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New Years cold?


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So..... I haven't posted an obs ever so forgive me if it's silly and dumb..

I woke up today with my throat feeling like sand paper. It could've been from yelling last night at the game. Anyway. I had to get up early for basketball so as soon as I stood up my nose suddenly decided to let me tickle me. I sneezed twice *hieechiewww heicheww* which was weird considering I have no allergies so I just blamed it on my dusty room. Practice was harder than usual my head started pounding as soon as we started drills and the dry air made my nose tickle all practice. I was exhausted soon as practice was over which is weird because other people weren't as tired as me. Anyway I'm home now with a runny nose and sore throat. So let me know if you guys want updates or not sorry this. Isn't very good :/ do you guys think this is the start of a cold or just dust and weather?

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It sounds like the start of a cold. But if anything, some rest, tea can do you good. Feel better. And welcome to the forum if i didnt say it before.

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Thank you guys :)

Well happy new year!

Somehow I fell asleep and woke up just in time to watch the ball drop. YAY! Unfortunately when I woke up I had the chills and super tickly nose that was running like crazy. Luckily I had just bought tissues the other day for a little girl I was babysitting who was complaining of a stuffy nose and sore throat. This will have to be a short update because I feel exhausted and am prob gonna sleep right after this also because I keep having to pause as I'm typing with false starts XD .... if you still want updates let me know! happy new year!

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