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Christmas Colds & Cookies (boyfriend and I)


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Description of boyfriend: tall, thin, messy brown hair, greenish grayish yellowish eyes, and an amazing smile, also has the fetish

A couple days ago my boyfriend and I decided to make some Christmas cookies for a friend and driver them on the 23rd. The morning of the cookie making I woke up with a stuffyish nose and a tiny bit of a sore which meant I had a bit of a cold. I called my boyfriend and he was very sweet about it with lots of "Aawwhh, poor baby, hope you feel better soon". An hour or so later he came over to help make the cookies. I was rolling out the cookie dough when I heard an adorable "KkSHoo!!" from off to the side. I turned to see him with holding the collar of his shirt over his mouth. It was sooo cute. I blessed him and he went to wash his hands again before coming over to help me cut all the cookies out. He was all sniffly so I gave him a little kiss and asked if he was alright and he said he was fine. Once we had all the cookies in the oven I was cleaning up some stuff when I looked up to see him bend over quickly with a "KktTCHoo!!" Into his shirt again. I blessed him again and he sniffled a bit with the cutest exp<b></b>ression on his face and said "honey, I think I'm getting a cold" I was freaking out internally but managed not to explode from the cuteness. I gave him some more kisses and lots of "Aaawwhhhh"s. We both continued to sniffle and cough a bit throughout the day. He was really excited about his Christmas cold because it's what he had wanted for Christmas (he loves having colds and being cared for). I was also pretty excited about his cold and all the adorable sniffles and sneezes that would result from it.


The next day he came over again still sick with an adorable little cold. We were going to deliver the cookies to our friend later that day but since he got to my house early we had time to cuddle for a bit first. As we were lying down with his head on my chest I heard his breath start hitching. I looked down at him and asked if he was about to sneeze. There was no response. Instead he replied with a very wet and adorable "HuTCHhew!!" on my chest and a bunch of sniffles. "Excuse me. Sorry about that, honey" he said, using his hand to wipe my chest off and returning to a cuddly position. I blessed him and Aaaawwhhhed so hard over that cute little sneeze. I didn't witness any more sneezes that day but he has been texting me since about his sneeziness and cold. I have also been very sneezy and sniffly with my matching little Christmas cold.

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