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Oh dear more for me ;) (M) cold sniffles


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Sadly for him, not for us ;), my boyfriend has come down with a nasty cold. It doesn't surprise me since his older brother has been ill and get share an apartment. He text me this morning:

"Got the plague from J I need some loving later? Xxx"

I smiled excitedly ;) btw he doesn't know about my fetish- I just enjoy in peace :)

I text back " oh dear baby!!! I'll come round and give ou lots of cuddles until you're better !" ;)

Later I went round and he looked awful!

I gave him some medicine etc that I had fought for him and settled on thwe sofa with him. He turned to me and said " maybe you should go I don't want you to get this! I feel terrible if you were sick too baby!" So I said " don't be silly baby. I don't want to leave you alone" while thinking yes! I get to see him all sniffly and snotty ;)

I am feeling pretty positive about the next few days ;) I'll keep you posted!!

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I spent the night at his house, he was up half the night with sneezes and a chesty cough. I did feel sorry for him but it was very hard when he's being so clingy and adorable!! He's congested and has a medium fever with headache etc. he's been sneezing on and off. The caring for me ha gone out the window! I'm basically his personal snuggle blanket ;) which I am totally fine with!! Hopefully I don't catch this plague but I'm prepared for it if I'm honest. The guilt from him about giving it to me would be beautiful for you guys anyways ;)

Keep you posted!!

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Aww, you sound like a wonderful caretaker! Hopefully you won't get sick but if you do, let him reciprocate the favor! You do deserve it! ;-)

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