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Short Big Hero 6 Comic w/ Sick Hiro (M)


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was just messing around after my character study and this happened.

Seriously, I expected there to be more bh6 around here by now, it's kind of a gold mine for us.


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gahhhhH!!!! that is just perfect! not because i'm a fetishist, that i'm in love with it... i just like BH6!!

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I'm actually tearing up a little at that ending - how freakin' precious, omg. I love this to bits! :wub:

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Aahhhh! That is the so cute-al-li-adorable! But why that part with Tadashi!? Why?! Man, I love Big Hero 6.

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THIS IS PERFECT!!! your drawing style is so cute and I got emotional at the end! I hope there will be more <3

BIG HERO 6 is DA bomb hahaha

Thank you for this!!!

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Oh, god. This got a bigger reaction than I expected! Thank you all so much for the support!

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Oh god can I just cry a little???? My feels noooooo too much adorable sad feels I love this you are amazing

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This is too cute ahhhh QAQ

Thank you so much for drawing it! The comic and your art style are just perfect x.x

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D'AWWWWWWW wubsmiley.gif

This is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. I STILL WANT MY OWN BAY-MAX yay.gif

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