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I am currently in the throes of a random, annoying allergy attack. My nose is running and perpetually itchy, I keep sneezing (I always sneeze in doubles) and it's completely out of nowhere. The sneezes vary; when I stifle it always only half-stifles ("huuuh-NGKchhh!") and when I don't stifle it's kind of medium-sized ("huuuh-CHHieww!"). Both result in mess all over my face, and I don't have any tissues, so I just have to wipe it off and deal (bleargh).

I just sneezed when typing this. ("Huuuh-CHHieww-ah... Huuuuh-NGKchhuh!")

My nose is itchy and runny, my eyes are watering, even my throat is itchy, and I have no clue why. My grandmother (whose house I'm at) doesn't have a cat, I've been inside since I got here, and even when I was outside my usual seasonal allergies weren't bothering me. Uuugh, this is annoying! Any ideas as to why?

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Maybe it's a product in the house that's being used, like an air freshener or a kind of cleaner. I wish I could help, you sound miserable :( Feel better! And hey, at least you have tissues now!

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sounds awful but I wouldn't mind seeing it in action, just think of the videos and observations you can make with this thing going on

Hehe bit late for that now ;)

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