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What do they mean? Buzzfeed Quiz


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First of all I have no idea where this goes so if it's in the wrong place, I'm sorry.

So I was taking a quiz on Buzzfeed that was called 'Can we guess your ancestry' (don't know if they did or not, I got warriors), but one of they questions was "What are you looking forward doing when you're a parent?" One of the options was 'Sneezing loudly'.

This confused me because I've never thought of parent hood with loud sneezing or why any one would think that?

I was just curious, so if you have an idea, please enlighten me!

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I had a boyfriend in college that sneezed so loudly and forcefully that I actually found it unattractive because it reminded me of how I thought a grandfather should sneeze. I think there was a lack of care in his sneeze that turned me off, kind of like the way an old person will let one rip (a fart, not a sneeze) and then blame it on the dog. Makes sense to me.

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I just looked at the quiz myself and I have to say this is just nonsensical, as is 98% of all Buzzfeed content, and not worth a second thought. no2.gif

That was my conclusion without eve looking at it :lol: For one things, "warrior" isn't a form of ancestry. :rolleyes: And for another, like you say, 90+% of Buzzfeed content is pretty much BS.

I think Daisoku is probably onto it with this as far as the sneezing bit:

I think it's just making fun of the fact that all parents seem to sneeze so loudly, like it's a parental right or something.

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So I was taking a quiz on Buzzfeed that was called 'Can we guess your ancestry'

I took this! I got Bo$$es, whatever that means.

I literally stopped and was like 'noooooo' when I saw that part. But yeah, like everyone else says, it's Buzzfeed. *shrugs* Just something for fun. :)

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Thanks to all who replied! It's clearer now. Buzzfeed is just weird. I should have just guessed that!

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