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Hey guys, I am fairly new to the forum. Have been lurking around for about 3 months now and finally got the courage to write my own story. Hope you guys enjoy. The story is kinda based on one of my favorite things—caretaking! DO comment, I really wanna get some feedback.


Part one

Marie was your average young woman. She was 19 and in college. Since her last breakup over a year ago, she wasnt really looking into finding a new person. Although this was the case, she was more than thankful when she met Jeremy. He was also studying in the same city, but just at a different college. They had been getting to know eachother for the past 4 months and she was really starting to like him and she had a good feeling that he was beginning to like her to!

Marie woke up at around 9am on a Staurday morning and wasn't surprised when it hurt for her to swallow. She had been out the night before by a friends house and by the time she left, outside was super cold and she only walked with her hoody – just her luck! Now that she thought about, she had a headache last night also, but she just thought it was because she hadn't eaten in a while, and even now her head was still throbbing a bit . Anyhow, she knew that she had to get ready to go to work. Just as she was about to reluctantly get out of bed, she say her phone notification light blink. It was a text from Jeremy, she couldn't help but smile.

Jeremy: Morninggg! How’s this lovely lady doing today?

Me: Other than a headache, I’m alright.

Jeremy: Damn, you still have that headache? You should take it easy today babe

Me: Yeah I’ll try. Gotta get ready for work though, fml.

Jeremy: Alright! Have a good day! :*

She really wished she could’ve taken a day off today, but it was Saturday which meant she would get paid 150% and she really needed the extra cash. So, she popped a paracetamol and drank a packet of Emergen-C and forced herself out the door.

From her home to work was only 20 minutes but the outside air really took a toll on the onset of Marie’s cold. She literally burst through the department store’s door and ran for the nearest bathroom. Her nose was now running . Ewww, she thought. She made sure that no one was in the shower and gave her nose a nice long blow. Just as she was finishing up, her colleague Tiffany walked in,

“Looks like you got that cold too huh, that must suck,” said Tiffany.

“Oh no,”replied Marie while cleaning herself up, “Just a runny nose from being outside. Don't have time to get sick!”

“Okay, well boss says we have a lot to do today and we should pair up. Wanna help me out in the female shoe department?”

“Hellooo, earth to Marie!” said Tiffany a bit louder this time. Only to realize Marie putting up her index finger as to indicate for Tiffany to wait, Tiffany then heard a faint hitching sound and instantly went into the stall to get some tissues for her friend.

“Hhh... Hhahh.. Hahh'TS HHOO Hahh'TSHHHOO Hahh'TSHHHOO,” sneezed Marie. Dammit, she thought, I really am getting sick. She turned aorund to see Tifficany holding out the tissue with a little smile. “Bless you, I really dont know why you’re even at work!” “I’m at work because I am fine, “replied Marie hastily before exiting the bathroom By the time Marie could take her first break from work she felt completely awful. The dull throbbing was now at full force, her throat felt like pine needles, and she could feel her nose becoming stuffy. Maybe some tea would help, she thought, so she went to the break room to make herself a cup of tea while she checked her phone. As she had hoped for, there was a message from Jeremy.

Jeremy: I got off early today from work :D

Marie: Lucky you, I wish I could go home and sleep for the next three days.

Jeremy: Head still hurting babe?

Marie: Head, nose, throat.... you name it, and it most probably hurts. Gonna see if I can clock out early so I can go home and crash.

Jeremy: Feel like having some company? Wouldn't want you to be alone when your feeling so crappy and have no one to look after you.

Marie: Uhmm, okay. I’ll let you know when I leave work.

Jeremy: Great!

Did I just read correctly, thought Marie. Did this guy just offer to come over to take care of me? This was the total 180 of her previous guy. Anyhow, Marie went to her supervisor and before even asking her nose interupted which resulted in four extremely wet and congested sounding stifles , nxxgttt nxgxtt nxxgtt nxgtt !! As she regained her composure and looked up at her supervisor before she could start to talk, her supervisor interrupted “Clock out Marie, you look like death. Dont want to see you for the next three days!” and she walked away. Well, that was easier than I expected, thought Marie. With that, she did as she was told and put onher jacket and started her journey to the bus stop. Oh yea, before I forget, she said aloud while reaching for her phone. Scrolling through her chats to find Jeremy’s name, she then clicked on it and typed “I’ll be home by 3!”

I know not so much sneezing in this part. I'll make up for it soon! Any ideas/suggestions are welcome! :)

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Ahhhh this is cute!!! And welcome to the forum! Let me welcome you by a hug. :hug: and you can call me Arty. Im loving this so far. The denial, the need for tlc by a great sweet guy. What more can i ask for?

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Part 2

The walk to the bus stop seemed to take forever. With every step she took, she could literally feel her body being drained. To make it even worse, she had just made the bus and had to wait another 15 minutes.As she sat down waiting for the bus, she suddenly got this unbearable tickle in her nose. She rubbed at her nose furiously trying to rid the tickle because she really hated sneezing in public. She rubbed and sniffed for atleast a good five minutes to no avail. She finally couldnt take it and decided to just let them loose “Hahh'TSHHOO Hahh'TSHHOO hehhh.... nxxgttt nxxgttt” Ughhhh groaned Marie as she searched throw her purse for some tissue. “Bless you!” came an unfamiliar voice. She looked up and saw a little old lady offering her a a travel pack of tissue. “Thangk you, “ replied Marie as she took the tissue from the lady. “No problem my dear, what you need right now is some soup for that cold. I hope you are on your way home to rest.” Marie couldn’t help but smile at the kindness of this lady. Reminded of her her own grandmother. “Yes ma’ am, replied Marie, thats exactly where I’m headed.” The woman replied with a smile. Just as Marie got on the bus, her phone rang. It was Jeremy. Why could he just text, she thought. She could only imagine how unattractive her voice must sound.

“Hey , whads up!” answered Marie as cheerfully as possible.

“Well don’t you sound wonderful, “teased Jeremy.

“Ughh, whad did you call for, “answered Marie . Its not that she was particularly annoyed with him, its just not every word she said hurt her throat even more

Damn, she thought. Wasn’t this the worse time for her nose to act up. Trying to act as dainty as possible , she decided to stifle her sneezes, which unfortunately only made her sneeze more...”Hehhh nxxgttt nxxgttt nxxgttt nxxgttt snifff nxxgttt nxxgttt sniff” “Excusee be,”she quickly said.

“My gosh, bless youu! You must be really sick. I think I’ve only ever seen you sneeze like 5x. But anyways I was just calling to ask you what flavor you liked better, cherry or raspberry. "

How embarassing , thought Marie. Am I really going to let this guy see me looking like this. I know he means well, but I could only imagine how bad I must look.

“Uhmmb, I really dont mind, “ she replied. “Anything else? Talking really hurdts”

“Ohh, my bad! Uhm, okay. I’ll see you in a bit babe. Byee”

“Mhmm,” she answered before ending the call.

As he put down his phone, Jeremy could only imagine how sick Marie must be. This would be the first significant moment in their relationship. Hopefully if he took extra good care of her this could help give him some extra points! Besides this, Marie was generally such a jolly person, he hated the fact that she felt so terrible. He quickly gathered all of his caretaking supplies and headed to her apartment.

After what seemed like forever, Marie finally reached home. By now she could feel the pressure building in her sinuses and also started to develop a slight cough. She took one look at herself in the bathroom mirror and wanted to call Jeremy and ask him to not come over. She looked a mess, and she knew it. Her nose was becoming pink around the edges, her eyes looked a bit bright -- so she knew she was getting a fever, her voice was a bit hoarse and congested, and she generally looked worn out. She changed into her usual sleep wear, an oversized Tshirt and looked around her apartment. Her living room was a complete mess. She tried her best to straighten up a bit but every step she took just made her head hurt worse. As she bent down to pick up a letter on the ground, that annoying tickle came back in her nose “hehh...hehhh... sniff” aanddd nothing. The sneeze was stuck. She tried to continue straightening up while her nose constantly teased her. False start after false start, and she had no known allergies that she could induce with. The constant rubbing of her nose now had it red and sore. Finally, she heard her doorbell ring. She picked up the phone

“Hey, who is id? “she asked

“Its me!”replied Jeremy.

“OK, Comb on up!”

As she walk to open the door, the tickle found its way back, now stronger than ever. “Hehhh ...hehh Hahh'TSHHOO!” All of that teasing and one stupid sneeze . As she opened the door the tickle somehow returned out of nowhere and she tried her best to stifle, knowing that Jeremy would see her, “nxxgttt nxxgttt nxxgttt nxxgttt snifff, Oh mby goshh, Excuse mbe! nxxgttt nxxgttt ! “

“You sound horrible Marie,” said Jeremy was a wry look on his face.

“Trust mbe, ids not as bad as it seembs, “ replied Marie while turning her head to let out a tiny cough.

“Righhhhttt,”said Jeremy as he motioned her inside. As they walked down the hallway in silence, he gently kissed her cheek and then her temple, “Marie,you feel kinda warm.”

“That explains why I’m starting to feel this aw.. hehh Hahtchoo..awful,” answered Marie.

“Babe, you in this tshirt is super sexy and all but I really think you should cover up more.”

“Nooo, ids hot enough as id is.”

Not listening to what Marie said, he went into his bag,well one of them.. he had three bags with him .. and took out a huge pullover jacket and grey sweatpants.

“Atleast put on the pants Marie. You need the warmth.”

“Ndo, Imb fide! -- nxxgttt nxxgttt nxxgttt—“ Marie laid back spent with her hand covering her now runny nose. As she swong her legs off of the bed, Jermemy stopped her, “Where are you headed to miss?” “Obviousdly for a tissue.”replied Marie quickly. “Hold on, I got you, dont worry!”

Jeremy reached into his back and took out too packs of lotioned Kleenex tissues , he opened one packet and slid a tissue in between her hands while putting the rest down. “Thankds,”she said. “No problem,I told you I was here to help!” : Well Im going to go get the thermometer to take your temperature, Ill be right back.” Marie just gave a thumbs up as she tried to daintily blow her nose.

By the time Jeremy came back with the thermometer, some meds and a bottle of water, Marie was fast asleep cuddled up in her comforter while to his surprise wearing both his sweatpants and hoody!

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Ahhhh this is cute!!! And welcome to the forum! Let me welcome you by a hug. hug.gif and you can call me Arty. Im loving this so far. The denial, the need for tlc by a great sweet guy. What more can i ask for?

Thank youu Arty.hug.gifI am glad you like it so far and I hope you like the rest as well!

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I agree with Arty! This is great! I can't wait to read more. And welcome to the forum, we are so happy to have you!!! smile.png

Thank you for the welcome! I'm happy to be here. Hope you enjoy the rest of this story! :)

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I love me some good cold/care-taking stories :) I like where this one is going! Keep up the good work!

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So good!!!!

Thanksss! :D

Awweew...in his hoodie? D'awww....my heart...

Haha, its always something I liked to read in stories, so I had to add it in! :D

I love me some good cold/care-taking stories smile.png I like where this one is going! Keep up the good work!

Thankss! Hope you enjoy the next part as well!

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I am sooo sorry that I took so long to upload and that it isn't as long as usual. I've just been super busy with school and personal stuff. Exams are coming up so I'm pretty busy :(

Part 3

Marie looked so peaceful sleeping. It took Jeremy a few moments to snap out of it and remember why he walked into the room. He went to her bedside and ran his hand slowly up and down his arm to try to wake her up. As she slightly stirred, he soothingly said ,”Marie, I need to take your temperature. Can you sit up for me?” “Doo, “replied Marie, “Id hurtds wayy too mbuch.” “Okay, then can you just open your mouth?” As she sleepily complied, he slipped the thermometer under her tongue. As they waited for the thermometer to beep, Jeremy softly ran his hands through her hair and she exhaled as her body relaxed.

“Hmm, 101.7, said Jason as the thermometer beeped.””Wow, thatd good,” sqeauked Marie, in between coughs.”Don't make any plans for at least the next three days babe, cause you’ll be laid up in bed.”

“So. whad are you godda do for de nexd three days?” asked Marie while reaching for a tissue. “Did I not tell you that I was not going to have you alone while you are clearly super sick?”replied Jeremy. “I doww, but I look hideous and its too early id our relationship for you to see me looking dhis bad. My voice sounds like a boy dhat hasn’d reached puberdy!” whined Marie in between coughs.

“Really? I didn’t even notice,”replied Jeremy with a grin. “Well, I think you should try to get some sleep now. Give your body some rest.”

“Bud Imb dot tired adymore!”replied a congested Marie. “Ok then, wanna watch a movie or something? “ “Yess, replied Marie, a scary ode!” Marie usually hated watching scary movies, but when Jeremy was there, it was always okay. They decided to watch a scary movie so Marie went out to the living room to set it up , while Jeremy brought the blankets, tissues and anything Marie would possibly need.

“Hehhh..hehh.. nxxgttt nxxgttt nxxgttt Hetchooo Hetchoo , “ ughhh groaned Marie as she finally stopped sneezing. “Bless you,” called out Jeremy from behind her. Marie could feel the snot litterally running out of her nose, so she wuickly turned around with her hand covering her nose. “Tissue?”asked Jeremy. “Yess please!”replied Marie quickly. As she out the tissue over her nose, she hesitated, she knew how gross this would sound and didn’t want to gross him out. “ Ühmb Jeremy, do you mind leaving the room for a minute?” “Sure, “replied a confused Jeremy.

As he stood in the hallway, he could still hear Marie blowing the life out of her nose. She used three tissues. Poor thing, he thought. That reminded him that he forgot to give her the vaporub he brought along. As he came back into the living room, he found Marie laying on the couch.

“Well, that was quite disgusting ,”replied Jeremy. Marie sat with an expression of shock on her face. Well one of utter shock and embarrassment. “Babe, Im kidding, come on, you’re sick and you cant help it. If I had to listen to anyone blow pounds of snot out of their nose, I’m glad that its you.” As Marie started to giggle it quickly turned into a series of dry coughs. He quickly handed her the water bottle to have a drink. As she calmed down, she watched him and smiled. “You’re dha odly persod I kdow who cad make ad embarrassing momend cute. “Like I said, replied Jeremy, “I am here to help."

He then placed a kiss on her forehead and couldn't help but smile at this sneezy, sniffly, coughing girl that he still thought was so beautiful. “Oh, I brought the vaporub to help with the congestion, “said Jeremy. He didn’t want to be to forward and immediately go to apply it to her chest, so he waited for a reaction from Marie. “Thandk you.”replied Marie while lifting up her shirt and closing her eyes. Jeremy totally got the hint!

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No!! Stop right there...dont you dare with the cuteness...

Ugh my heart....its bleeding rainbows!!!!

I would a scary movie any day any night..and...any holiday....yeah!! B)

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Not an update***

SO sorry for the super long delay guys! Going to try and finish the next part and upload it by the end of the day! A million thanks for your patiencee! hug.gif

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Part 4 (finally)

Jeremy’s strong hands felt so good applying the vaporub to Marie’s chest. Marie couldn’t help but reminisce on how different her ex was. If she was still with Matthew she would most likely just get occasional texts just to make sure she was still breathing.

“ Is that better?” asked Jeremy, breaking her away from her thoughts.

“Yeah, thankds alod. Hobefully dhis mbakes mbesound less retarded,” replied Marie.

“You don’t sound retarded, babe, you’re sick. That’s it. Maybe you should try a decongestant.”

“Don’t have ady, “ replied Marie while trying to daintily wipe her nose.

“Well then I’ll go and get you some! “replied Jeremy and with that, he picked up his car keys and left the house.

While he was out, Jeremy decided to pick up some groceries for Marie. He knew that she loved to make smoothies with fresh fruits, so he would attempt to make her one to try and help her feel better. Between going to the grocery store and the pharmacy about a half an hour had passed. When he returned to the house, he immediately heard Marie “Hatschoo snif Hatchooo tchoo Ughh oh mby God!” He found her sitting at her computer chair scrolling through a document on her laptop with one hand, while the other was trying to blow her super congested nose. Typical Marie, he thought, she always put school over everything. He then remembered that she had a 25 page research paper due next week and was putting in a lot of late hours throughout the week. This was actually one of the things he admired about Marie, she was so dedicated and was always encouraging him , especially when it came to school. Out of nowhere, Marie stifled five rapid sneezes.

“Ughhhh,” groaned Marie while massaging the bridge of her nose. Those sneezes really hurt her sinuses and made her headache worse.

“It’s not good to stifle sneezes Marie,” said Jeremy while putting down the bags and walking over to her. “ Aren’t you just thee most dedicated student ever!” joked Jeremy.

“Mby schoolwork doesn’t kdow dhat Imb sicgk. Id still needs to be done. “

“ I know, I know, “ replied Jeremy in a soothing voice, “ But you really need to get some rest babe. “

“ I cad rest ad type at the same tibe. Just let mbe finish mby work. I already lost half a day’s paycheck, cad I adleast use mby tibe wisely!?”

“ Remind me to remember that you are super cranky and stubborn when you’re sick, ok babe?” With that, Jeremy moved in towards Marie, attempting to give her a hug and to his surprise she didn’t back away. She sighed heavily into his arms and then to his surprise he heard the faint sound of crying He held her head up and saw her eyes were filled with tears.

“ Whats wrong? Is it something I said? It was just a joke!” Jeremy practically screamed.

“Ndo ndo snif it’s just that Imb super stressed with school ad I had so much things planned this weekend and dow Im sicgk. Snif Imb never godda fidish mby report ad I just feel awful snif.”

“This kind of stuff happens sometimes and you just need to slow down when it does. Stressing will only make it worse. I just want you to rest and feel better because I really do hate seeing you like this,” replied Jeremy.

“Thads anodher thing,we aren’t eved official and look how ndice you are. You don’t have to be here contamidating yourself, “ said Marie through her tears.

“Doesn’t that show you how much I care? I could care less about getting sick. If I could take this sickness away from you I would. Anything to get you back to the vibrant Marie that I’ve grown to know and love,” replied Jeremy while handing Marie a tissue. “How about we both go and get some rest? You do feel a bit warmer than you were before.”

“Yea, I chegked mby temperature whed you left, was 102.3”

Afraid of causing another breakdown , he just helped Marie up .Marie let Jeremy lead her into her bedroom and they both got snuggled under the covers. Jeremy made sure to bring in the vaporub, cough drops, a cool cloth for her face and a bottle of water at her bedside. As she settled into a comfortable position, she just registered what Jeremy said , and she is pretty certain that even in her fever daze she heard him use the “ L word.”


Suggestions are greatly needed guys!

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Its been foreverrrrrrr, I know :( But here's an update!

Part 5

After spending the weekend by Marie’s, Jeremy totally forgot he promised to drive down to his parent’s to help his dad with one of his latest do-it-yourself projects. He only remembered when he was woken up by a phone call from his dad. As he got up to get ready, he wasn’t sure if his body was tired from taking care of Marie or if he was possibly getting sick. He sat on the bed for a moment and tried to see if he had any symptoms, nothing else seemed off, so he just attributed it to him putting in all of his energy to looking after Marie. Jeremy decided to not wake Marie because she looked so peaceful sleeping, despite the soft congested snores. He wrote a note and left it on her bedside and quietly left her house.

The drive down to his parent’s house was a mere forty five minutes. Somewhere between Marie’s house and their house his throat became increasingly sore. He hoped that his symptoms wouldn’t show that much while at his parent’s house because he knew his mom would go into super mommy mode and make him stay when all he wanted to do was hurry up and get back to Marie.

As he arrived at his parent’s house, his head started to hurt. Just great, he thought. Hopefully his father wouldn’t need him for more than seven hours then he could drive back to Marie’s. At least if he was sick, he could be sick with the girl that he loved. As he made his way inside his parent’s house, he could hear that his father had already started. The hammering just made his head hurt worse. Jeremy found his father in the garage surrounded by what looked like a million different tools and pieces.

“Hey dad, told you I would make it,” said Jeremy as he entered the room.

“Wonder what took you so long, must’ve been a special girl to make you forget about your dear old parents,” replied his dad.

“She’s not just any girl,” replied Jeremy while rubbing at his temples.

“Well excuse me, does she have a name?”

“Yes, Marie. No you can’t meet her yet, can’t have you scaring her off.”

“Alright alright,” replied dad, “Let’s get started, we’re already behind!”

Five hours and about 6 beers later, Jeremy and his dad had finally put everything together. His mom called them both to the kitchen to get some lunch, but Jeremy had no sort of appetite. His sore throat had gotten ten times worse and his head felt heavy. His mother would usually put out his food, but he insisted that he would do it. When he came back to the table with about ¼ of what he usually ate, his mother watched him with a look of concern.

“ You’re sick aren’t you, Jeremy?” asked his mother after a long period of silence.

“ No, I’m just not hungry,” replied Jeremy calmly.

“ You haven’t eaten all day , any healthy person would be hungry my dear.”

“Mom, I’m fine, just drop it, okay?

“Alright then Jeremy.”

Right after she said that Jeremy felt his phone vibrate, it was a message from Marie

Marie: “ Hope you’re having fun at your parent’s :* “

Jeremy: “It’s okay. How are you feeling?”

Marie: “ Sick. My fever is down thought, but I’m totally stuffed up.”

Jeremy: “ Aww, well if it makes you feel any better, I think I’m getting sick too.”

Marie: “ Noooo, Im so sorry L “

Jeremy: “I’ll survive, just want my girl to feel better soon. Hopefully I’ll be back by tonight.”

Marie: “ If you’re not feeling well then you don’t have to come over. It could wait till tomorrow; maybe you just need a goodnight sleep. You won’t get that here with my snoring! “

Jeremy: “ Haha, well I’ll let you know. Ttyl :* ”

Marie: “Take caree :*”

After a silent dinner with his parents, Jeremy rummaged through the medicine cabinet to find any sort of pain relievers. He found some Advil and went to take a nap in his old room. While asleep, he felt something tugging on the blankets. He then realized that the blankets were being placed over him and the person then sat next to him on the bed. As he opened his eyes slowly , he realized that it was his mom.

“ Are you ready to tell me what’s wrong?” she asked softly


“I’m just not feeling 100% that’s all,” replied Jeremy softly.

“ You’re definitely warm,” replied his mom, “I’ll go and get the thermometer”

Dammit, thought Jeremy. This was as good enough a time to tell Marie that he wouldn’t be coming back tonight.

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  • 1 month later...

I'm sooooo sorry guys. The past few months have been crazy . I have started the next chapter and will update asap!

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Part 6 J


Jeremy: I can’t sleep.

Marie: Guessing I got you sick L

Jeremy: It’s okay. Why aren’t you asleep? Please tell me you aren’t working on your paper


Marie: Okay…I’m not working on my paper.

Jeremy: Babe, please try and get some sleep. I want you to get better. Hate seeing you sick.

Marie: I’ll survive hun, no worries! I feel really bad that I got you sick though. Anything I can do to help?

Jeremy: Well I’m by my parent’s house and I kinda wish I was with you instead. Pick me up tomorrow?

Marie: See you then. Try and rest!

“ I knew you were sick, I just knew it,” mumbled Jeremy’s mom the next morning as she walked in his bedroom.

“Mbob, cad you please stob nagging, “replied Jeremy as calmly as he could.

“I am not nagging you. I am just worried. I haven’t seen you this sick in over a year.”

“Hh…HH’eshoo..HH’eshooo , HH’ ESHOO ,” sneezed Jeremy a his mother sat down next to him.

“Oh, by the way, mby girlfriend is godda combe and pick mbe up. I don’t wadda stay here and contambinate over here . “

“Oh,” I see, “ Well I hope she can make chicken soup as good as I can!”



Jeremy: M, are you feeling well enough to come for me?

Marie: Not particularly, but I got you sick. This is the least I can do.

Jeremy: If you’re still feeling crappy I can just get my dad or someone else to drop me.

Marie: No no, I’m coming. Just text me the address and I’ll be there in an hour.

Jeremy: Thank you babe. I owe you one.

Marie: The only thing you owe me is that you’ll get well soon!

I got interrupted halfway, but I still decided to post. Will continue Part 6 asap!

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