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Getting over the flu!


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I just thought I would share this with all of you...

Right now I have a very hoarse voice, and a nasty and persistent cough! I keep getting better and worse, and the asthma doctor may want me to have a chest X-Ray now, which is unpleasant.

However, some of you sick-sneeze fetishists may enjoy the fact that I caught the flu...not a bad cold, but THE flu. It started around Christmas, when my dad came home with a cough. It was confirmed to be the flu by a doctor. About two days later, I essentially coughed myself awake. I felt better after that for most of the day, albeit a bit tired, but late that night, my temperature jumped to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. (That's approximately 38.8 Celcius.) I coughed a lot, and once the fever went down after two to three days, my throat felt like knives, and I started sniffling and sneezing some. At one point, I sneezed twice in a row into my arm. "Ah-Tcchhhooo! Ahh-Tchhooooo!" I'm not sure which one did it, but one of those two sneezes shot some discolored snot all over my arm. Granted, most of my snot wasn't as dark as typical cold snot. So if you are like me, and like mess, then I'm sure you would have enjoyed witnessing that!

I have now stopped sneezing so much and my temperature is perfectly normal, but my voice is really hoarse, and I still have a decently bad cough.

Anyhow, I will be uploading a video on my YouTube if you follow me! It's already recorded, but I mostly coughed the whole time. I only sneezed about four or five times, and my sneezes were induced. :(

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