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I Got a Cold for Christmas (F, self)


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Hey guys!

Hope you all are having a great holidayI decided to visit home for Christmas and New Year's this week, but I woke up on Christmas Eve with a slightly runny nose. I didn't really think about it though at that time - I just blew my nose firmly a few times and then carried on with my day. However, my runny nose didn't go away during the day (as I hoped it would), and near the end of the day my nose started feeling a bit stuffy, as my blows became a bit more productive-sounding.

Anyway I went to bed a bit earlier that day, hoping it would get better, but I guess that didn't seem to work because I woke up today with a fully stuffed-up nose, although I wasn't feeling too sneezy (I did make a few "Ha-tchoo!" stifled sneezes when I woke up though). I immediately grabbed a few tissues and let out two wet, almost gurgling blows before getting up and going downstairs.

Anyway, a few of our relatives and friends are coming over later this evening, so I'm spending the day helping my family set up, whenever I'm not taking a break to blow my now-reddened nose. Honestly this cold has made me lose a lot of my usual Christmas/holiday spirit, as all I feel like doing is resting in my room with a box of tissues and hot tea tonguesmiley.gif My voice is also really congested and nasally right now, which is another reason I'm not looking forward to this event...

Anyway I'm probably going to take a hot shower in a bit to hopefully un-stuff my nose at least by a little bit; I'm getting tired of having to blow my nose every 5-10 minutes (and also because I have to change clothes for later). So I hope all of you are having a great Christmas and are not stuffed up like I am, lol! smile.png

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Awww shoot. Sorry to hear that. I hope when things calm down, you can rest. Happy Holidays nontheless.

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I have the same thing and it happens to me every year. This year I'm pretty sure my is accompanied by a fever but I don't know yet lol. Feel better soon!

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