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So, I thought about doing some drabbles and other random fandom writings, so they ended up here.

So, as of late I've become a fan of BBC Sherlock which I'm sure there are no shortage of fans out there as well as on this site, however, I want to contribute just this small cute thing that was bobbling around in my head for the past day and a half.




"Don't, John."

They'd gone through this most of the morning and well into the afternoon. John, being a doctor- and, well, not blind- knew that Sherlock was coming down with a cold. He'd been sneezing and sniffling since last night, his cheeks and nose were flushed a slight pink, and his overall posture sagged as if the very effort of sitting up exhausted him.

"Hh-" John glanced up from his laptop at the familiar sound of Shelock's hitching breath. "Heh... Heh'kshhch! Hih'kxxt!" A double that time. Sherlock usually only sneezed once and rarely twice, only when he was sick.

"Bless. You know, I've noticed you don't normally sneeze twice in a row like that. Could it be that you're...-"

"John, believe it or not I am human and therefore, I sneeze like anyone else."

John finished his sentence anyway, receiving a glaring of daggers in his direction. "Sick?"

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LOL! I loved this: it was very Sherlock-and-John. I hope you write more (especially about Sherlock) soon!

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Yea, some more Sherlock. Don't think there can ever be enough. Loved it. Sherlock was so...Sherlock. Hope you end up writing more.

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Oh wowie thanks guys! So far I'm only on episode 3 but I'm kinda in the middle of it right now so this is based on what little knowledge I have there. Perhaps I'll write a little sequel to this one hm? Idk if you guys agree, this was purely boredom and needing a little fix of Johnlock because my family hogs the tv.

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Please please please write more! Even a little drabble like that with Sherlock sneezing is to die for! I love it how it's so weird that Sherlock sneezes just like humans do because he's so non-human at times :)

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  • 6 months later...

Hiya everybody! So, just to let you all know, I do have another Sherlock drabble in the works so don't worry! Also if anyone has some ideas/prompts/requests feel free to leave those! :)

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Oops I kinda lied (not really but)

So I finished writing my next drabble and then ended up not liking the way it turned out so I trashed it. I'll try and write some more maybe not Sherlock this time but idk please leave any ideas or requests or whatever here please I am desperate for inspiration

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I am here for sick Sherlock :D all the time. Non Sherlock maybe some sick Harry Potter?

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with HP but I'm going to give the series a try sometime soon!
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Hey everybody! This is just a stupid silly thing that I thought about today and wanted to get out of my brain. I was thinking a girl drags her boyfriend or brother or whoever on an antiquing trip and his nose acts up. Idk I'm lame but here you go. (Also I would be eternally grateful if someone were to draw this ridiculous thing jussayin)


"Eughh... Everything's so dusty back here..." I roll my eyes. That's probably the third time he's complained about something in the past five minutes.

"Oh, quit whining. This is fun!"

"Heh..." I hear his breath hitch softly and I see out of the corner of my eye he's rubbing at his nose, nostrils flaring. I grab a thick book and brush the dust off to read the cover. "Hehh-" his breath hitches again, louder and more desperate sounding. "Ahh- heh'SHHhh! Ah'SHHhuu!" He buries his face into the crook of his arm, his eyes watering slightly. I sigh.

"Okay, your right, let's go."

"Heh'fsshhh! Hehh'shhhh!"

"Bless you."

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