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Reunited, Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright (pre!PxE)

Hachimitsu Tea

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The last one was so fun to write that I couldn't resist doing another |D This one is a alternate course of events set just after the first case of Trials and Tribulations, so spoilers ahoy!

Title: Reunited

Pairing: pre!FeeniexBratworth

Word count: 2,949

Alone at last… It had taken a small bit of effort to find an unoccupied corner of the courthouse in the middle of the day, but Phoenix had managed. After a trial like that, he’d needed a little silence and solitude to process and deal with the shocking, emotionally crippling facts that had come to light.

Dolly… he thought numbly. I can’t believe… How could…

He was so distressed that he couldn’t even finish his thoughts properly. Tears welled up in his eyes again as her cold, disgusted expression floated to the surface of his memory. His fists clenched at his sides as a lump rose in his aching throat. Phoenix’s tongue flicked over his dry, chapped lips numbly, his mind reeling in painful circles.

Everything I felt for her was completely real, but… was there ever a time, even for a moment, that she felt anything but indifference toward me?

The tears began to flow from his already stuffy, runny nose even before they began rolling down his fever-flushed cheeks, but it didn’t take long for both sources to begin shedding them copiously. Phoenix couldn’t stop them, and honestly he hardly even cared to try. A choked sob tore its way from his throat as the flow of salt water through his sinuses set his already sensitive nose tickling.

“HUHASSSHOO!! ATSHOO!! HUHATSHOO!!” he sneezed explosively behind his mask. “Huhhh… huh-ehh… huh-uh…Hddgh…”

The hoarse noises issuing from his mouth were a pathetic-sounding cross between sobs and hitching breath. Phoenix lifted his mask, which was now damp from being repeatedly sprayed by his incredibly wet sneezes, and wiped his sore nose on the sleeve of his pink sweater. “HEPHOOO!!” A stray fiber from his sweater had tickled his nose. “HEHEHPHOOOO!!”

He made a very congested attempt at a sniffle as he tugged his mask back into place, but only succeeded in making himself cough until his head throbbed painfully. Phoenix was so physically and emotionally miserable that the sudden voice behind him took a moment to register.

“Wr… WRIGHT?!” His visitor squawked incredulously.

Phoenix looked hazily over his shoulder, willing his vision to stop swimming so that he could properly identify the face before him. It took longer than it should have for recognition to dawn on him.


Phoenix turned around all the way in order to get a good look at the man. There was no mistaking it; the person before him may have been taller, broader and older than he had been the last time they’d met, but there could be no doubt that it was his old friend Miles Edgeworth. Finding himself face-to-face with the flesh and blood incarnation of the cold, haughty, painfully lonely-looking prosecutor he’d studied so often in pictures in the paper and via news interviews caused a flurry of conflicted emotions within him. His previous overwhelming pain and heartache was suddenly being wrenched toward the opposite end of the emotional spectrum.

How long had he dreamed of meeting Edgeworth again? How many times had he imagined what he would say? Apparently not enough, because the turmoil was so taxing on his feverish mind that Phoenix found none of the words he’d brainstormed coming to him. All he could do was stare blankly as the horrible fuzzy, tickly feeling flared up in his sinuses again.

“Heh… Heh-uhhh-uhhh-uhhhhh…” Phoenix’s breath hitched desperately, his mouth falling open expectantly as he waited for the sneezes to manifest. To his frustration, they simply faded. He gave a wet sniffle, his brow furrowing as he rubbed his nose through his mask and gave a small cough.

“It’s really you…” Phoenix croaked. “I cad’t believe it… How’ve you beed? I’ve tried to get id touch with you so bady tibes without ady reply that I was albost starti’g to wodder if you really existed outside the dews…”

“What… what’re you doing here?” Edgeworth asked. He looked far less happy to see Phoenix than Phoenix was to see him. If Phoenix hadn’t been feeling so wretched, he might have noticed the way that Edgeworth’s posture tensed slightly, his eyes flicking over his escape options.

Phoenix shrugged half-heartedly, a sad, tired smile coming over his flushed face. “I got wrapped up id a trial. Just by luck, eh?”

A flash of reluctant curiosity appeared on Edgeworth’s face at this. If Phoenix had been in possession of all his mental faculties, it might have occurred to him that Edgeworth was probably wondering about the nature of his involvement in the aforementioned trial. As it was, though, the thought hardly occurred to him. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Phoenix shook his aching head slowly.

“Adyway, edough about be... Tell be what’s beed goi’g od with you! Baybe we could get sobe coffee or sobethi’g? I’b freezi’g…”

Phoenix took a step toward his old friend, but to his surprise, Edgeworth took a step back.


“Edgeworth, if you don’t mind,” the prosecutor said coldly. “And I don’t have time for frivolities like coffee. I simply came to see who was making such a racket in this hallway, and now that I have my answer—”

The tickle in Phoenix’s nostrils that had faded last time suddenly returned with a vengeance. Before he could do anything to stop, or even muffle it, the sneezes tore through him like a hurricane, uncovered except for the mask he wore, right in Edgeworth’s direction.


Phoenix swayed dizzily in the aftermath of his relief, momentarily unaware of the fact that Edgeworth had moved far out of the way, and was now aiming a look of utter revulsion at him.

“Ugh, sorry…” Phoenix said stuffily, stumbling against the marble wall. His eyes slid closed as the cool stone came into contact with his burning forehead. “I’ve got this awful cold, a’d sobetibes the sdeezes just sdeak right up od be before I cad do adythi’g about it…”

“It was you…!” Edgeworth said crossly, his eyes widening in recognition. “You were the one making those earsplitting noises in the courtroom next door and disrupting my trial!”

“Was… I really that loud…?” Phoenix asked sheepishly. He sniffled and coughed. “Jeez, sorry about that… By sdeezes are just so stro’g that there’s dothi’g I cad do to stop theb…”

Edgeworth wrinkled his nose in distaste as Phoenix attempted another snorting sniffle and started coughing again. “Surely the defense could’ve found a witness who didn’t sound as though he might give everyone in the courtroom the plague? If you had any decency, you would’ve stayed home with an illness like yours.”

“Believe be, if it were by choice I dever would’ve cobe here at all…” Phoenix said faintly, his eyes lowering as the events of the trial reared back and threatened to crash over him again. “But they c-cad’t exactly have a trial… *sniff* …without the defedadt… A’d whed it cobes to burder, the court systeb cad’t delay a ruli’g od accoudt of a cold…”

“D-defendant…! Murder?!” Edgeworth repeated disbelievingly. “Wright, you…?!”

Phoenix was hardly listening; his eyes were filling with tears again. “How could she have dode that to be, Biles? I l-loved her… I really, t-t-truly loved her… But she… she hated be! Dot odly that, she actually… w-wadted be dead! A’d here I thought… I-I thought…!”

Phoenix felt as though a hand had closed around his throat as his grief overwhelmed him. He found himself coughing hoarsely as his eyes and nose began to stream with tears once more. Edgeworth looked deeply uncomfortable as Phoenix shielded his eyes helplessly with his arm, sobs and shivers wracking his body.

“Come now, stop that,” Edgeworth demanded in a strained voice, averting his eyes. “You’re a grown man, for heaven’s sake!”

“I r-really thought she w-was the ode!” Phoenix bawled. “Dolly…! What did I d-d-do to bake you try to…!”

As disgusted and unsettled as Phoenix’s display made him, Edgeworth found the tiniest stirrings of… something rising within him. He didn’t know precisely what had happened at Phoenix’s trial, but he had heard enough scattered details that he was starting to piece together a general idea: a girlfriend who had only pretended to care, stringing Phoenix’s feelings along while secretly wanting him dead. Edgeworth didn’t consider himself to even remotely resemble an expert on love or relationships, but even he could appreciate the pain that Phoenix must be feeling at having his heart stomped on like that. In spite of his better judgment, Edgeworth found himself taking a step towards Phoenix, thrusting out his handkerchief at him at arm’s length.

“Try to compose yourself,” Edgeworth mumbled, still avoiding Phoenix’s eyes. “You can start by drying your face.”

Phoenix coughed again as he reached for Edgeworth’s monogrammed Egyptian cotton handkerchief, removing his mask, and burying his face in it. His body continued to shudder with silent sobs that didn’t appear to be slowing.

“HURRAPHHOOO!!” Edgeworth nearly jumped out of his skin as Phoenix let out another powerful sneeze unexpectedly into the handkerchief. “EKKPHOOO!! HURREPH—HURREPHOO!! HEDCHOO!! HURRETCHOO!! CHOO!! UKCHOO!!”

Phoenix staggered unsteadily, his sneezing fit leaving him utterly exhausted and wheezing. Edgeworth took a reluctant half-step forward, his hand hovering at Phoenix’s back without touching him, just in case he began to fall. Phoenix glanced up from the handkerchief at him with red-rimmed eyes just as Edgeworth reached out to him. Apparently he misinterpreted this action as an invitation for a hug, because he stumbled against Edgeworth’s chest, wrapping his arms around his old friend’s waist.

Edgeworth’s spine went stiff and straight as a ramrod at the unwelcome embrace and heat began to rise rapidly in his cheeks. “Wr-Wr-Wright! What the hell do you think you’re doing! Let go of me this instant!”

“Please Biles…” Phoenix breathed. “Just for a b-bidute…? I’b r-really sorry, I kdow you bust hate this, but… I’b… I’b s-so…so alode… I really d-deed you right dow…”

Phoenix’s voice was so plaintive and vulnerable that Edgeworth could feel his carefully constructed inner walls shuddering precariously for a moment as if they had just sustained a canon blast. As much as it made him horribly uncomfortable to be embraced by someone he hardly knew anymore, someone whom, some deep, long-buried part of his heart softly acknowledged, he had once harbored feelings for, Edgeworth could identify with the feeling of being completely and utterly alone. How many times had he laid awake at night hurting, shamefully wishing that he had someone who would even just pat his shoulder, smile, and assure him that he had someone on his side? Edgeworth didn’t know the answer to that question, but it was more times than he could count.

It was still too much for him to consider putting his arms around Phoenix and returning his embrace, but Edgeworth stopped struggling and fell totally still. He tried not to gasp as one of Phoenix’s hands slid up his back and settled between his shoulders, recognizing the grudging, unspoken permission to cling to him.

“Th-thadk you…” Phoenix croaked. “Thadk you, Biles…”

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me ‘Edgeworth’?” he asked stiffly. “I never gave you permission to be so familiar with me!”

Phoenix let out an indistinct murmur, and Edgeworth wasn’t sure how to interpret it. He sighed uneasily, opting to imagine that his demands had been understood.

It didn’t occur to Edgeworth at first what the tiny tremors running through Phoenix’s body might indicate until the other man suddenly jerked away, and whirled around to face the opposite direction, pitching violently into the handkerchief once more.

“ETCHOO!!” Phoenix blew his nose like a foghorn, but had to stop to sneeze again. “HUHEGCHOO!! HERREPHOO!!”

Edgeworth’s skin crawled as Phoenix attempted to empty his sinuses into his expensive handkerchief.

“You belong at home, Wright,” Edgeworth said gruffly. “Before you infect everyone within a ten mile radius.”

“I kdow, sorry…” Phoenix rasped. “Cad I just have a l-little lo’ger? …I’ll be alode whed I get hobe, a’d I just… I just deed a little bore reassuradce that there’s sobeode dearby who doesd’t hate be…”

Edgeworth clicked his tongue as he felt his face going red again “Th-that’s awfully presumptuous!”

Phoenix froze for a moment, then looked up at Edgeworth tearfully. To Edgeworth’s alarm, he found his heart giving a small stutter at the unabashedly needy expression Phoenix was aiming at him. His fists clenched, nails digging into his palms in punishment for his own faltering.

“You dod’t hate be… do you…?” Phoenix asked softly, and Edgeworth could hear the fear in his voice.

Edgeworth prided himself on his quick wit and composure, but that question rendered him briefly at a loss for words, his cheeks hot and his mouth hanging open slightly in surprise. Phoenix blinked and more tears rolled down his fever-flushed cheeks.

“Ngh… n-no, I don’t,” Edgeworth choked out.

In spite of his misery and sadness, Phoenix gave him a tiny, grateful smile at his admission. “Thadk you… Thadk you so buch…”

He nuzzled into Edgeworth once more, the surprisingly soft spikes of his hair brushing the prosecutor’s cheek. Something complicated and alarming was taking place in Edgeworth’s chest, but he did his best to focus on something else, anything else, so that he wouldn’t have to analyze it. He gave Phoenix another twenty seconds or so before clearing his throat awkwardly.

“Are you satisfied now?” Edgeworth asked through gritted teeth.

Being touched always made Miles uncomfortable, Phoenix recalled sadly. It’d be selfish of me to ask for any more than this.

“I guess… I’b starti’g to get—” he broke off with a yawn, “—tired adyway…”

Edgeworth, who had felt the burn of Phoenix’s fever against his neck, wasn’t surprised. “You’d better not do anything irresponsible, like fall asleep at the wheel,” he said. “Don’t think the law would go easy on you simply because you were ill.”

“It’s ok, I didd’t drive byself,” Phoenix said with a sniffle. “I dod’t eved have a licedse. I’ll just take the bus hobe.”

Before it even occurred to him how wildly out of character it was, Edgeworth began to open his mouth to offer Phoenix a ride home, but caught himself just in time. He didn’t owe Phoenix anything. What concern was it of his that Phoenix might end up falling asleep on the bus and missing his stop? None. None at all. Besides, he wasn’t about to let Phoenix spread his germs all over his car. And yet there was this tiny niggling sensation in his chest, some long forgotten emotion trying to make itself known in the face of Phoenix’s suffering. It was telling him not to just allow Phoenix to walk away, that though he was trying to show some level of restraint in order to avoid putting too much strain on Edgeworth, he still needed help.

Meanwhile Phoenix was raising the handkerchief to the ready again. Edgeworth braced himself for the explosion that he knew would follow


Edgeworth wrinkled his nose in distaste, putting more distance between them instinctively.

“Ared’t you goi’g to bless be?” Phoenix asked stuffily, making a weak attempt at a joke.

Edgeworth balked, his cheeks going pink as he clutched compulsively at his left arm. “Hmph… do it yourself.”

“Ugh, bless be…” Phoenix said obediently. He cocked his head slightly as if waiting for something, then shook it. “Huh, that didd’t have quite the sabe effect.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Edgeworth said dryly. “Seriously, go home and rest, Wright. You’re painful to look at.”

He turned on his heel and stalked off. He’d noticed a vending machine selling Dayquil down this hallway, and he knew someone who could certainly use some. Phoenix called after him to wait, but Edgeworth ignored him; Phoenix had caused him too many troubling sensations already today and he felt that he had to escape quickly before the worrying trend continued.


Phoenix began making his way out of the courthouse in slow shuffling steps. His vision was swimming slightly, and though he wasn’t positive, he thought his fever might have risen. God, how he longed for his bed… The hug Miles had allowed him had somehow managed to make him feel warm and sleepy, in spite of everything that was on his mind. Phoenix hid his face in his scarf, trying to recall his friend’s warmth and solidity in his arms with a tiny hint of a smile.

He’d just rounded a corner when he ran right into someone.

“S-sorry…!” Phoenix stammered.

The collision didn’t seem to have slowed his “victim” down at all because they vanished before he’d managed to catch a proper glimpse of them. He’d only registered a familiar flash of magenta out of the corner of his eye. Phoenix did a double-take down the hallway, wondering if he’d just been imagining things since he’d been thinking about Edgeworth, but whoever he’d hit was either in a real hurry or determined not to be seen as there was no more sign of them.

Phoenix reached dazedly into his jeans pocket. He kind of thought that he’d felt the other person’s hand slip into it when they’d collided. His hand reemerged holding a tiny travel-sized packet of Dayquil.

When did that get there…? He wondered hazily. I was just thinking I could use some though. Anything that wasn’t Coldkiller X…

He was just washing the pills down with some water from the water fountain when an outlandish though occurred to him. What if Edgeworth… He pushed the half-formed thought around languidly in his throbbing head, then dismissed it. Nah, couldn’t be.

Somewhere in the courthouse several halls away, Edgeworth let out a tiny, whispery sneeze and cursed Phoenix silently to himself for infecting him.

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I am not too familiar with this fandom, but I remember this arc in the story because of all the delicious Phoenix suffering <3. This is very well done! I feel like I know the characters personally, and the way you've set the scene is a slice of perfection~~ I love your art, but I love your writing equally so! You made Phoenix so sad and adorable and in need of hugs-.. guh, my heart~! Great job, Tea~! <3

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Awwwww Nick ; v ; This is so cute holy jesus

And then Edgey being a gruff old tsun like he always is hngggff this is so fluffy

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This is sooooooo perfect in so many ways *q* And golly, does young Phoenix pull at my heartstrings with his tearful ways, you can't help but feel sorry for the poor dork<3 I adore the way that Edgeworth (more or less) found a way to comfort him without breaking his tsundere shell and ahhhh I can't words!!! This is was so amazing!!

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Omg. My FAVOURITE pairing in my FAVOURITE fandom (by one of my FAVOURITE authors)... I have been wanting this for a loooong time! And Feenie is the bae! THANK YOU!!!!!

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Narumitsuuuuu!!!! Why isn't there more of it here?!! Ace Attorney of my first and favorite fandoms ever. This was so in character - you just know Edgeworth would be the biggest germaphobe and be like gahhhh, get yourself together, you fool. So perfect. XD

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Uggh, I love this! You have the characters down so well. Edgeworth, I can't believe you're such a friggin' dork.... Who answers the statement "I want to feel like there's someone who doesn't hate me" with "That's awfully presumptuous of you!" XDD Thank you for sharing this! Gonna go read the other one, now~

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