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Rain -- Clint barton The Avengers


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Well Hello PEOPLE!! You probably have no idea who i am but thats ok! I used to write a lot but then i got out of it but now im back into it!!!! So this is my little story i wrote quickly i hope you enjoy!!!


Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye walked down the new york street back to stark tower. He had just finished a succesful mission by himself and started to make his way home. About halfway to stark towar it started to pour down rain and not just easy ran that you can still walk in this was hard big drops of rain that made it so you can barely see where your going.

Clint was soaked to the bone and shivering. He felt a tickle in his nose but brushed it off as just rain landing on his nose. "HUH'ITSHOO! ITCHU! HUH'CHU!" He sneezed wetly he rubbed hisnose with the back of hand and continued walking. He could just see stark tower in the distance.

It took Clint longer than expected to get back to Stark tower as every few feet he would stop and sneeze a couple times. By the time he made it back to stak tower he was wet, cold, shivering and sneezing. As soon as he got inside he started walking down the hall toward his room. He saw Natasha and he could tell she was examining him closely.

"Let me guess... Successful mission walked here in the pouring rain?" She said with the look 'you dont even have to tell me im right'. Clint nodded anyway and turned to the side as his nose was acting up again. "HUH... ITCHU!" He sneezed into the crook of his arm. After wiping his nose on his sleeve he turned back to Natasha who looked... Concerned? Natasha slowly walked over to him and put her hand to his forehead, he didnt try to move away since he really didnt feel like getting shot by THE blackwidow. Clint leaned into the touch her cold hands felt good against his forehead.

"You feel a little warm, you should go shower and change and try and sleep. I'll be up in a bit with some tea for you." She said and rubbed his shoulder affectionately.

Clint and Natasha's relationship was complicated because they werent an official couple but they were deffinately more than friends.

Once Clint was showered and in bed he drank the tea Natasha had brought for him and snuggled against her. After Clint drank his tea he layed down beside the black widow and fell into a peaceful sleep.


A/N : Well I dont even know what to say.... This turned out a lot worse than i thought but i really didnt have the patience to fix it. If someone really wants me to continue this i will. But if you like it as a one shot thats good to.

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