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Secret Santa for Laynie Bear, One Direction


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So I would just like to preface this by saying that I knew nothing about One Direction four weeks ago, literally listened to one of their songs one time and couldn't name a single one of the members. They seem like lovely guys but really not my sort of music so all characterization and everything has been pieced together through reading/watching interviews and stuff like that and reading other stories over the last few weeks in an attempt to do this some form of justice. That said, I do hope that you enjoy your present :) It'll probably be 2 or possibly 3 parts (depending if you like the first enough to want more) but if it's all wrong and you don't like it feel free to message me and we can work out a better one if you'd like :) So yeah, that's about it, merry Christmas and happy New Year everyone! :)

Part 1

“Hey, up’n at ‘em Curly.”

“Nghh.. Shove off Ni.”

“No chance, you gotta get up, we’re leavin’ in an hour.”

“Then get me up in an hour.” Harry sighed, sticking his head out from under the covers.

“Yeah and then we’ll all be late.” Niall laughed, dragging the blanket down cheerfully. “Now up.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know, shoo, let me shower and stuff.” Harry sighed as his friend left the room. It was seriously unnatural to be that happy before lunchtime. Listening, he could hear movement around the little flat. Weird, generally he wasn’t the last one up - usually they were dragging Zayn out of bed fifteen minutes before they had to leave - and he was still exhausted, they’d all been pulling crazy hours the last couple of months and the workload was catching up with them. The last couple of nights not even Loius and Zayn had wanted to go out, all of them just finishing up the concert and getting back to whatever hotel they were in that night, not even watching a movie before going to bed.


“Yeah he’s up. Just showering and stuff.” Harry sighed as he heard the voices from the main living room as he passed through the corridor. Quickly heading to the bathroom, he flicked on the water and waited for it to heat up. His nose was starting to run annoyingly, causing an itch to build up which refused to go away no matter how much he sniffled and scrubbed at it.

“H’kshoo! Eshoo!” Harry groaned as the sneezes scraped at his throat and resulted in little other than making him aware of the gunk that was just starting to build in his head. And thus it began. He stayed in the shower as long as his nose could stand in the hope that the first tickling sneezes would be the end of it but was sadly disappointed as several more burst out.

“Haz, you alright in there?” A quick rap on the door had him frantically checking it was still locked and hurriedly wiping his running nose.

“Yup.” He called back, grimacing at the quickly-built congestion that he prayed Louis couldn’t hear.

“M’kay, bless by the way. Allergic?”

“Seriously Lou?” Harry laughed. “At least lemme put clothes on before you start.” He could hear quiet chuckling on the other side of the door followed by footsteps which told him Louis was for once doing as asked. It only took a few more minutes before Harry was dressed and ready, glancing in the mirror to see if he looked as tired and run-down as he was beginning to feel. Yup, black smudges under just faintly red eyes and an overall pallor didn’t really help his overall mood. “Ahtshh! Ng’shoo!” Neither did that. Nevertheless, he did his best to empty his stuffy nose and headed for the lounge.

“Hey hey.” Louis grinned, hopping up from his seat to wrap his arms around their youngest member. “You okay?”

“Haha were you going for rhyming today, or happy accident?” Niall giggled, bringing out laughs from Zayn and Liam too.

“Shh.” Louis grinned and rolled his eyes, holding the curly-haired brunette out to arm’s length. “You okay though? ‘Cause ya look beat.”

“’m okay. We’re all tired.”

“Yeah, well there’s like five hours in the car today, can catch up on sleep.” Louis smiled, wrapping Harry into a tight hug and pulling him down so they were sitting close on the couch.

“Lou be good.” The younger man laughed. “I’ve gotta finish packing.”

“Crap.” Zayn’s whisper and quick disappearance had Liam and Louis laughing but Niall also quickly slinking off to his room with a glance at his watch.


Ihshoo! Het’choo!”

“Bless, w’ssup?” Liam whispered, cracking one eye open to look back at his friend. Paul was driving but the rest of them were all asleep, Liam in the front, Harry and Louis curled together in the middle and Zyan and Niall napping in the back of the van. “G’ttin a cold?” Harry shrugged, sniffling as quietly as he could. He’d been stifling sneezes all day so far, trying to keep quiet and not sneeze on Louis who had curled up in his seat and fallen asleep almost immediately after they started driving.

“Mbaybe.” By this point there was little reason denying being a little sick. Harry felt absolutely shocking, his head was stuffy and pounding and every muscle in his body ached but complaining wasn’t gonna help and all letting anyone know he felt worse than just a little cold would accomplish was to worry the others and bring on days of unnecessary fussing.

“Try get some sleep.” Paul suggested softly.

“’Kay.” It was a nice idea but Harry’s nose seemed to have other ideas, continuing to itch and prickle uncomfortably. He fumbled for a handkerchief that he’d miraculously found that morning to cover as he gave a quiet but forceful sneeze. “Hishoo!”



“’Choo! Hi’xxt! Ehshoo!” Harry moaned faintly as he sneezed into an already damp tissue. He’d been curled on one of the couches in their hotel flat with a blanket and box of tissues for most of the afternoon and was making steady progress in turning the furniture into a biohazard risk.

“How’re you feelin’?” Liam asked, carefully sitting down next to his friend and pressing his fingers to the younger singer’s forehead.

“I’b okay, just a cold.”

“You’re warm. Lou, get back in here and deal with your… Harry.” Liam smirked; settling on one of the other couches as Louis quickly emerged from his room.

“Heya Haz, you being difficult?”

“Doh, hek’shoo!”

“He’s running a temperature.” Liam announced, ignoring the dirty glare he got. “Try get some medicine into him and maybe get him to bed.”

“Do’t deed-”

“C’mon, we’ve got the afternoon off, let’s just go cuddle up in bed.” Without waiting for an answer Louis hauled Harry to his feet and dragged him back to his bedroom. “Why’re you being so stubborn?”

“Too buch to do to be sick.” Harry mumbled, allowing himself to be tucked into bed and for Louis to climb in next to him.

“Yeah but you’re gonna feel so much worse if you don’t rest up while you can.” Louis mumbled, rolling over so the two were facing each other. He carefully pressed his lips to the younger singer’s forehead and sighed at the warmth. “You’re hot.” Okay they weren’t strictly together, but in private they may as well be. It was just easier and less complicated not to make anything official and end up with the media and fan scrutiny.

“You kdow it.” Harry mumbled sleepily.

“Mm, I do, behave yourself or I’ll get the thermometer.”

“Please, doh, adythi’g but that.” Harry smirked but quickly groaned as his nose began to prickle again.

“W’ssup?” The older man asked quietly in response to the sound.

“D- deed to sd-” Harry pulled himself away, rolling over so he was facing the other direction. “Ih’eshoo! Hep’tschh!”The wet sneezes had him curling in on himself and fumbling for a tissue from the box on the nightstand.

“Bless you, try get some sleep kid.” Louis whispered, pulling Harry back into his arms. The two lay quietly for a while and Louis was just starting to think his young friend had fallen asleep when he felt twitching against his neck.

Hixxt!” Louis cringed internally as the sleepy sneeze resulted in just a bit of disturbing moisture against his skin. A beat passed before the sick boy shot up, eyes wide. “Crap I’b sorry Lou I did’t eve-”

“Chill, it’s okay.” He answered, quickly reaching for a tissue to wipe up the spray and remove the ‘ick’ feeling. “No harm done.”

“It’s - ihkishoo! Hatchoo!” Thankfully this time Harry managed to catch the sneezes into a tissue and avoid spraying his best friend again.

“It’s fine, come. I’m shattered, let’s get some sleep.” Louis smiled gently, arranging them again so Harry’s face was pressed into his chest and they were both lying down covered by the warm duvet - a bit too warm for the healthy guy’s taste but his younger friend was trembling slightly so the blanket was probably a good idea. It didn’t take very long before stuffy snores told him Harry had managed to drift off.


Okay so I really hope that you (and anyone else who reads this) enjoyed it and should you want more then just say so. Any suggestions or corrections in anything feel free to say, as I said, unfamiliar fandom and the Internet can only teach so much in a few weeks XD Merry Christmas once again

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Aww this is so good, you've done a fantastic job considering you barely knew who there were a few weeks ago! Another part would be awesome (:

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I'm sorry it took me so long to see this! Ahhhhh! It's amazing! I love it so much! Firstet me start off by saying that if you hadn't mentione knowing nothing about them, I would never have known! You have their characters down near perfectly! I love the entire thing, but a few points that stood out were,

1. The banter between Harry and Niall in the beginning. It was comical and awesome!

2. Harry being stubborn was adorable!

3. I love the idea of them not officially being together. I've never seen it that way, and I thought it was interesting

4. Just the entire thing!

Please do continue this! You write extremely well and I love me some sick boys!

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Hey, sorry it's taken so long to add more! I've been super busy with VRC season getting intense and not being able to think of anything decent so if you have any requests then please say and I will try to add more just as soon as I have time to write something of acceptable quality!

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