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13 weeks without inducing.


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I've had several weeks without a sneeze but my nose as constantly been running and I've been blowing it a lot.

Just a couple of days ago it stopped running and it has dried out.

I sneezed two days ago in the evening after turning on a fan heater that smelt of dust so I think that was the dust.

Then yesterday morning I sneezed whilst in the chickens' shed.

Today is a new day and my nose has been tingling as it has been over the past few days so it will be most interesting to see whether it happens today or not.

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I've been following your journey and I'm going through the same thing!

I haven't been able to sneeze naturally in many months (except when I look at the sun). Originally I thought it was from inducing too much (and using chhinkni), but now I'm 99% sure it's a mental block.

It's driving me insane. I'm now jealous of everyone who sneezes without any sort of prompt.

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Thanks for following my progress.

In the past five days I've had four sneezes. I had one on one day; two the next; and one the following day.

Yesterday and today I have come close. Yesterday I had one hitched breath but no sneeze.

Today I breathed in and was about to let out a sneeze but it went. Since that one I have come close again but no joy.

Sensitivity is definitely increasing for me and I'm very happy about this.

I wonder if your issue is truly a mental block or just sensitivity ?

How long has it been since you induced?

The longer you go the more chance you have of sneezing naturally. Oh, did you sneeze naturally before inducing?

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Sorry, I forgot to respond to this! I truly think it's a mental block, but it's possible it's loss of sensitivity. The thing is, I was inducing a lot last year and was still sneezing naturally while it was happening. It wasn't until I bought chhinkni that I started to notice that I stopped sneezing naturally (which made me scared that I damaged the nerves in my nose forever). But something also changed where I started really wanting to sneeze a lot in front of people, which did not used to be the case, so I think now I'm overthinking it.

Any chance you would want to discuss this further via email or something? I tried to PM you but I couldn't. Maybe we could coach each other through the sneeze drought haha

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