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So Hey it's been a few months since I've written so I thought why not start with drabbles.

I can do about anything disney, supernatural,mew mew power,black Butler,supermariobros, some youtubers(Dan&Phil,zoella, joe sugg, marcus Butler, ect ), Adventure Time, House MD,Full House,Degrassi:the next generation,gravity falls,deathnote and I can take requests: )

so to start it off let's start with a tad of Supernatural featuring hints of Destiel.

Title:Let it snow

Castiel's p.o.v

It had been hard getting use to my new vessel,being human was so different. Dean drove to go pick a pine tree to put in our living room. I found this human tradition odd but I didn't say so out loud.

We arrived in a forest and I helped Dean pick a tree. They all looked so beautiful full of colour and topped with snow. I suddenly felt a tickle in my nose, I didn't know what this was. The tickle grew more intense as my breath faltered then suddenly my eyes closed a gust of air and mucus coming out of my mouth and nose. I made a weird sound "upsh'ieww" as my body jolted forward from the force of whatever I just did. I recovered and tried to sniffle but it was difficult. Dean said "oh bless ya' Cas ". I looked at him with confused blue eyes then he said "you just sneezed ". I nodded.

I then did the thing again,what was it called? I scrambled for the word as my body was preparing me for a next flurry of sneezes. Oh a sneeze,thats what it's called. I "sneezed" uncovered toowards the snow "upshiewww ulshiewww upshiewwww upshiew" each sneeze more powerful than the one before. Dean said " I think you're allergic to pine trees Cas,let's get you home and cuddle with cocoa. We can get a fake tree". I rubbed my streaming itchy eyes and followed Dean to the impala. "What's allergic mean?" I asked once seated in the passenger seat. Dean chuckled and said "I'll tell you another time Castiel " and started driving towards the bunker on a snowy winter day.

So ya that's the first drabble?

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