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Nishiki Pre-sneeze (first art post) (Tokyo Ghoul)


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Sooo I got a drawing tablet for Christmas and have been testing it out. I'm very new at this but I tried my very best smile.png Any tips or suggestions are welcome. Sorry, his being my first post with an attachment Im not too sure how to make it bigger. I think you click on it?


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Oh my God, the last time I went through the artwork section, I probably skipped right past this. I just finished the first season of Tokyo Ghoul pretty recently, and I love thisss! In agreement with Sitruuna, the pink nose is very cute. I hope you post more Nishiki in the future, he's one of my favorite characters <3

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I have no clue who this character is, but he's a cutie! Bespectacled redheads... :heart:

Beautifully captured pre-sneeze face. :yes:

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