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Glee Stars Don't Take Sick Days (F/F starring Dianna Agron and Lea Michele) -- updated 1/19


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Hello darlings, happy new year! This story was inspired by my recent re-watching of some of the old Glee eps, specifically S2, during the time when Dianna missed a bunch of days on set due to illness (and then eventually at the end of that season of shooting she did in fact have surgery to correct her messed up sinuses). I haven't done an RPF in a while, and I was feeling nostalgic for some good old fashioned Achele sweetness! Hope you all enjoy smile.png



Glee Stars Don't Take Sick Days

An Achele RPF for SFF

Part 1


“Okay, where the hell is Dianna? We're ready to start the shoot!” Ryan Murphy yelled across the set, counting up his Glee stars and coming up one short. He was not used to being kept waiting by anyone; usually, he was the one who everyone else waited for.

“She's ready Ryan, I bet she's just waiting in our trailer,” Lea smiled helpfully, jumping up from the choir room set where she'd been chatting with Chris and Naya, and crossing purposefully toward her producer. “I'll go get her, I'll be right back.”

“Time is money, Lea!” The bald man called impatiently after his star as she walked off set, annoyed that he was actually being forced to wait for someone else for once.

“Yes, yes, don't have a cow,” Lea muttered flippantly under her breath, in no hurry to bend over backwards for her demanding producer. He should know better than anyone how hard his stars worked, every single day, to give this show their all. Waiting an extra five minutes for Dianna wasn't going to kill him.

“Babe, are you in here? Everybody's ready on set,” Lea called out as she entered the trailer she shared with her co-star and girlfriend. Officially, of course, they were just “roommates;” but they didn't work very hard to keep up that pretense within the confines of the Glee set, after more than a year together. It was mainly the studio's insistence on “star confidentiality clauses” that kept them toeing the party line in the press junkets and out on the red carpet.

Both girls understood what “star confidentiality clauses” really meant, of course: the Fox executives didn't believe the show could be successful if the whole world knew that their two female leads, who were supposed to be fighting ruthlessly over the same hunk of boy meat, were actually more interested in each other. Lea didn't think it would really be such big news; most people already seemed to know the truth anyway, based on the internet buzz they usually tried to ignore. But contracts are contracts, and the dark-haired starlet was nothing if not a consummate professional.

“Di? Honey, are you here?” She called again as she climbed up the steps into the trailer, having gotten no response the first time. She found her girlfriend fast asleep on the comfy couch in the back of the trailer, a fuzzy blanket pulled up over her WMHS Cheerios costume. Lea chuckled softly at the adorable image of the blonde girl passed out cold, cuddling the soft fleecy blanket they'd gotten from her parents last Hanukkah, with her face half-squashed into the couch cushions. “Diaaaaanna,” Lea sang out softly, sitting on the edge of the couch and stroking the blonde girl's pale cheek, then scratching her nails lightly over the back of her neck, something that always helped rouse her when they had a particularly early morning call time, like they had all this week. Her poor baby was just exhausted.

“Uhhmm...five more minutes, Lee-lee,” Dianna mumbled, wrapping one arm around her girlfriend's hips and snuggling up to her without even opening her eyes.

“I'm sorry baby, I know you're really wiped out but you can't have five more minutes,” Lea sighed, twirling her fingers through the blonde girl's sleek ponytail. “Everybody's waiting on set, Ryan's tweaking out. You gotta get up, angelcake.”

“Ughhhh,” the blonde girl whined softly, pushing her face more firmly into her girlfriend's hip.

“Aww, baby,” Lea cooed, slipping her hand under the soft blanket to scratch lightly up and down the blonde girl's back. “You're so tired...we need to take a long weekend soon, huh? Maybe get out of LA, go down to Baja or up to the bay to see your brother. Somebody needs to recharge their batteries.”

“Mmm...yeah,” Dianna agreed, finally sitting up with a soft, drawn-out yawn as she rubbed her eyes. “That...sounds nice.”

“Careful...don't mess up your makeup, or Ryan will have another tantrum,” Lea teased, gently pulling Dianna's hand away from her face and replacing it with her lips, dropping light kisses across her eyes, her forehead, the bridge of her nose. Dianna giggled, tilting her head up to find her girlfriend's warm lips, and for a few long moments they forgot the rest of the world, their demanding Glee careers, screaming fans, whiny producers and arduous dance numbers. Lea's hands slipped up the back of Dianna's Cheerios top, and Dianna leaned magnetically into her, threading her fingers automatically through her little starlet's long, dark hair, worn loose and long over her shoulders as it almost always was when she was playing Rachel.

“Ahem.” A slightly annoyed voice roused the two girls out of their momentary bliss, as they broke apart and turned to the doorway of their trailer to see Chris standing there with his arms crossed, smirking at them with a childishly amused expression on his sweetly innocent face. “I swear, I think Ryan gets a perverse pleasure out of making me be the one to come break up your makeout sessions, my dears. Can we get back to the shoot, hmm ladies? The sooner we wrap, the sooner you can go home and get your mack on without me having to watch.” He winked, and Lea chuckled unabashedly while Dianna smoothed her hair back with another sleepy yawn.

“Sorry Chris, I was just trying to wake her up a little,” the dark-haired girl smirked, rubbing away a smudge of her lipstick from the corner of Dianna's mouth with her thumb.

“You want to wake her up? I'll call down to the PA's for a Diet Coke,” the fair-haired boy said drolly; but he couldn't help smirking back at the perfect picture the two girls made together. It tickled him to think of how much the rest of the world would pay to see one tiny fraction of the eyeful he got of the show's two leading ladies with their hands all over each other, on a daily basis.

“Okay, okay, we're coming,” Dianna sighed, returning Chris's smirk with a tired smile of her own. “I'm sorry for the holdup, I really did fall asleep. We weren't back here getting freaky.”

“Yeah, yeah,” the younger boy winked. “I'll go tell Ryan you're coming before he pops a gasket.” He flounced out of the trailer, and Lea smoothed back a stray lock of blonde hair that had fallen out of her girlfriend's ponytail.

“Ready?” She asked brightly.

“Uh-huh,” Dianna nodded, even as her eyes welled up and her delicate little nose trembled. “Hhuh'chhxt!!” The blonde girl sneezed softly into her hand, doubling over on the couch with a little shiver.

“Aww, bless you sweetness,” Lea cooed, leaning in and giving her girlfriend a playful kiss on the tip of her nose. “Did you forget to take your allergy pill this morning, hmm?”

“I thought I took it,” Dianna sighed, pushing two fingers under her nose as her nostrils widened teasingly again, and her sleepy hazel eyes narrowed involuntarily. “Uhh'chhhsh!! *Snfl.*” Another woozy shiver ran down her spine under her Glee costume as she muffled the ticklish sneeze in her cupped hand, blonde ponytail bouncing lightly in the air behind her.

“God bless you,” Lea said again, her voice full of warmth and affection as she got up and crossed the trailer to Dianna's purse, where she knew her girlfriend kept a stash of allergy pills to combat the mild irritation caused by their two pet cats, Claude and Sheila. “Here babe, I think you did forget. This should help you get through the rest of the shoot.”

“Thanks, Lee-lee,” Dianna smiled shyly, taking the pill along with a gulp of water from the bottle her girlfriend was holding out for her. “What would I ever do without you, hmm?”

“Die miserable and alone, naturally,” Lea teased, leaning in and kissing her once more on the lips. “Lucky for you, I'm not going anywhere without you.”

“Lucky me,” Dianna agreed, grinning from ear to ear now, thoroughly awakened by her girlfriend's magical kisses. It didn't quite distract her from the slight scratchiness in the back of her throat, but she assumed that was due to the fact that she'd fallen asleep with a stuffy nose (which, even though she knew she had taken her allergy pill that morning, she was choosing to blame on the cats), and had been breathing through her mouth while she slept.

“All right my lucky girl, let's go get our dancing shoes on,” Lea sighed, standing up and stretching her back with a gooey grin for her blonde angel. “Can't keep our adoring fans waiting too long.”

“Yes dear,” Dianna purred, following her girlfriend obediently out of the trailer and onto the brightly lit set, shivering slightly inside her Cheerios jacket, and rubbing a finger absently against her still-twitching nose. “Hhh...hhih...hhtiiishew!! *Snf.*” The blonde girl shivered weakly with another sniffly sneeze, bobbing forward with one hand still holding Lea's, who turned and blessed her again sweetly. It was going to be a long day...and there were no early dismissals on the Glee set.

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God did I miss this. I seriously can't get enough of your fics! I'd LOVE to see more of this! :)

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Hi guys! Thanks for chiming in! Glad you liked part 1, here is part 2!!! Enjoy :)



Glee Stars Don't Take Sick Days

Part 2


“Oof! Sorry Mark,” Dianna groaned softly, steadying herself against the muscular boy's shoulder after stumbling into his side for the third consecutive take of the first group dance number in the episode.

“Cut! Jesus!” Ryan yelled from his canvas chair behind the cameras, getting up and stalking across the set to where his actors stood, sweaty and catching their breath between takes. “What is up with you today, Dianna? Are you hung over or something?”

“No, I'm not fucking hung over,” the blonde girl grumbled, wiping the sweat from her eyes and plopping down in the nearest chair on the brightly lit set of the choir room. “I'm sorry Ryan, I'm just...just tired. Sorry, everybody. Let's go again, I can do it.” She sniffled, rubbed her eyes and coughed into her elbow.

“All right, let's take five and get makeup in here,” the producer sighed, beckoning to the team of makeup artists sitting off to one side, who promptly grabbed their enormous makeup kits and came hurrying over. “Can you guys keep the shine off her face for five minutes? She's supposed to look sexy, not like a junkie in withdrawal.”

“Ryan! You're not making her feel better,” Lea scolded, hurrying across the set to her girlfriend's side and pulling up a chair next to hers. “Come here baby, you need to drink some water...you're really sweaty, I think you're getting dehydrated.” She snapped her fingers impatiently at one of the PA's, who hastily pulled a cold water bottle from the cooler at the edge of the set and came hurrying over with it.

“Thank you,” Dianna sighed, taking a gulp of cold water and then leaning her head against her girlfriend's shoulder. “I dunno why I can't get it together today, Lee-lee,” she whined softly, rubbing her forehead absently. Then she lifted her head back up, a spacey expression clouding her hazel eyes as she raised her free hand to her face again. “Hhuh...” She pinched her nostrils gently between her thumb and forefinger as they flared teasingly. “Aaheshhhoo!! *Snfl,*” She pitched forward and sneezed dazedly into her hand, then immediately coughed again, shivering slightly with her eyes still tightly shut.

“Bless you honey,” Chris said, crossing over to where the two girls sat and beckoning another PA, the one who'd been bringing Dianna tissues all morning.

“Thanks,” the blonde girl sighed miserably, taking a tissue and rubbing the damp underside of her nose a few times before scrunching her eyes up for a deep blow. At the wet, congested sound, Lea and Chris gave each other a knowing look.

“Poor baby, you're catching a cold huh?” the dark-haired starlet cooed gently, scooting her chair a little closer to Dianna's and slipping a hand protectively over her knee. “No wonder you're so wiped out today.”

“Fuck...” the blonde girl sighed, slumping back in her chair and looking back and forth between her girlfriend and their castmates with a miserably guilty expression. “Yeah. I'm sorry guys. I think I'm getting sick or something...I'll try not to touch anything on set today, okay?”

“Di, it's okay. It's not your fault,” Chris chuckled, squeezing her shoulder. “We're a team, remember? We're not going to exile you to Brother Island like Typhoid Mary.” Dianna smiled weakly back.

“See, babycakes, everybody's here to help you,” Lea hummed sweetly, her fingers still tracing absentminded designs over her girlfriend's bare knee. “You don't have to feel guilty. We're all gonna help you get through the day, whatever you need. Okay?”

“'Kay,” Dianna nodded shyly, putting her hand over Lea's and giving it a gentle squeeze. “Thank you.”

“Hi girls, sorry to interrupt. Can I get five minutes with Di?” Karen, their makeup artist was standing next to Chris with an enormous makeup kit in her hands.

“Sure, sorry. Go ahead,” the blonde girl nodded, sitting up a little straighter in her chair. “Just let me...” She drew the crumpled tissue in her hands back to her nose as a thin trickle of snot slipped from one nostril, wiping it away before lightly rubbing her nose up and down through the damp tissue, as her eyes narrowed and closed again. “Hhiih'chshh!!! *S-snfl*...” She shivered from head to toe as she sneezed into the crumpled tissue.

“Bless you,” her friends all chorused.

“Ughh...thag you,” Dianna sighed, sniffling wetly behind the soggy tissue.

“I think we'll just keep these for now, shall we?” Chris joked, taking the box of tissues from George the PA, and handing the snuffly blonde girl a few fresh ones. She just nodded her thanks, pinching the soft cotton hastily to her nose as another sharp breath caught in the center of her chest.

“Hht'iiishew!! Uhh'chhshx!!! *Snfl*...” She coughed and blew her nose again while everyone blessed her, and Lea rubbed her back consolingly. “Ughhh. I'm really sorry,” she groaned again, looking up apologetically at the makeup artist who was still waiting to powder her face.

“Babe, I told you. No more apologies,” Lea scolded, snapping her fingers for George the PA again, and asking him for a pen and paper.

“Di, can we do this now?” Karen raised her makeup brush hopefully.

“Yeah. Sor...sure,” she corrected herself, smiling sheepishly as she stopped herself from uttering yet another apology for her sniffles and sneezes. While Dianna closed her eyes and allowed herself to be powdered and primped, Lea was scribbling away beside her, making a rather long list of emergency supplies for George the PA.

“All right, we need all the things on this list, George. Please go to the nearest pharmacy as expediently as possible, okay?” Lea raised her eyebrows seriously at the production assistant, who nodded and took off without a word. Dianna giggled weakly behind the cloud of power foundation now floating around her face.

“What?” The little starlet asked, smiling back without conscious thought.

“You sound like Rachel,” Dianna smirked. “It's cute.”

“I don't sound like Rachel,” Lea huffed, rolling her eyes. “She sounds like me. When the writers are doing their job, anyway.”

“Whatever you say, baby,” Dianna grinned, taking another long gulp from her water bottle. Then she closed her eyes and coughed, and Lea reached out and took her free hand, tracing little patterns over her girlfriend's palm with her thumb. They sat like that in comfortable silence until Karen was done with her touch-ups; then they got back up for another take. Dianna blew her nose one last time, and threw her soggy tissues in the trash before going back to her mark, trying not to sniffle as the cameras began to roll.

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hey guys! sorry for the delay, here is the next part! enjoy :-)



Glee Stars Don't Take Sick Days

Part 3


“Okay, folks, that's lunch! One hour!” Ryan Murphy's voice echoed through the megaphone as the cast and crew all abandoned their posts and collectively yawned, stretched and made their way off set for their lunch break. Dianna didn't move, though; she just stayed slumped in the choir room chair where she was seated, rubbed her face groggily with both hands, and gave a long, low groan of miserable exhaustion. Before she could even force herself to stand up, Lea was already at her side, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and kissing her pale cheek.

“What can I bring you for lunch, hmm angelcake? You want some noodle soup from the udon bar?” Lea cooed, trailing her fingers lightly up and down the back of her girlfriend's neck below her sleek blonde ponytail.

“I don't want food. I want sleep,” Dianna mumbled, pulling the ponytail out of her hair in hopes that letting her hair loose would help ease the headache pounding behind her eyes. “I'm just gonna go crash in the trailer, babe...will you come wake me when it's time to come back on set?” She yawned hugely, putting her head down limply on her girlfriend's shoulder. Lea frowned, threading her fingers through the loose blonde hair now spilling across her shoulder.

“Di, you have to eat a little. Come on, let's go eat and then I'll tuck you in for a little nap, okay sweetness? Besides, it's time for you to have some more Zicam, and it'll upset your tummy if you take it on an empty stomach.”

“Noooooo,” Dianna whined, lifting her head and leveling her girlfriend with an adorably pathetic, puffy-eyed pout. “I'm so tired, Lee-lee...I can't even talk anymore. Please. I have to sleep...please.” Her eyes actually filled with tears, melting all of the dark-hair girl's resolve instantly.

“Oh, honey...” Lea sighed, stroking her girlfriend's blonde hair back from her sickly-pale face. “You're getting really warm, even with the DayQuil and everything. No wonder you can't keep your eyes open.” She pressed the back of her hand to Dianna's forehead, then her cheek, testing the heat coming off her skin.

“Yeah,” Dianna agreed weakly, her eyes unfocused as she drew a crumpled tissue from the pocket of her Cheerios jacket, and gently massaged the underside of her nose in little circles. The cold medicine Lea had forced on her really had helped; she had stopped sniffling and coughing a couple of hours ago. But her head still felt blocked up and fuzzy, with a raw tickle in the back of her nose; and she sneezed at least once every ten or fifteen minutes.

“I just...feel so far away,” The exhausted blonde girl sighed, her voice a little softer and rougher than normal. “My head is all...*snfl*...blurry...” Eyes narrowing, she brought both hands up to cup the tissue against her twitchy nose as her breath hitched softly in her chest. “Hhhiiishxt!!! *S-snfl*...” She sneezed dazedly into the damp tissue, doubling over with a weak little shiver.

“Bless you, my little lamb,” Lea hummed, continuing to stroke Dianna's loose blonde hair as she blew her nose. “Poor baby, you really are getting sick, aren't you?”

“It feels like...I'm stoned,” The blonde girl murmured, her tired hazel eyes barely open as she rubbed absently at her slightly pinkish nose. “We didn't...*snf*...get high today...did we?” She asked woozily. Then her eyes closed completely as her hand stilled in the tissue, breath hitching, soft and helpless. “Hhhuh...hhh...uhh'chhxh!!” She sneezed again, nose buried in the damp tissues.

“Okay, baby, I give. Come on, let's go take a nap,” Lea sighed, unable to withstand seeing her sweet girl so profoundly miserable and not giving her what she wanted. “We'll deal with sustenance after you wake up, okay?”

“'Kay,” Dianna agreed, sniffling back tears of exhaustion as she stood up shakily and wrapped both arms around her girlfriend in a boneless, limp hug, collapsing trustingly against her. “Thank you, starfish...” Lea just smiled sweetly, wrapping her arms tighter around her woozy girlfriend and kissing her flushed temple.

“Hey, do you guys want us to get you anything? You look like you aren't gonna make it to craft services,” Naya joked as she and Heather walked over to their co-stars with a sweet smile.

“No...s'okay,” Dianna sighed, rubbing her throbbing sinuses to help dispel the lingering tickle deep inside her head. “Just gonna sleep for a while.”

“Pobrecita,” the Latina clucked sympathetically, while Heather leaned in and felt Dianna's forehead, just as Lea had done.

“We'll bring you an ice pack and a cold drink when you get up, okay sweetie?” The taller blonde smiled encouragingly. “Go get her tucked in, Lea, and we'll meet you later at your trailer, 'kay? We're gonna tag-team this cold with some serious TLC.”

“Sounds good,” Lea agreed gratefully, beaming up at her taller friend. “See babe? I told you, everybody's here for you. C'mon, let's go lie down.” It was the first time Dianna willingly picked up her feet all morning.

When they got to their trailer, Dianna didn't bother doing anything more than kicking off her shoes before she collapsed into the soft, cozy bed in the private little back room. Lea pulled the blankets up around her and sat lightly beside her baby, quietly stroking her hair. After a few peaceful moments, the blonde girl cracked one eye open.

“Lee-lee?” Dianna asked softly, her voice already croaky with sleep.

“Yeah, angelcake?” Lea cooed back, sifting her fingers through long, silky blonde hair.

“Will you...*snf*...lie down with me 'till I fall asleep? I just...just need you to hold me for a while...” She cupped a hand absently to her mouth to cover a raspy cough. Lea leaned down and kissed her all over her face.

“Oh, sweetness...of course I will,” the little starlet hummed sweetly; but instead of lying down beside her girlfriend, she reached into her bag and pulled out a small box of bright orange cold pills. “But first I think you need to take another dose of the magic pills, hmm baby? The ones you took this morning are wearing off, and I don't want you to wake up feeling worse all over again. Just sit up for a sec, 'kay?” Lea popped two big orange pills out of their wrappers. Dianna whined and flung an arm over her face.

“Leaaaaaa,” she whined miserably, her voice muffled behind her arm. “M'sleeping...”

“I know, honey, I know you're so tired...you just need some medicine and then I'll cuddle you 'till you're fast asleep, I promise.” Lea continued to stroke Dianna's hair as she spoke, smiling a little despite herself. It wasn't because she was enjoying seeing her sweet baby suffer, of course; but something about seeing Di this vulnerable, trusting her this much, allowing her to be the caretaker when they were usually both so headstrong in their daily life together...it was just so intimate. And it made Lea feel as fierce as a mother lion.

“Ughhh...'kay,” Dianna finally grumbled, shifting slightly under the blankets so she could sit up a bit, leaning her head against Lea's side with another cough. “Give mbe the stupid pills. *Snfl.*” But Lea opted to pass her girlfriend a tissue instead, as she could see a thin trickle of watery snot issuing gently from one pink nostril.

“Uhhhh...hheh-hhh...” Dianna hitched dazedly, pinching and tugging gently on her runny nose through the tissue. Her head fell back helplessly against Lea's side, and Lea stroked her forehead gently. “Hhhiit'chshh!! *S-snfl*...”

“Bless you baby,” Lea cooed, even though she could tell that Dianna was going to sneeze again. The blonde girl was still hitching, still wiping her wet nose through the tissue, still staring off into space absently, eyes glazed over.

“Aah...aahh'tcheww!! Hh-hiiishOOoo!!! *Snfl*...” Dianna sneezed desperately into the tissue nuzzled up to her pink nose, and sniffled, the sound much wetter now than it had been a few minutes ago. She was still cuddled up to her girlfriend's side, misting the dark-haired girl's shirt with her sick sneezes even through the tissues.

“Bless you, bless you,” Lea murmured, kissing the top of her woozy girlfriend's blonde head and handing her a few more fresh tissues.

“Th-thadks,” Dianna mumbled, pushing the bundled tissues firmly against the underside of her nose as she continued to sniffle and rub.

“Honey, don't try to hold it in,” Lea lectured gently, putting her hand lightly over Dianna's, and encouraging her not to rub her nose quite so hard. “If you feel like you have to sneeze again, just go ahead and sneeze. We're not on set now, it's okay. Nobody can see your runny nose but me...and I think it's adorable, just like the rest of you.” She tugged her girlfriend's hand a little harder, so the tissue hovered an inch or so in front of the blonde girl's damp pink nostrils; then she leaned down and kissed the poor girl lightly across the bridge of her nose.

“You're...s-such a dork...” Dianna hitched softly, her whole body freezing as her eyes snapped shut again. “Aah'chOOoo!!! Hhhuh...hheiiiishew!! *S-snfl*...hhhiishxhew!!” She squeezed her pink nose in the damp tissues as she sneezed, nostrils flared and running.

“Bless...bless...bless you,” Lea hummed, stroking her girlfriend's blonde hair again while she blew her nose. “My poor little sickie-pie. Are you ready for your cold meds now?”

“Uhh...*snfl*...yeah,” Dianna nodded, rubbing her nose absently on a fresh tissue. The soggy, crumpled, used-up ones were now scattered around them on the bed. “Thag you, baby.”

“No thanks required...I just want you to feel better,” Lea murmured, handing Dianna the orange pills and then a bottle of water from her bag to wash it down. Dianna drank almost half the bottle. “Good job,” Lea praised her, taking the bottle back and kissing her on the cheek again. “Now you can close your eyes and sleep, sweetness...and when you wake up, we'll have a little something to eat, and you'll feel a little better. I promise.”

“I love you,” Dianna murmured in response, as her girlfriend wiggled under the covers to lie next to her, wrapping one arm over her feverish body and pulling her close so she could go to sleep with her head pillowed on Lea's chest.

“I love you too, Di,” Lea whispered back, threading her fingers through her girlfriend's blonde hair again to coax her to sleep. “Sweet dreams, my baby...” It was less than five minutes before the blonde girl was out cold, snoring softly with congestion against her girlfriend's chest. And Lea, for all her talk of noodle soup and cold medicine and how much better Dianna was going to feel after her nap, was seriously considering sneaking out of bed now to go to the production office and demand that Dianna get the rest of the day off.

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