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My lady love has fallen ill


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A/N No sneezing and a bit of rambling.

So the lovely lady in my life (who some of you may recall hearing about in a secret topic I posted it a bit ago) has come down with a cold. A bit is an understatement considering she's rocking a nearly 103.0 fever. But I digress.

Anyway a few days ago,while she was away with her family for the holidays, she sent me a text saying she's been itchy (nose) stuffy, and sneezing Like crazy the whole day. Once pulling myself together, I managed to reply something like "Uh oh,think you're getting sick?" And she said she wasn't sure and that it could've just been a bad sinus day, but then mentioned that one of her family members is just getting over the flu.

She arrived back home then following day, and greeted me by immediately cuddling up to me, a sure fire sign she doesn't feel well, since her usual way of saying hello includes kissing me until I feel like my lips are gonna fall off. (Not that I don't enjoy it. thumbup1.gif )

So far the poor thing's been flat out, fever, chills, coughing, sniffles, 'woefully' (her words,not mine) itchy nose, that I have taken over the rubbing "duties" when her methods have failed. I've been making sure to keep the tea, tissues and juice a-comin'. Unfortunately no sneezing as of late, but I'll keep ya posted.

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