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others insulting someone you like


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is it just me or does it really, really sting when others insult someone you like? you don't necessarily have to be obsessed with the person but if you show someone a picture of them and they go all, "ewwwww wtf" does it bother you? like an awful lot? even when someone says the slightest thing bad about a celebrity that i love, it hurts too much and i don't know why. does anyone else feel this way?

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You know, I think we tend to build celebrities up into these god- or goddess-like creatures and we project a lot of our own desires and dreams onto them. Maybe we see a quality in them that we feel is lacking in our own personality or we find something in them that inspires us or motivates us to try to be better or do more with our lives. Either way, an insult against a person you admire can feel like a personal insult because you've found a quality in them that resonates deeply in your own life. I know it's a tired cliche, but try very hard not to take it personally. We are all drawn to different types and some people are not very subtle about expressing a difference in opinion. Rest assured there are probably many, many people who love this particular celebrity as much as you do.

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This isn't celebrity wise

I felt really bad when my ex's friends were calling him very nasty, ugly names. Even though they were joking, to me u never joke around by calling someone u know fat, ugly, a slut or even a bitch. It's insulting & it's just not right :(

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Completely. Especially when they know you like that person/thing. Like, there are ways to politely disagree without being rude. When it's my best friend or a family member and someone is really digging into them, I get super insulted because it's like, okay, you know I am very deeply bonded to this person...are you trying to make me upset? I think the intentionality (or the intention I impose on it) is what bothers me.

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Oh yes. I struggle with that a lot since I made friends with a rather odd person at the stable. Everyone keeps saying nasty things about her behind her back, and I feel like crap trying to defend her without sounding, you know, fanatic? I mean, she is odd. She definitely has sides and opinions I disagree with. But everyone I know have sides like that. I have quite a few myself, and I know people dislike a lot of things I say and do. Also, nobody seems to appreciate her good sides. It's like, no matter what she does, people say bad things about her and I feel horrible listening to it. There is usually a lot more to people than meets the eye, and you can't get to know a person by listening to what others say about them; you have to get to know them yourself to be sure.

Sure, I feel the same way about celebrities and characters that I like and people speak badly of, but that doesn't make me feel half as bad as it does when it happens in real life. Though sometimes it makes me wonder if I am the only person who tries to see behind actions and find reasons. There are people I just cannot stand, for reasons I don't know. But that's my opinion, and it often has very little to do with the person, but rather with the fact that they remind me of someone or something I dislike. I actually (and this may surprise some of you) have a bit of a problem with Angelina Jolie, because she reminds me of my top 1 bully back at school. But that hardly gives me a reason to say "Angelina is such a bitch" because I obviously wouldn't know.

Okay, I'm not sure if that made any sense at all (I'm hungry and is therefore not coherent in thought, much less words), but still. :lol:

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I think this is a fairly common and natural feeling. Like, Chanel, I'm more insulted when it is someone that I know personally, but there are times when it is a celebrity and a person that irks me (or if it is a person whose opinions I respect) makes fun of them/says nasty things about them that I do get affected.

I'm at my worst when someone says something rude about one of the brolas. I'm like a mama bear and my blood boils. They are my brothers and thus, only I can have a negative opinion about them. :D This response is magnified if the person being rude is a female.

As for celebrities, I often find myself defending Anna Paquin pretty frequently. I don't understand why people have such a negative opinion about her looks and her acting. She is the youngest celebrity to earn an Oscar (she was eleven). And, I think she is very beautiful.

Also singers that I'm a big fan of, I get really, really upset if people make fun of them/their voice/their lifestyle etc.

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and it's not just celebrities. i don't tell any of my friends about my crushes because once one of my friends called my crush ugly and said that he looks like a potato, and that hurt and i didn't like him since then :/ but celebrities too. some celebs/singers have actually saved me and you obviously don't want to hear someone just insult them in front of you like it's nothing.

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I get this. :yes: No one likes to be told that something they're into (person or whatever) is "weird" or "gross." And honestly, the people who say these kinds of things? It says a whole hell of a lot about them. It doesn't say anything about what you're into. :hug:

My tastes in men, women, and generally everything else run from "unique" to "....what the hell?" Don't sweat it. If it's your thing, it's YOUR thing. The approval of others is not required. Despite that, it can be a sting when people think it necessary to let you know they don't like it in what is (usually) kind of an asshole way.

"Ewww, you like him/her? But he's so UGLY/WEIRD/WHATEVER."

Yeah, I do. Take your negativity somewhere else, pal. ;)

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