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I've seen a lot of these types of things floating around and I figured why not do one of my own? I sort of picked and chose items from other lists to make this one. Feel free to use any of them if you want to. Most of these will probably be about either Once Upon a Time or Castle, but you may see a few other fandoms pop up here and there.

1. Allergic 2. Cat 3. Summer 4. Itch 5. Fever 6. Loud 7. Grass 8. Genetics 9. Control 10. Dinner for Three 11. Doctor 12. Dust 13. Bed 14. Drugs 15. First Time 16. Headache 17. Handkerchief 18. Dog 19. Garden 20. Hoarse 21. Hold Back 22. Double 23. Smoke 24. Incense 25. Horses 26. Stare 27. Temperature 28. Wool 29. Tissues 30. Snuggle 31. Asleep 32. Frost 33. Flu 34. Phone Call 35. Sore 36. Fur 37. Spices 38. Stifle 39. Frustrated 40. Annoy 41. Embarrass 42. Spring 43. Head Cold 44. Sniff 45. Induce 46. Remedy 47. Interrupt 48. Caught in the Act 49. Honey 50. Soft 51. Torment 52. Small 53. Supress 54. Weak 55. Gift 56. Glasses 57. Blushing 58. Tea 59. Unkempt 60. Defend 61. Coffee 62. Tickle 63. Summer 64. Winter 65. Tree 66. Lecture 67. Scold 68. Queen 69. Doll 70. Fall 71. Mother 72. Help 73. Cheesy 74. Read 75. Fuzzy Socks 76. Feathers 77. Midnight 78. Pollen 79. Flowers 80. Contaigion 81. Blanket 82. Unfair 83. Grudge 84. Teacher 85. Hypocrite 86. Childhood 87. Weather 88. Photo 89. Overtime 90. Intoxicated 91. Sketches 92. Superstition 93. Hands 94. Broody 95. Kink 96. Nervous 97. Pillow 98. Office 99. Corset 100. Perfume


Kate Beckett-Castle


Beckett didn’t like churches. She wasn’t much of a religious person, but she certainly didn’t have any problems with it. It was just the churches she didn’t like. And if she was completely honest, she didn’t hate the churches themselves. It was just the incense.

She remembered going to Midnight Mass with her parents a few times when she was a little girl and inevitably when the incense was burned, she started to sneeze like crazy. The first time when had been when she was seven and she had almost started crying. Her mother had taken her outside and though the cold air had helped, it took a few minutes for the tickle in her nose to go away completely and the second they walked back into the church, it started right up again. After a few more tries with the same results, she had just learned to steer clear of churches, especially during the holidays.

But of course there was incense at Ryan’s wedding. As soon as she the scent hit her nose, she could feel the tickle start up. She lifted a hand to her face to try to rub at her sinuses, but it didn’t help at all. If anything, it just made it worse.

Heh-tch. She managed to stifle her first sneeze into her hand, but she had already caught Castle’s attention.

“You okay?” he whispered.

H-h’tiew. “Incense,” she replied quietly, trying her hardest not to draw more attention to herself. She could feel her eyes watering and her nose was twitching. She brought her elbow up to cover her nose and mouth as she let out three quick, soft sneezes. H’tch. H’tiew. He’tchoo.

“Alright, let’s get you out of here,” Castle whispered, already slipping out of the pew into the side aisle.

“No,” Beckett protested after another sneeze. “No, it’s his wedding and I’m not going to-to-tchiew.”

“Bless you. Now let’s go. We’ll go stand in the back near the doors so you can still see and if you need to get some air, we can slip outside for a minute.”

Heh-tchoo. Another sneeze, this one a little louder and more forceful than the others, and Beckett was convinced. She took Castle’s hand and let him lead her to the back of the church.


Regina Mills-Once Upon a Time

Swan Queen

“For the last freaking time, Regina. Go. Home.”

Regina sniffled and crossed her legs. She was sitting on one of the empty desks in the sheriff’s station and just staring at Emma who was sitting at her own desk and gripping her pen a little too tightly. “Why?” Regina asked. “I worry that if I leave, you’ll just start playing darts again or something and this paperwork will never get done.” She punctuated the sentence with another sniffle and then a harsh sneeze into her elbow. Hisschoo. She followed that with yet another sniffle and Emma’s hand tightened around her pen.

“Bless you. Now if I promise to do it, will you leave already? Repetitive noises annoy the hell out of me and you’ve been sitting there sneezing and sniffling for the last fifteen minutes. You’re driving me crazy.”

Heh-tishoo. Another sniff, this one congested and grating on Emma’s last nerve.

Hah’tiew. Regina sneezed, sniffled again, and squeaked in surprise when a tissue box came sailing through the air and landed squarely in her lap.

“This is literal torture,” Emma said. “Now blow your nose and go home.”

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I second that ^. More please. I don't know Castle all that well, but I've watched enough episodes to find that adorable. Yay, sneezy Kate! Of course, the Swan Queen is my favorite. I can just picture the look Regina's giving Emma the entire time she's watching her, not even caring that she should probably be home in bed, because of course watching Emma work to make sure it's all done correctly is more important. Emma and that pesky paperwork just can't be trusted alone together! I may or may not be head-canoning Emma catching Regina's cold (assuming that's why she's sneezing) and exacting revenge by camping out in her office. So, more of them I would definitely not be opposed to, as with any fics involving the other lovely Mills women should you feel inspired.

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I approve of your character choices! thumbsupsmileyanim.gif Very nice ficlets too, please keep going!

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