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Yesterday I took a friend's dog for a walk, was taken out for dinner & a couple of pints afterwards, lovely. I had no idea how I was about to feel. I woke up in the night sneezing, with liquid snot pouring down my face. I tried to blow my nose but it was far too blocked up & still pouring snot. All I could do was try to stem the tide by holding a hanky over my nose, breathe through my mouth & try to go back to sleep. I dozed fitfully & feverishly until 9am when I got up. I sat in the lounge in a chair for a couple of hours still clutching a succession of hankies to my face until it dawned on me that I couldn't function without at least one hand free to do something else. I went back to bed, where my boyfriend was still sleeping because I had disturbed him so much with my sneezing etc. He helped me to get back to sleep with a little personal attention which cleared my nose a bit. We eventually got up again at about 3pm & had some breakfast, when I found I'd lost all sense of taste. We had to go to a shopping mall to do some urgent shopping & I felt really awkward, like everyone could see I was carrying the plague which they probably could as my nose is getting quite red & I couldn't stop sneezing & wiping the nose which was so blocked I sounded ridiculous. There was no way I could cook dinner without my nose dripping in it so my boyfriend brought in a curry. After dinner he ran me a hot bath & banished me to it for an hour, until I could breathe through my nose, although it was still running constantly, at least I could blow it. As soon as I opened the bathroom door the cooler, drier air started to irritate my oversensitive sinuses & I immediately started to sneeze & get stuffed up again. Misery has sent me back to bed to nurse my throbbing face but not before I put my entire collection of hankies in to wash because I used all thirty of them over & over today until they were sodden. I suspect I'll need them again tomorrow because I think I may have caught a cold kissing at midnight on new year.

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Thank you for your get well wishes. Today consisted of more of the same, frequent itchy, snotty sneezing & the constantly, uncontrolably runny nose which is the most obvious symptom of this cold. The irritation is so bad my eyes are watering madly & I have added aching in every inch of my body to the list of my suffering, even my hair hurts. I had to clean out the animals in the garden today & it's been -1C at best all day. I got half way through the job before collapsing with exhaustion. I was sent to bed & ordered to stay there. I'm hoping my boyfriend will join me soon & soothe me off to sleep.

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Thankfully the sneezing & runny nose have subsided a great deal today. I'm in a nice clean bed now after a hot bath with an ice pack under my neck because I have spinal problems & I don't think the action involved in sneezing incessantly for two days has done it any favours.

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Today I feel very much better. My senses of taste & smell are returning, although mostly what I can taste is the thick, green snot which my nose is full of now, yuck. I'm still being well looked after & frequent steam inhalations & a good supply of soft strong hankies are seeing me through.

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Very much so! I'm secretly hoping to catch a cold from my neighbours' currently infectious children or my lover who's been forced to admit to illness too this week.

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