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My grumpy, sneezy boyfriend


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It's been a while since my last obs, and really did not expected something interesting to happen anymore, since he is usually unsneezy, and now that he knows about my fetish even less sneezy.

He caught this small cold however. At first, I did not even notice. Okay, he was wearing a scarf yesterday and okay, he'd been horribly grumpy all day, today, but it's not been the first time and since he usually is NEVER ever getting even the slightest cold, I did not suspected something interessting. He's been mad with me today for the whole day, however, and I wasn't even able to tell why, so I withdrew and got my own stuff done. Later the evening I had to face him again for dinner and he was totally cute and cuddly and I wondered about the change. So after dinner we sat on the couch together and started to exchange kisses and hugs and all the stuff, until somthing happend that I thought would only happen in sneezefics (especially since he's so intent on not sneezing and being messy). Perhaps he'd got a little boost in confidence due to the hot wine he'd been drinking already, but as we kissed, his breath started to hitch. I expected him to release me from the kiss, but instead, he simply went on! O.O Of course I did not push him away and started to kiss him even more emphatically. I don't really know if he tried to hold it back, or if his sneeze got stuck and perhaps I might exaggerate, since it felt soooo long, but I guess we've been kissing, while he was gasping, for at least 30 seconds. I really thought that he would sneeze on me, while I still was kissing him, but he finally pulled away and hastily buried his head into my shoulder to release one of his usual stifles.

"Excuse me!" he mumbled afterwards, his head still resting in my shoulder, as he sniffed. He got up again and looked horribly cute (at least to me he did ^_^ ), his lips still parted and his eyes a little watery. I would have loved to simply drag him to our bedroom, but since we're still at his family's, there nothing else for me to do, than simply wallow into the memory.

I'm afraid, that there won't be anything else (yes, I said that before ;) ), since his colds are totally unsneezy and so is this one, except for a few stifles. But I just had to share it, cause it's been so cute! :wub:

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And super hot!!! Haha there's nothing hotter than not being able to do things because of being at the parents' house haha!

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I do wonder if it was intentional or if he just wasn't thinking, heh.

Me either! :D

But I'm quite sure that it's been unintentional, though. Usually, if he intends to arouse me, he's finishing the job quite emphatically! ;) So I assume, that if he would have did this intentionally, he would not have stoped afterwards! But I'll never come to understand this guy... you'll never know what he's thinking, so... ^_^

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