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Secret Santa for Alyssa, My Chemical Romance


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Firstly, I want to say, I AM SOOOO SORRY. Normally, I do a ton of research so I can nail the people better, but really, I know next to nothing about My Chemical Romance (or the majority of the other fandoms you mentioned) but I really wanted to give you your first choice, especially since it's such a rare fandom to find for this fetish. Of course, before I could get any research done I got landed in the psychward (for three weeks, no electronics) and just got released Friday, so far, all I have is pretty general stuff, very unfinished, and what I could write in my notebook while I was on lockdown. I typed it up yesterday and feel ashamed at what little I accomplished. I will try and get this finished by the end of January, but realisticly, I've been locked up for three weeks so I have a lot of stuff IRL that really needs tending to as well. Like I said, I'm so sorry. I hope you enjoy what I do have written, and if there is anything else you specifically would like added or if you have any ideas in general feel free to let me know and I'll try to accommodate them.

My Chemical Romance - Black Parade of Sickness

It started with a sniff. To everyone else, it went unheard, but as a big brother it's like his senses were fine tuned to notice. He thought about saying something but Mikey would probably just blow him off. What did it matter anyways; it was the last show of the tour and they were scheduled to celebrate for the next week in a penthouse suite.


"You ready to PARTY!"

"Really, do you have to be so loud?" Mikey rubbed at his ear as Ray looked on in disbelief. They just finishes a concert and Mikey thought he was too loud. He would have asked but Gerard stepped in, "I just want to hit the jacuzzi... bro?"

"I'm in," Mikey said, semi relieved.

"Well, I'm up for hitting the town." Frankie jumped in excitedly.

"You two have fun with that jacuzzi." Ray said before patting Frankie on the shoulder, and heading out with him.

As soon as the other two left, Mikey visibly slumped. "Thanks for covering for me."


Mikey pinched his nostrils between his fingers just as Ger walked into the room. And Gerard couldn't help but watch as his brother's eyebrows scrunched, head tilting back before forcefully rocking forward with six rapid fire stifled sneezes.

"Bless you." Ger put a hand on his brothers' shoulder , before pulling out a handkerchief from his pocket. Mike gave a half hearted smile as he gratefully accepted the cloth. Blowing, he could feel the mucous shift uncomfortably around his sinuses.

"This is really going to suck isn't it?"

"Fraid so kid, afraid so. Anything I can get you?"

"Naw, think I'm just going to crash.

"Okay, you know where to find me."


True to his word, Gerard hit the jacuzzi. He loved being a musician but it could certainly take a toll on the body. His vocal chords felt shot and he wondered whether he had picked up what his brother had. Trying to avoid the thoughts he sunk into the water jets, but the bubbles just irritated his nose further. Burying his nose against his wrist, his breath hitched, preparing for the inevitable.

"eh..heh eh'NGtsh 'NTSHooo"

"Bless you."

Ger turned towards the voice in surprise.

"Thanks, thought you were going to bed?"

Mikes face drooped, "I was but I don't feel good."

"I'm sorry kid, you want to watch a movie?"


That kid could have such a puppy dog face when sick.


"ehTSH heh'G'Tshooo," Ger's raven hair flipped over his eyes as he tried to direct his sneezes away from his brother.

"Sorry," he mumbled, looking down at his brother's face resting in his lap.

"I'm sorry you are getting sick too."

"huh... hang on N'TSHHH."

"Bless you."

"Thanks," Ger scrubbed at his nose and sniffed.

"Maybe you should text the guys, have them bring supplies back."

"Yeah" Ger gave a final sniff before pulling out his phone.


"Who's that?" Frankie questioned as Rob took a look at his phone.

"Ger. Looks like Mikey and him are sick."

Of course Frank's nose picked this time to rebel.


"Not you too."


"Okay, we got tissues, soup, Vics, throat drops, orange juice."

Ger looked up, eyes rimmed red as if he had been crying.

"Shit man, you look like crap."

"You sure it's not allergies," Rob piped from behind.

"Sure." Frank rolled his eyes, sniffing and running a finger beneath moist and reddening nostrils, "we all have allergies."

"I'm so sorry." Mikey buried his head into his brother.

"It's okay, we probably all would have gotten it anyways." Gerard tried to comfort.

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AN MCR FIC HOLY MAC! THANK YOU. So well written for so little research,.I do hope there will be a second part.

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OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!! w00t.gif I totally didn't expect to actually GET an MCR fic, hence the list of other fandoms as well, and this is really brilliant, I seriously don't see how you can do this with everything else and little research. You're amazing :) Seconding DeathNoteOwner, if you're up for a second part at any point we'll be eagerly awaiting it! No pressure or rush or anything though 'cause yeah there's always heaps to do if you've had to leave it for a while! But seriously, there's absolutely no reason to be ashamed 'cause this is great :D And you've gotta be like telepathic or something 'cause i've been obsessed with Mikey the last couple of weeks so I love this starting with him :) Thank you once again, this is brilliant and i'm sure every MCR fan on here currently loves you!


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Of course I like it and I really appreciate all the effort writing something you didn't know a lot about :) No worries how long, quality takes time! :D Thanks again!

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Part 2 Really short but contains more researched stuff (and I just realized I used Rob instead of Ray *smacks head* in the first part, it's only the last two paragraphs so if a mod happens to be reading this I'd love if you fix that, if not, use your imagination and forgive me for my idiocy.)

"Well, I still feel good, so if you don't mind, I'm going to be leaving the contagion zone for now." Ray backed out of the room having left the stuff. It's not like he was a germaphobe, and he knew he'd probably succumb soon enough, but he could at least try to stay healthy.

"And then there were three." Gerard did his best to smile before his breath hitched into another sneeze.

"Bless you." The other two chorused and Gerard looked up just in time to dodge the tissue box flying at his head.

"Sorry," Frank actually looked a little guilty, "probably should have given you another second."

"Ya think." Ger glared but Frank knew there was no malice behind it.

Mikey was too busy grabbing at the box fighting to get it open to care about the other two, until he noticed a familiar corner sticking from a bag.

"You stobbed by the bus." His smile was contagious and Frank laughed at how young it made the bass player seem.

"Seventy-eight, just like you like."

Ahhh, now Gerard got it, Frank must have grabbed "Dawn of the Dead" from the bus.

The youngest looked to his brother for approval.

"Yeah yeah, just put it in the player already."

Mikey sat up, forgetting for a second about his overflowing nose, before quickly smothering it with one hand, and resuming his battle with the tissue box.

"I'll get it." Frank laughed, which turned into a cough leaving him bent and wheezing.

"Sure you do." Gerard stood and pushed the guitarist onto the couch before putting the disk in the player.

When the coughing finally slowed Mikey held out one of the cough drops, "Sorry."

"S'okay." Frank croaked shoving the lozenge in his mouth.

"'Kay you two scoot over."

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Haha I love Ray just being 'yeah but I think i'm gonna disappear now' XD No worries about the name, everyone knows what you meant! I'm sure nobody minds a typo. This is really good :) And might I detect a hint at more?

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I was away for about a week, and I come back on and all I see is "My Chemical Romance" and I just about cried with joy XD

Seriously, this is aMAZING I am so looking forward to an update :D

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