was doing his best to keep his little brother happy and well. It's exhausted him. Three jobs and nothing satisfying, it was draining his very being.

“ASHH'eww! Hehhh ehehhh snnfff snfff...mnnn.”

“Bless you. Let's get you warmed up.” Ashton brought in a steaming cup of broth and a wet rag. Kevin gratefully sipped at the broth. His throat soothing by degrees. Ashton placed the back of his hand to his brother's forehead and sighed, placing the rag. “We don't have anything for your fever. I'll go out to the store and buy some things.” Kevin nodded. He shivered under the blanket, coughing behind closed lips.

“ESHHH'uhhhh! ESHH'OOO! Snrrffff...you dingk she's ogay?” Ashton looked into his little brother's worried eyes and forced a small grin.

“I'm sure she's hiding somewhere warm, Kev. Cat's are smart.” He couldn't help but think that the kitten was either hit or taken up by someone else, but saying that with Kevin's fever might not be a good idea. It was better to keep his hopes up, but not too up. “While I'm out, I’ll search again.” Kevin nodded and sipped some more broth. Ashton pat his shoulder and walked into the small single bedroom to put on his jacket and boots. He heard the TV turn on and knew his brother would be out cold in a matter of minutes. “Ey! Don't you even think about a chick-flick! I don't need you even more emotional!” He teased with a laugh.

“Oprah is ndod a chigk-fligk!” Ashton walked out to see Oprah in black and white.

“Dear God...are you sure we're related?” They both bawled. Kevin coughing between breaths. Ashton pocketed some bills and walked to the door. “I'll be back.”

“Be careful, Ash.” Ashton smirked and walked out into the freezing cold.


Before entering the store he saw a small snoopy tree leaning on the glass door. It was perfectly healthy, but lacked a few branches and pine needles. It didn’t even have a price tag on it. He sighed and walked down the isle. Finding some NyQuil and cough drops and some cupped soups and tissues. He made his way to the counter and laid them out.

“So when you gonna start livin' here, hun?” The cashier popped her hip and rested her elbow on the counter top. Ashton chuckled. He's been shopping here far too long.

“Not today, Mary. Maybe next week.” He joked and handed her two tens. She popped her gum and opened the register to get his change.

“Haven't seen your brother for a few days. He doin' alright?”

“Yeah. He's got a bad cold going on so he's not really going out much.” That wasn't a complete lie.

“Awww, well you tell him Mary says 'get well'. I'll see you later, hun.” He waved and picked up his bag. Taking a foot out the door, he turned to the tree. He gently picked it up in both hands and turned back to the counter.

“Hey, Mary. How much for the little guy?” Mary put down the magazine she was reading and smiled.

“For you, hun? On the house.”

“For real?”

“Yeah. Merry Christmas, Ashton. Go take care of your brother.” She waved him off and he waved back.


Ashton opened the door to their room and quietly creeped in. The room was dim lighted with only the TV making any noise. He shuffled into the kitchen and fished out a small vase, filling it with warm water and placing the small tree inside.

“ASHH'uhh! Ehhhh heh HESHHH'eww!” Ashton turned suddenly, expecting to see Kevin sitting up on the couch. But a closer look revealed an empty couch.

“Kev?” He sat the tree in the center of the living room table and went into the bedroom. Kevin was kneeling down on his side of the bed scrubbing at his nose and coughing. “What are you doing?” His tone amused. Kevin turned around with a guilty grin. He held out a small wrapped box. Ashton's chest swelled. His mouth opened many times but no words came out.

“God you sobething. Id's dothing big though...” Ashton helped Kevin up and sat him on the bed, sporting a grin. He then walked to his side and pulled out a small box of his own from under his pillow. Kevin's eyes became teary again.

“Got you something too. AND.” He held up a finger and gestured towards the living room. They walked out and Ashton could feel and see the joy in his brother's eyes. “It's not much but...”

“Id's perfegt.” They sat down on the couch and exchanged gifts. Happily opening them together. Ashton was a bit concerned of the reaction his brother would have to his. Kevin opened the box and pulled out a pink collar with a small silver bell. “You...”

“If I had known, I would have gotten something else.”

“Do...dow I kdow we'll find her.” Kevin's smile was heart warming. That's just what Ashton was hoping for. “Oped yours.” Ashton opened his box and stared. It was their high school prom photo they took before he graduated. Both their prom dates were arm locked with them.

“I love it.” Kevin spread his arms and they embraced in a hug. The moment was long lasting until an almost unheard skittering sound caught their attention. Ashton turned towards the door where the sound was coming from. He stood and walked over, Kevin watching from his spot. As soon as the door opened, a small orange ball skittered in between his legs. “What was that?” Ashton turned to see a kitten, the lost kitten, shivering and balled up under the table.

“Sabel!” Kevin reached down and cradled her in his arms. Ashton couldn't believe it. “Ash! Id's Sabel! She cabe bagk!” The kitten purred and mewed in his arms. Ashton sat back down and got his turn to cuddle her. Kevin pulled out the collar and easily slipped it over her head. Earning even louder purrs. They laughed. The kitten nuzzled between both brothers and laid itself on both of their legs, purring contently to their touches.

“Merry Christmas, Kevin.”

Berry Chrisdmas, Ashdon.”

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Merry Christmas~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Hope you guys enjoyed and have/had a marvelous Christmas! :heart:

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