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Hello everyone! This is my first sneezy fanfiction- so please don’t be mean. I’m also new to this forum- so i apologize if this fic belongs on a another thread. This is about Tahno- the cute waterbender from book one ;) My headcanon is that Korra restored his bending, and that he is from the Northern Water tribe.

I’m not Tahnorra shipper- I just see them as potential friends.

Oh and btw, the pharmacy he’s at is similar to Rite Aid, it’s a pharmacy, but is also a convenience store.

Tahno was walking along the Avatar Korra park, his signature black , tailored dress shirt and pants on, hair styled back in it’s purple wave. It was springtime, so he was sniffling periodically- one thing Tahno didn’t like about spring, it was allergies.

He actually was allergic to quite a few things- cats were the worst, and he had pretty bothersome spring hay fever. Dust was irritating too, if it accumulated too much. He was actually on prescription allergy pills, and was going to pick up his prescription from the pharmacy later. It was little embarrassing to admit, and his teammates ( he had returned to pro-bending a few months after the Revolution) were used to an occasional sniffling, sneezing, sometimes irritable Tahno.

He was thinking about his girlfriend- Tui, a young water tribe woman with short, purple hair and full lips. Tui wasn’t a bender herself, and loved Tahno even when he was without his bending. Tahno actually wasn’t as much of a jerk as everybody thinks- he just was a bit competitive when it came to pro bending.

He didn’t notice he had walked right under a big Oak tree, with small yellow spores raining down from it. His nose wrinkled slightly, and he pushed the edge of his hand against the tip of his nose, he blinked a couple of times as the irritation spread through septum and under his eyes , and his breath started to hitch

“ Ha-ishoo. HHaaisheeiw. Ha….” He paused slightly, jaw slack, elbow bent in front of his face, (he almost always sneezed into his arm) shoo!” He sniffled slightly, eyes.

“Bless you!” some older man called out, not too far away. “ Thangs..’ mumbled Tahno. He had some tissues in his pockets. He walked a few paces onto the grass where nobody was standing and blew his nose. He didn’t really mind doing so in public, nose blowing was a simple human thing, - just not too near other people. His sinuses burned slightly. He hadn’t taken his prescription this morning- he was all out, so he just had to suffer for a bit, but he really wanted some fresh air.

Suddenly he hear a sound, a gurgling noise. IT was his stomach, he glanced at his watch, he hadn’t eaten in more than six hours. He was pretty skinny, but don’t let that fool you, Tahno could eat a whole bowl of Narook’s noodles in less than ten minutes if he wanted. Actually, Norook’s sounded pretty good right now, maybe he’d stop by there after getting his prescription, and maybe some spare , over the counter allergy meds…

“Hnngch! Hnmmpphh!” He stifled two more sneezes into his sleeve. “Ha….” his jaw went slack , his breathing shallow, trying to look up at the sky, getting the light to get his sneeze out….haa..haistchiew..HA-ishoo!” Stifling earlier only made his sinuses tickle more…and he needed to sneeze again… “ heh…huuusshoo! Hehh….he…ishoo!Asheeew!” He sniffled thickly, his eyes now streaming ( good thing his eyeliner was waterproof, water-bender, with waterproof eyeliner….heh). He wiped his eyes and pulled more tissues from his pockets, blowing his nose again. “ Bless you, young man” Came a middle aged ladies response as he pocketed his tissues, “ Thanks” he muttered, slightly embarrassed. Sneezing repetitively in public was a tad humiliating.

The tickles in his nose subsided a bit, and he looked behind him to see the culprit, three trees bunched close to one another, yellow puffs of pollen getting everywhere. He walked a little faster, leaving the tickle- inducing trees behind him, but not before catching another three “ Hashoo! Haaiiishhhiiieeww..Ha-ishheewww” into his shoulder. At least his nose stopped running, all for the best, as he had used all his tissues.

He opened the door to the local pharmacy, and the bell *dinged*. He took a deep breath, the air conditioning filtered out almost all irritants, and he could breath clearly. He walked over to the “ Rx” counter, and handed over his ID , “ Hi, I’m Tahno and I’m here to pick up a prescription,” he requested . The man in a white lab coat went behind the counter and picked up a small box,

“ Sign here, “ he requested, handing a small receipt and a pen, Tahno scrawled his name and pocketed the small box. He then grabbed some Bendadryl, since he could use it along with his prescription when his allergies were bad, like right now.

As he walked away, his started tingling again “ Not again..” he muttered. He pinched the bridge of his nose, and the stinging went away...but now he needed to blow his nose again. He spotted some tissues on a counter nearby, and grabbed a few and stuffed them into his pockets, blowing his nose. The vibration made him sneeze again “ Hehh...hisheew. HashoO!...heh...hhaaiiisshheeww.”

Korra waas walking along the snack aisle at the pharmacy, hoping to grab a snack, she was starving, when she heard someone sneeze. Huh. Wonder who that could be. She walked down the aisle and saw a lithe, pale young man with a wave of black hair, with slightly pink eyes and nose Tahno?

“ Catching a cold there, pretty boy?”

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Part two

Hello again guys! Thanks for the reviews, here is part two :3 If you like it, let me know if you want a part three.

If you ship Tahnorra, then you can interpret this however you like, but my OTP is Korrasami.

Tahno looked up, a little surprised at the familiar voice “ Korra?” his eyes widened slightly, “Why are you here?”

“ Getting a snack…I’m hungry. Anyway, spring cold, pretty boy?”

“No. Just hayfever.” He held up his tiny brown bag, “ Acutally came here to pick up a prescription for allergy pills.” He blinked a few times, then turned to the left sharply and stifled two sneezes into his elbow “ HHmmpph. HHHnngggchh” He blinked a few times , and for some reason, blushed, “ Sorry…”

Korra eyebrows knit together sympathetically “ Bless you,” she offered “ You have it pretty bad…”

“ It’s normally not this bad, I’ve just been off...heh…allergy pills for a few days. Anyway…I was about to head down to Narook’s, and get a nice bowl of noodles, maybe you’d like to come?” He blushed even hotter at this statement, he couldn’t explain why. “ I mean…I’ll take some of these two * holding up his bag* so I won’t be all gross like this…hopefully.”

“ Are you …seriously asking me out? I’m kinda taken…”

He gave her a slightly irritated look “ I HAVE girlfriend. I just meant as a friend, I never properly thanked you for restoring my bending, and you kinda quit propending after the whole thing with Amon and I don’t know I was just wondering and we both like water tribe food so-“

“ I’d love to.”

There was that blush again. Why was he so awkward when he was away from his posse? “ Okay . Great I just need to pay for these, if you’d , I don’t know, follow me…”

They walked over to the checkout counter, Korra awkwardly following Tahno so he could pay for his things, Tahno gingerly breathing through his mouth so as not to set his nose off again.

Tahno payed for meds, then unscrewed the Bendryl bottle and dry swallowed a few pills, before pushing open the door to back outside, “ Let’s go.”

Hey I know this is really short, but I have to go now and I’ll try to update some more tomorrow. I’m thinking of making Tahno all awkward and sneezy during lunch…hope you guys will enjoy that.

Reviews will be great, I’m kind of shy and awkward about posting things.

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I'm so glad to see a LoK Thread! Thanks for this.

1) Can other people post stories too

2) I ship Korvira XD Korvirasami works for me too.

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Yes of course other people can reply HissyBella - it's a thread- There are other Legend of Korra threads its just that they are for drabbles.

Meala- Yes Tahno is amazinggg and I'm glad you're happy for finding a cute, sneezey Tahno wink.png

guiltyascharged- I will try to write a Korrasami fic after this, the only reasons i recently became active was because my dad has this thing on mmy laptop that blocked " suspicious" websites until i got him to unblock this one ( I could have always used mobile but that's not that same...) But yes I love Korrasami also the possibilities are endless!!!! :D :D :D

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Yes of course other people can reply HissyBella - it's a thread- There are other Legend of Korra threads its just that they are for drabbles.

Meala- Yes Tahno is amazinggg and I'm glad you're happy for finding a cute, sneezey Tahno wink.png

guiltyascharged- I will try to write a Korrasami fic after this, the only reasons i recently became active was because my dad has this thing on mmy laptop that blocked " suspicious" websites until i got him to unblock this one ( I could have always used mobile but that's not that same...) But yes I love Korrasami also the possibilities are endless!!!! biggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.png

And Oh sorry forgot to add I'll try to update tonight- I just couldnt wait to reply beforehand :)

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Sorry this is so short guys but I need to sleep!!!!

Hello everyone! Here is part three. Aaah sneezey Tahno is the best Tahno <3

As Korra and Tahno walked outside, Tahno took a deep breath. He could feel his sinuses clearing a bit. Considering how awkward it would be constantly blowing his nose during lunch, this was all for the best.

Korra glanced at Tahno, happy to see that he looked nothing like he had at the police station those few months ago, “ Sooo…How’s the bending? You enjoying being a probender again? “

Tahno’s eyes lit up, and he smiled slightly, “ It’s amazing, “ He breathed, “ I can’t express how thankful I am to you. You gave me not just my pro bending, but my entire life.”

Korra “ I’m glad. I cant’ have imagines being without MY bending.

Tahno breath started to hitch and he turned sharply to the side and stifled two sneezes into his arm “ HHmmpphh.. HHnnggcchhppphh” He looked back up and took a deep breath, blushing slightly again. Why did he feel so awkward near Korra?

“Bless,” Korra offered, “ You know doing that is really bad for you.

“Doing what?,” he asked irritably, self-conscious of how awkward his constant sneezing was.

“ Holding in a sneeze. All that pressure buildup. I don’t know why you would bother doing that.”

“ Because it’s awkward? I don’t know…kind of a habit I guess?” the heat in his cheeks was back.

“ Just sneeze like a normal person. Really, I don’t mind. It’s kind of cute actually.”

Dear Raava. Thought Tahno. He really didn’t know what else to think. “ Fine. Next time I’ll sneeze like a normal person.”

“ Who knew Captain Prettyboy of the white falls wolfbats had allergies?”

“ Why is that such a strange concept? I’m only the almighty jerk when it comes to propending.” He smirked.

Tahno pushed open the door to Narook’s, flanked by the avatar,

“Tahno! If it isn’t my favorite regular customer. What’ll you have?”

“Table for two please,”

Narook lifted an eyebrow quizzically while Korra insisted “ Oh we aren’t together, we’re just friend here on a lunch date- not a date just for lunch we both like noodles HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND. “ Tahno face palmed. Well at least he could feel less awkward.

They sat at their table. The bright lights made Tahno suddenly sneeze a few more times “ Haa-ishoo! Haashoo!”

“Bless,’ kora commented, then giggled.

“What?” Tahno asked innocently.

“ Do you always sneeze twice in a row?”

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Omg that's adorable.

If I post stories, they're going to be about Kuvira, is everyone alright with that?

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Hai guys it’s me, the OP. I have some good and bad news- I’m calling a hiatus for the hay fever Tahno story until further notice- I had this adorable idea for a sneezey fic. This is Tahno with his bending back, and it’s Tahnorra, and as soon as I thought of it just HAD to be done.

Also,while I did type most of this on my computer, some edits were made on my phone. I also uploaded from my phone, so I apologize in advance for am screwups.

Spirits, could the Uhvatar be sick?

Character: Korra

Cause: Head cold

Korra woke up on the large grey bed with fluffy pillows in Tahno’s apartment. She rolled over and realized that Tahno wasn’t next to her. She was then quickly interrupted by another sensation, she looked up at the lights for a few seconds, before erupting in a small fit of sneezes

“HHHnnxxtchoo. Haaa-shoo. Haaiisshoo”

“Ugh” she muttered to herself, rubbing her hand under her runny nose. She grabbed some tissues from the nightstand next to her and blew her nose harshly. “ Where did that come from.” Before she could finish that thought she coughed a few times. Great. Maybe a shower would help.

She walked over to the joined bathroom and turned on the hot water, slowly breathing in the steam. She proceeded to take a full shower. It did wonders to relieve her stuffy nose, but at what cost?

“ Ha- asshoo! HHNnggtshoo! HAEK-shooo”

The temperature change had only made her sneezing worse. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror, she had thick shadows under her eyes, her nose was slightly pink, and her face was a little pale. Yep, defiantly caught a cold.

After a few minutes the sneezing stopped, and with her slightly more clear nose , she pulled on her usual tank top and baggy pants, and headed off to the kitchen to eat what she thought was breakfast.

“ Wellll, look who finally decided to wake up,” Came Tahno’s smooth, teasing drawl. He glanced up from the magazine her was reading, and his eyebrows instantly knit together with concern at Korra’s ill-looking appearance.

“Morning “ Korra muttered, her voice slightly hoarse.

Tahno got up from the couch and wrapped his arms behind her, pulling her to face him “More like afternoon. “ He noticed she was shivering slightly, “ I knew i felt you shivering last night. Feeling under the weather?” his voice nothing more than a concerned mumble, “ I told you not wearing a jacket this time of year is a bad idea. ”

“ Tahno, I’m a fire bender, air bender, and I’m from the freaking SOUTHERN WATER TRIBE. I think I can handle a little- ,” she paused, turned away, and stifled a “heh-hhhnxxggch- heh hhhnnxxsshooo” Into her forearm.

“ You sound wonderful,” Tahno deadpanned. Then , suddenly, he pressed his lips against her forehead, and planted a long, gentle kiss. Tahno’s touch felt soft and cool, and Korra didn’t realize how warm she was feeling, even the hot shower didn’t justify it. Tahno’s eyes opened, his eyebrows still bowed together, “ You’re burning up sweetheart.”

“ I just took a hot shower, of course I’m warm. I’m fine-“ She broke off coughing.

Tahno just raised an eyebrow. Korra took a second to pout then sighed “Fine. I’ll go back to bed.”

“Good. I’ll make you some tea. Make yourself comfortable.”

Korra trotted off back to his ( their) bedroom, and Tahno pulled out a ceramic cup, pulled some water from the tap ( after turning it “on” the metal latch was still in the way), and heated it up with a flick of his wrist. He added a green tea bag, and after letting it steep and adding some honey and lemon, took the drink to Korra.

He found his precious avatar sitting on the bed, in the middle of a coughing fit that dissipated in a couple of minutes after Tahno walked in.

Tahno hated to see his baby Korra suffer, even if it was just a cold. “Your tea” He laid the cup on the nightstand next to Korra.

“Thangs” She took the cup with shaking hands and took a sip. “Ugh” she sniffled and wrinkled her nose like a cute little bunny fox, "By dose is so stuffy." She rubbed her hand under her nose as if to prove her point.

" Then blow it." Was Tahno's instinctive reply.He grabbed the box of tissues and tossed them to her.

Korra rolled her eyes at this fruitless solution,but still grabbed a handful and blew her nose vigorously.

Tahno couldn't believe how precious his Uh-vatar was, even the way she blew her nose was endearing.

"Ah." Tahno suddenly piped up, " I know just the thing that will help your cute little nose," he tapped the tip of her nose at the end of that statement ,only bringing out a sneeze that was about to happen. Korra crinkled her little nose and "hhaa-ssheeww" into the wad of tissues she was holding. "Bless you,dear.I'll be right back"

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Hey guys this going to sound reallly narcisstic

But I'm only gonna wrote more chapters of this if i get replies, so i wanna promote this so people can read and write some reveiws, or I won't post a cjpater.

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This is a good story. I definitely like fanfics of sick females. It seems generic that she's sick at home. What would make this interesting if she had to fight Kuvira while ill. Or better yet have Kuvira either suffer from allergies, or have Kuvira fight a sneeze while hiding from Korra, before finding the spirit weapon in the trees.

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Part 2

Look, over yonder, a wild update has appeared. And Hissybella, I read your Kuvira fics on tumblr well before you linked them here and just. alskdfjasdl;fpjasdf. So perfect.

Tahno walked out of the room, leaving Korra in the room. She changed back into her blue pajamas and finished the rest of her tea.

Tahno walked into the bathroom, and pulled out a flat, metal basin. He took a bottle of Vicks Vaporizer liquid from the cabinet and went back into the bedroom. He layed the metal basin on the dresser in their room.

“What’s that for? “ Korra asked groggily, her hair undone and wearing soft blue button down shirt and pants.

“You’ll see. It’s really helpful for a head cold.”

He stepped towards the bathroom and pulled a blob of water from the sink. He then walked over to where he lay the basin and poured the water into it. He then poured a little bit of the Vicks vapor into it. Taking a few steps back, he gestured towards the basin

“Now watch this.” Tahno moved his hands so his palms were facing upwards, flicked his wrists down, and then clapped his hands. The water instantly vaporized into warm, thick, menthol-infused steam. Korra took a deep breath, feeling her sinuses starting to clear.

“Wow, that does help.” Tahno slithered into bed besides Korra. She was so cute and stubborn, especially all stuffy and sneezey and feverish. He wrapped his arm around Korra’s shoulders and pulled her close to him.

“ Don’t, you’ll get si- “ HHHHnnnxxshooo. Hashoo! HHha- isshew. She turned to her left arm to avoid sneezing all over Tahno. “ sick. I almost sdeezed all over you.”

“Bless. Don’t worry honey. I’ve caught enough colds- I’m pretty sure I’m immune to them all by now.” It was true, Tahno used to catch colds all the time, as a child he always had a runny nose and sore throat in the winter, as a teenager this tapered off as he developed a more vigorous immune system. He kissed the tip of her nose, only to make her sneeze again. Heh-hhmmmppphhh.HHnnnnnggmmpph. INto the wad of tissues she was holding.

“Don’t do that honey, you’ll pop a vessel. “ Besides, he chuckled, “ You have such a cute little sneeze.” As if on cue, Korra sneezed again, HHHaashoo! HHaa-isshoo! HHHnnxsshoo!

"Could you-" She motioned for the box of tissues on the nighstand.

Tahno worlessly reached over and grabbed the box of tissues and tossed it to her. SHe grabbed a handful just as she sneezed a few more times, " Ha-heh-hhaaashhoo. Ha-heh-HHHNNXXSHHOO. HHaaa-shho!" She blew her nose thickly, tossed the handful of now-useless tissues away, and grabbed a few more just to rub at her nose.

Tahno frowned slightly “I’m sorry you don’t feel well. I’ll keep you company though.”

Tahno felt so warm and comfortable near her, and Korra found herself nuzzling up next to him as she sipped her tea and watched television on the bedroom TV together, until Korra dozed off on Tahno’s shoulder.

Okay guys, that's part two! I hped you liked it and PLEASE reveiw, I'd really like to know if you like this fic, and what you think of Tahno/Korra. I'll write more if you guys like it!!!

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Korrasami drablled written in like twenty minutes. I hope there aren't any typos....:3

Hope you guys like :3

This is written from Asami's point of veiw- I always like fics written in the first person!Please let me know what you think!

I was walking with my girlfriend, Avatar Korra, in the park named after her. She was delighted that I finally had time off from work to go for a walk with her. She was wearing her usual tanktop , her toned arms bare for me to enjoy. I had layered a coat on top of my usual clothing, the slight chill in the air was too much for me to handle.

There was one more thing that was a bit too much for me to handle: all the ragweed ! The ragweed was crazy today, and I had forgotten to take my allergy pills. I had brought a few handkerchief in my pockets, but didn't want to make Korra think we should go inside.

" So I was talking to Lord Zuko the other day, and he said that Avatar Aang had as much trouble earthbending as I did in airbending, and that he never learned to metal bend! Isn't that crazy!"

* Sniff* "Eugh...yeah. That's pretty cute." I answered, cringing at the slightly nasal sound of my voice.

" Are you okay? You've been sniffling a lot lately, hope you aren't catching a cold." Her thin eyebrows snapped together with concern. Korra was always telling me to get enough sleep, and take care of myself.

*sniff* " No, it's fine. Just ...heh... allergies. Stuffy nose..." I mumbled, searching for one of my handkercheifs to rub at my nose with " I'll let you know if it gets really bad." I pulled one of them out of my pocket and rubbed at my nose, sniffling again. " Go on with what you were saying, "

Korra looked un coinvinced , but went on anyway. " He also said since I left the spirit portals open- he can go see his uncle! You should have seen how happy he was,Asami."

The wind started blowing, carrying more puffs of ragweed along with it. Some of it was getting trapped in my hair, even though it was mostly pulled back from my face in a clip. My nose tingled, right at the back, almost between my eyes. Just a light tingle. Nothing to worry about. Ugh, if only I had taken my Zyrtec!

Korra was silen now, her right hand folded into my left, and we walked below a canopy of orange-leaved trees...with modly leaves covering the ground. Not that I was terribly allergic to mold, but it only made my now sensitive nose tickle more. Ugh, the tingle was moving from the bridge of my nose to the tip. I put my hanky to my face and blew my nose, hoping Korra wouldn't mind.

" That was so cute, " She laughed lightly, " You blew your nose like a little polar puppy squeaky howl."

I couldn't help but giggle. She thought everything I did was cute. We continued to walk, and my nose continued to tickle! It now felt like someone was rubbing a feather duster inside my nose, stroking in a gentle , teasing way. My eyes were watering, my lips were parted, I lifted the hanky to my face and let out a few sneezes " HHhhaaa-iissSSHHEEWW! HHHHHaaa-isshhhoo!!Huucch-uuhhh! HHhaaa-ISSHHHuuhh! " I gave my itchy, tickly nose a well deserved blow.

" Bless you , Asami" Korra responded, putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Thangs" My nose was so stuffy! Ugh. At least the tickle was gone...for now.

We walked near the pond that now held turtle ducks, and Korra pulled some bread out of her pocket. We tore the bread buns into peices and threw them into the pond. I threw some peices of bread into the pond, and watched the mama turtle ducks lead the ducklings to the bread and watched them gobble it up.

" It's so cute how they do that! I love how the ducklings only eat the rbead if their mom eats it first."

" *sniff* Yeah...haha" Ugh , the tickle was back ! *sniff* My nose flared, pulling in more of the tickley, itchy pollen. I couldn't stop inhaling more of that itchy, tickly pollen that was only going to make me want to sneeze more! Oh, the itch had traveled from the bridge of my nose to the tip, and flushed into the whole center of my face, my sinuses were burning, I needed to sneeze. I pulled a fresh hanky out of my pocket and...

"HHhhuuu-UUUSSSHHOOO! HHHaaa--IIISHHHUUHH! HAA--AASSHHiiieeww! sshiiew!shhieew!" My eyes were streamiing now, and my nose was runnign like crazy.

" Spirtis Asami , are you okay?" Korra pressed her strong hand to my shoulders and pushed me to face her. More wind was coming, only blowing more of that tickley, itchy , sniffle-inducing ragweed into my face.

" *sniff* I'b just...my dose is so ...heh... tickley! I...*sniff* I deed...to...heh... sneeze"


I gasped for a few seconds, inhaling through my mouth. My eyes were streaming, but the release from sneezing felt so good. Korra didn't seem to mind, even as I released sneeze affter body bending sneeze into the blue hanky she was holding for me.


" Bless you , sweetie." Came my darling Korra's reply, " We're almost home. Almost there now."

I was grabbing the hanky myself now , and was walking on my own, as most of the fit had subsided. My nose felt raw. As we went through the front door I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as Korra took off my coat and hung it for me. My eyes were red and watery, my nose pink.

" Ugh , I look horrible."

" No, you look cute, even when you're all sniffly-snuffly sneezey" She pulled my wasit and pushed me to face her, pressing her lips on mine and kissing me quickly before pulling away.

My nose starting tickling again, not as badly as before , but still so...heh...heh...tickley. Like...an ..ah-ah- and crawling in my nose...

" Korra, I deed to-"

But she was a step ahead of me. She grabbed a handful of tissues and stuffed them into my hands, just as agushed out a last few , tired sneezes

Hu-shooo!Huh-ishho!Huh-heh-hhaa-haaiisshhoo!aaasshhoo! Haaissheew!Huhh-huhh-hucchuuh!Ishhoooo! EESSCCHHHEEWW!

With that last , huge sneeze, I gave my nose another well deserved blow and threw the tissues out.

" I can't beleive you weren't disgusted by that."

Korra chuckled, " Are you kidding? I've always had a bit of a thing for sneezes but your's as so...hot. So powerful and feminine, higher pitched than your usual voice but so..cute. And plus you're cute when your all sniffley and sneezey."

She pulled me in for a kiss, but I had one last sneeze in my system


Korra giggled and shuddered slightly with pleasure.

" You wanna snuggle for a bit, then take a hot shower to releive your poor little nose?" She asked, tapping the tip of my now red nose as she spoke.

" I'd love to."

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Hey guys! I know it's been a while, but I have a little time, so have some Sick! Bolin. This takes place in book 1, I know a lot has happened since then, but this is the only time where the brothers are living together when they aren't traveling.

Bolin and Mako had just ocme back from a pro bending tournament. The match was exciting, and they had one ( however slim the margin) and Mako was actually....excited.

" We're actually close to winning this time , you guys! We may actuallly wint the champoinship pot!"

Korra giggled in agreement, keeping her eyes on Mako's grinning features.

Mako's brow furrowed as he realized he hadn't hear a reply from his brother.

" Earth to Bolin," Mako quipped, waving his hand in front of Bolin's face. He looked a little worse for wear.

" Yeah, that's great! Champoinship pot, here we come" his voice cracked slightly, and he cleared his throat in to his fist.

Mako's worried expression deepened. " Frog in your throat?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

" What? No! Just hoarse from all that shouting! Well...better get to bed! And rest! Before tomorrow!" He flashed a cheesy grin, and scampered upstairs to his room.

Bolin took a detour in the bathroom and sighed, pinching the blunt bridge of his nose. His throat was sore, his nose was stuffy, and the qaurter final was in a few days. It was likely just a cold, unless it was that awful flu that was going around...nah. Definatly just a col...

" HAEK-shoOO!" Bolin sneezed so quickly he barely had time to tent his hands over his mouth and nose. A second sneeze followed suit " AsSHOoo!"

" Huh...gross. " He mumbled, using the back of his hand to turn on the tap and wash the germs off his hands.

I have to go to bed you guys!! Night ! This is super short I know, but will definatly be continued!

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