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So this is my first self obs, partially just to share it with you guys but also to ask anyone if they have experienced something similar! During my first pregnancy I was not very ill, but this one has been brutal and for the past month and a half I have been totally stuffed up. I've been sneezing much more than usual and sound very congested. Besides that, I am absolutely fine but this congestion is beginning to bug me!

My fiancé is a well known multiple sneezer, but I am normally just a one or two person. Yesterday we had gone to the grocery store and were in there for probably 20 minutes tops but I stifled 14 sneezes throughout the shopping trip. Luca thought it was quite comical but I was beyond annoyed. In the morning I will need to blow my nose, and maybe one or two times throughout the day, but besides that, I am not congested to the point of needing to keep tissues by my side. It seems like it may be far back in my sinuses.

Well hope this was enjoyable to read! I've never done a self obs so I wasn't sure how..

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You know, I've heard of people developing allergies after pregnancy. Maybe you'll get two awesome things out of this one! ;-)

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I have killer allergies in the summer and that sucks so I wouldn't label pregnancy allergies as an awesome thing!

However, it is still two awesome things since I've got two little babies in there :)

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wow conguatulations! thats so exciting to be having twins! I hope the congestion stops annoying you eventually haha

Thank you! We are very excited, my fiancé especially, of course, he's not the one carrying the two little buggers!

Wow! That IS exciting! Haha, in a weird way I was right!!! Hahahahaha!

Could you just tell? When we told my fiancés mother we were pregnant right away she said "it's twins, I know it is" (although, it was kind of cheating since they run in his family)

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I've heard that pregnancy makes the membranes in your nose swell more, so it's common to be stuffed up during pregnancy. Also, your immune system is lower because it's fighting for two (or three in your case) and so pregnant women are more susceptible to illness

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During my first pregnancy and the time I was breastfeeding (which unfortunately was much shorter than I had hoped/planned) I was the healthiest I'd ever been, but this one seems to be kicking my butt. Having an infant can't help the germ control I'm sure but I've been a sneezy mess, especially the past two days. I have always been a stifler. It seemed to just come naturally to me, my mother said I have sneezed the same way since I was 2 years old, but the past week or so I have been full force sneezing and it is like a whole different feeling. Short fits are a new thing for me too. Those two may come hand in hand though.

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