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This is my attempt at a Luigi sick fic, please let me know what you think if you have time! smile.png

Chapter 1: Thrown in a sack

Luigi wondered if he was having a fever-dream, or if he truly was bouncing around in a cheap-feeling sack. It was bad enough that he’d been feeling ill for the past few days, but this was something else.

“Ha ha, I can’t believe we got Mario!” The voice was so deep that Luigi could hear it through the sack. They got-a Mario? Oh no! The mustached man’s thoughts were soon interrupted by an alternate voice.

“His Kingliness will be very happy!”

Luigi groaned and tried to struggle against his captors by thrashing around wildly, but in vain.

“HELP-A-BE!” He cried out, his voice cracking. Luigi felt one of his captors punch him in the stomach, triggering a coughing fit. His body jolted violently with each cough, and he couldn’t even cover his mouth as his hands were bound together with thick ropes. He could feel his own sweat plastering the pajamas he was wearing to his skin. Oh, these-a are Mario’s pajamas; aren’t they?

“I’b-a-a-hi’hish! Ugh, goidg to-a bed, Bro.” Luigi said to Mario, rubbing a gloved fist under his running nose.

“Luigi, your-a pajamas are-a still in the wash! Just-a wait for-a little while!” His brother sounded exasperated and completely exhausted. However, the older of the two men found themselves sighing, “Okay-a, fine; you can-a just change into a pair of mine.”

“Tha’gs, Mario; but I can-a just sleep like this.”

“It’ll be-a harder for you to get better if you-a sleep in germy clothes.” He scolded, looking sympathetic.


Well, on the bright side, it seemed like Mario would be able to save him. The bad news was that Luigi was being mistaken for his brother and would fall into the clutches of Bowser. He thought back to when he and his brother were kidnapped together, and the princess had to save them. That hadn’t been nearly as bad; neither of them had been chucked in a sack! Suddenly, his captors stopped short, making Luigi slam his face into the inside of the rough bag. The plumber felt his raw, irritated nose itch in protest. He mentally sighed, as he had just gotten his sneezing under control, and allowed himself to succumb to the demanding tickle. He buried as much as his head as possible into his brother’s red pajama shirt as possible.

“Heh-heh-he’essh! Hi’isshh!” Luigi sniffled madly, trying to prevent his nostrils from leaking like one of the many leaky pipes that his brother and he often fixed.

“Ew.” He heard one of the kidnappers grimace. Luigi heard the sound of what he assumed to be the Koopa Clown Copter, and sighed. At least, he figured, he’d be out of the small bag soon. He allowed himself to slip into a nap, as his sleep was previously interrupted.


Luigi awoke to being thrown out of the sack.

“Oof.” He fell flat on his stomach, too tired to even stand. He vaguely aware of a large shadow towering over him.

“GAH, IDIOTS!” Bowser yelled at his two minions, “That’s not Mario! That’s...um, Green ‘Stache!”

“B-but, he’s wearing red-” One of the hammer bros. carrying Luigi began to defend.

“I can see that; what am I, blind?” Bowser facepalmed, looking at the man on the ground, “Ugh, take him to Peach’s room and tie him up. I’ll deal with you two later!” The king of the koopas stomped away, clearly pissed off.

“C’mon, get up.” Luigi felt himself being kicked sharply in his side by the bigger of his two captors. The man struggled to his feet despite losing all feeling in his legs. A wave of dizziness took over, and he flailed into the slightly smaller hammer bro.

“Ugh, this guy!” The hammer bro muttered, “Jerry, grab his other side.” The other hammer bro, apparently named Jerry, did just that, and they somehow managed to drag Luigi up the cold stone staircase. Luigi’s nose twitched, and he grimaced, not being able to even rub his nose to alleviate it.

“I-I have to-a s-sne-sneeze.” Luigi got the warning out, just as he doubled over with a surprisingly powerful sneeze, “heh’NCH!” He did his best to stifle it, lest he anger his kidnappers, but a thin amount of spray still filled the air in front of him. Luigi let out a small groan as he grew woozy again.

“This guy’s gonna infect the whole friggin’ castle, and His Wrathfullness’ll have our heads.” Jerry mumbled under his breath.

“I know; we’re so screwed.” The two readjusted their grip on the sweaty, shaking man, and finally led him to the room. After they had basically shoved Luigi into the doorframe, the smaller hammer bro pulled more rope out of his hammerspace. Working together, the two had the rest of Luigi’s body restrained in only three minutes.

“Guys, co’be od!” Luigi cringed as his own voice cracked, “I’b dot goi’dg to escape, dod’t tie be up.” He sounded so miserable that his captors couldn’t even look him in the eye.

“It doesn’t matter what you want; The Boss said that we gotta tie you up, so that’s exactly what we’re doin’.” Jerry finally replied after about ten seconds of silence. The two hammer bros exchanged a glance and quickly ran out of the room, leaving Luigi completely alone.


Angry smoke was coming out of Bowser’s nose as Kamek tried to calm him down.

“Sire, I’m sure it was just a mistake. Besides,” The magikoopa forced a smile, attempting to lighten the mood, “Mario will probably show up to save him, and we’ll trap him!” Bowser growled a little bit, and picked up his wand. Kamek flinched, but sighed in relief as he realized that the king was only using it to contact someone.

“Larry! Come in, Larry!”

“What is it, King Dad?” The youngest Koopaling’s voice sounded through the wand. His face was tinted red from the dark ruby on the tip.

“Did you fight Mario, yet?” The red clad plumber often appeared in grassland sometimes even before an hour passed since the many kidnappings of the princess.

“No...I thought you captured him.” Bowser’s face turned a deep crimson, and fought the urge to start screaming again.

“Well you thought wrong! Jerry and Dan got Greenie instead.”

“King Dad.” Larry’s voice trembled a little, “A pink plane just flew over...do you think…” He trailed off.

“Do I think, what?” Bowser spat.

“Do you think that Princess Peach and Mario could have been in it?”

“How would I know? Stay at your post!” The king quickly ended that conversation. He then began to dial the other Koopalings and Bowser Jr to alert them of the plane.



I hope you liked it, NerdyInternetGirl! I think that I'll write about two more parts.

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Uwaaahh! This is too adorable! > W < Luigi's sneezes were perfect.

Can't wait for the next part c:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Uwaaahh! This is too adorable! > W < Luigi's sneezes were perfect.

Can't wait for the next part c:

Thanks, I'm so glad you liked it! blushsmiley.gif So here's the next chapter...Special thanks to not-ordinaryturtle for being my beta! thankyou.gif

Chapter 2: Tied Up

Luigi groaned to himself as if it would ameliorate the throbbing pain in his head. His mobility was even more limited now that his legs were tied together. To make matters worse, he was in a dark, cold room. Did Bowser really keep the princess in here? Luigi longed to be in his own warm bed, cocooned in his fuzzy green blanket; or at least to cross his arms to keep his body heat. However, being denied even this small comfort, the man let out a shaky breath and leaned back into a cool stone wall in another vain attempt to stay warm. Although there was a bed in the room, he was unable to stand up and jump onto it. The plumber sighed as his nose was too sore to even sniffle effectively. He let out a few rattling coughs towards the ground, trying desperately to not fall flat on his face. When he tried to suppress the earthquake of his chest trying to expel the pathogen, it triggered another tickle in his wide nostrils. The sensation was weak, but it was so persistent that Luigi knew that he would eventually surrender to the torture inflicted within his nose.

Heh-h-!” Luigi sighed yet again as the tickle weakened. He tilted his head back a bit to coax out his incoming sneezing fit. “Ha’ahh-hii’CH! HiSHH! Hi-h’iish!” Fortunately, he allowed the reflex to escape mostly through his teeth to prevent too much moisture from getting forced out of his nose; the last thing he needed was to have his nose run all over him. Nevertheless, his body spasmed with every sneeze. Suddenly, he felt another teasing spark in the back of his nostrils. Without thinking, Luigi turned around and gingerly rested his nose on the slight warm spot on the wall that he created from his body heat. Sighing once again, this time with relief since he had temporarily appeased the itch in his nose, Luigi slumped forward as much as the rope would allow.

To take his mind off of the terrible predicament he landed himself in, he forced his thoughts back toward the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Princess Peach, and Daisy. Daisy, he blushed, adding light color to his pale face. What would she say if she saw me like this? Luigi hung his head as if to avoid looking at someone despite being alone in the room. After moping to himself for what felt like three hours, Luigi felt a new emotion overcome him. He glanced around the room, looking for something to free himself. He saw a dull glint from something on the opposite side of the room under a small rug, and hope bubbled within him.

The pajama-clad man, leaning his back against the wall for support, stood up and ignored a wave of dizziness. He stood there for a few moments, trying to regulate his breathing before taking action. He began to hop in the direction of the raggedy pink rug as if he were wearing a frog suit rather than the thick restrains. Before he could even get halfway there, however, he lost his balance and fell flat on his stomach, knocking the wind out of him. The miserable man coughed uncontrollably from exhaustion and remained in his current position, completely helpless.


"King Daddy-kinzz! How much longer do I have to stand guard? I'm losing precious beauty sleep!" The shrill voice from the only female Koopaling otherwise known as Wendy rang through Bowser's wand. The king grunted, evidently equally as irritated.

"Until Mario shows up! Anyway, did you see the plane Larry was talking about?"

"No I-" the line went silent for a brief moment, "Oh! Is it the pink one?" She attempted to point the wand in the direction of said plane to show Bowser, but failed. In turn, Bowser facepalmed.

"Kootie Pie, hold the wand still so I can see!"

"Don't call me that anymore!" Wendy began to throw a tantrum on the ground, much to the older Koopa's dismay. Bowser sighed, realizing that she wouldn't be any help, and dialed Bowser Jr.'s wand to tell him to bring the Doomship in the course of the plane to intercept it.

Once he took care of talking to his son, Bowser allowed himself to relax. If Mario was stupid enough to bring the princess on board, he might be able to exchange her for Luigi. Bowser grinned to himself; even if she weren’t with him, perhaps Mario would sacrifice his freedom for his brother’s. The king comforted himself with this delusion as he marched through the halls of his own castle, deciding to pay a certain captive a visit.


Luigi began to move in the manner of an inchworm to his destination. He was a mere two feet away now, and was growing more and more excited by the idea of escaping. He also realized that he was getting dirt, dust, and Grambi-knows-what-else on Mario's pajamas. He shook his head, deciding to buy his brother a new pair upon his return. When he finally got near the object, he moved the rug with his bare foot. He tried not to scream with disappointment as the only thing under the rug was a coin. Luigi flopped down on his back, completely motionless, save for a massive coughing fit.

Suddenly, the door swung wide open to reveal an old magikoopa; Luigi recognised him instantly as Kamek. The magikoopa was holding a glass of water in one hand and a cookie in the other. He raised an eyebrow in concern when he realized that the man was still coughing, but chose not to comment on it. Instead he chose to put the plate and glass on the ground and fly away on his broom. Luigi looked longingly at the water, but wondered if he should even trust that there wasn’t some kind of drug dissolved in it. After a few moments of internal conflict, his throat screamed for the clear liquid, and Luigi found himself starting to crawl over to it. Since he could not pick up the glass, he figured he would have to degrade himself to drinking like a chain-chomp by licking the water with his tongue. When he got closer, he saw that the magikoopa had put in a plastic straw. Sighing with relief, he took small sips to avoid triggering another fit. He decided to save the cookie for later and released a slow breath, reminiscing in the time when he gave cookies to the baby versions of both Mario and himself during their adventure when they destroyed the shroobs.

Hi’isshhoo!” Luigi was suddenly caught off guard by a surprisingly gentle sneeze. He groaned, wishing he had a tissue, or at least the ability to rub his nose, to reduce the ache in his sinuses. The man eventually decided to lean back against the wall, and to at least attempt to sleep. He squirmed in the likeness of a chubby earthworm struggling against the dirt, as he tried to make himself more comfortable. The plumber grimaced as he felt his nostrils start to flare yet again.

Hiih-hih...haah-” Luigi scowled as the tickle evaporated.


“Sire...Your Evilness, I think your captive is sick,”

“W-What?” Bowser barked down at Kamek.

“Well,” he paused to take a cleansing deep breath, “He was coughing up a storm when I was up there. Plus,” he added when he saw the king open his mouth, “He just looks...well, sick.”

“So? That’s not my problem.” Bowser grumbled, crossing his arms tightly across his plastron.

“King Bowser, you should really give this guy a break, I mean; even evil has standards. If you’re gonna keep him here, you should at least not let him die of some disease.” The king of the koopas rolled his eyes at his advisor’s advice. He didn’t care what happened to Green Stache, no matter how many times they had teamed up in the past. Looking relieved that his king did not scream at him, Kamek flew away, lest he push his luck.

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(goes into a fangirl seizure) I love you so much now >w<

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  • 1 month later...

Hi, I didn't forget about this! This story is actually going to be longer than I originally thought! :lol: Anyway, here's the next chapter! smile.png


(goes into a fangirl seizure) I love you so much now >w<

hug.gif Thank you! That means a lot! :)


Bowser was torn.

He didn’t want a sick guy infecting his castle, but at the same time, he couldn’t even return him to Mario if he wanted to. Okay, well, maybe he did want to, but he didn’t need anyone to think he was ‘going soft’ or anything like that.

Most of the time when he captured Princess Peach, he didn’t have to do much more than give her food, water, and maybe the occasional “visit”; there were usually no issues other than Mario coming to her rescue. Now he apparently had a sick man tied up in one of his rooms-a man, he might add, that he didn’t even intend for his minions to capture. So was it really his responsibility to make sure that he wasn’t deathly ill? The king folded his arms in aggravation as if an answer would come to him.

Maybe he should just see how bad Green ‘Stache was; after all, Kamek could be exaggerating. Begrudgingly, Bowser started toward the room that held his current captor. At his exasperated pace, it took him nearly five minutes for him to arrive outside the door. Before he got too angry to enter the room, he lunged at the doorknob and flung the door opened.

He was slightly taken aback by the pathetic sight in front of him; Luigi was nothing more than a trembling lump of ropes in his eyes. In fact he wasn’t even sure it was Luigi until ‘it’ stifled a few sneezes into the air. The king noticeably grimaced, fighting a violent urge to chuck the guy out one of the thickly-curtained windows. Despite his loud entrance, it was clear that the captive did not even notice the fact that the burly king was towering over him.

Now what? Bowser thought, grimacing; he hadn’t thought this far. What exactly was he supposed to do in a situation like this? His captive that he didn’t even want was sick! The last time his minions had captured Luigi, they just threw him in a bubble and left him for the princess to find. When they captured Mario, he was sure to try breaking his spirit and rub it in that the plumber was at his mercy. But this was Green ‘Stache.

The weaker one.

The one who usually didn’t blow up his castle.

The brother that got brainwashed a few years ago.

Bowser crossed his arms impatiently, frustrated with being ignored, albeit unintentionally, for so long.

“IDIOT! There’s a chair right there, and a bed on the other side!” Bowser yelled, not caring when Luigi nearly jumped out of his skin, “Why the Underwhere are you lying on the ground like that, you ingrate? Do you think you’re too good for my furniture?”

“Cad’t ged up.” Luigi finally answered in a pathetically hoarse voice. Bowser’s mouth formed an O when he looked at the ropes binding the mustached man’s legs together. With a swift motion, the koopa king cut through the ropes around his captive’s knees with a single claw.

“Now get up!” He watched as Luigi a sniffling and shivering Luigi struggled to his feet. Suddenly in a blur of red, the man’s legs gave out, and he toppled forward into Bowser. So maybe the ropes weren’t the only problem. Bowser held him at an arms length and practically threw him onto the bed.

Now what?

Shut up, I’m trying to think, Bowser scolded himself. Even after he defeated Fawful, he could still hear a voice in his head trying to reason with him.

He hated that stupid Star Sprite.

Out of the corner of his eye, Bowser saw Luigi jerk with a loud, “Hi’isshh!

“Cover your mouth, stupid!”

“Sorry,” Luigi sniffled wetly, “Wi-width whad?” Bowser smacked his hand into his forehead. He apparently couldn’t think when he knew that there were millions of filthy pathogens infecting the air he was breathing. The kind stormed out of the room, much to Luigi’s surprise.

When he came back, he was holding a plain white handkerchief. He then tossed it in Luigi’s direction.

“There. Happy?” Bowser snarled threateningly. Luigi tried to move his wrists to the soft-looking fabric, but couldn’t because of the bonds. Bowser sighed deeply, and cut through the ropes.

“Tha’g you. Are’dt you worried I bight escape?” Luigi formed a clearly exhausted half-smile as he reached for the handkerchief.

“You can barely even stand; you’re such a weakling.” Bowser scoffed, “And besides, even if you do get out of the castle, you won’t get very far.” Luigi carefully wiped the rims of his damp nostrils, and gently blew his nose.

“You dond’t seemb like the handkerchief type.” He said, trying to keep Bowser talking. At this point, anything was better than sitting alone in a strange place.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” At Luigi’s shrug, Bowser added, “Fine, my son, Ludwig collects them, okay?” Bowser glared as the plumber smirked.

“I dnow you dond’t wand me here.” Luigi said after a long silence; he was surprised that the king didn’t leave yet.

“It’s your fault, why the Underwhere did you feel the need to switch colors?”

“My pajambas were ind the wash.”

But still,” Bowser tried to argue, “What happened to being color coded?”

“I just t-told you, hehh-Hi’ssh!” Luigi sneezed into the cloth, “I just wore his clothes. Jeez, why is that so shocking? We’re twinds, you know...We look a little alike.”

“I always thought Mario was the older one.”

“He is by like tend mbinutes.”


Suddenly, Bowser heard his wand ringing.

“I have to take this, don’t even think of escaping, or I’ll wring your neck myself.” The king then stormed out of the room for the second time, and slammed the door.

“Papa! T-they got away.” Bowser Jr.’s voice came through the wand.

“WHAT?!” Bowser may or may not have been feigning surprise, “Are you and the Doomship okay?”

“Well...I’m okay, but, heh heh.” His son paused, “The ship, kinda, sorta….crashed.”

Bowser slowly released a breath.

“Okay.” He hung up the wand so that his son wouldn’t hear the string of curses come out of his mouth. Quickly, he dialed Ludwig’s wand.

“Kooky!” He yelled when his son appeared in the orb.

“King Dad? Please refrain from calling me that nickname. I’ve asked you countless times.” He muttered in his slight German accent.

“Whatever, Kooky. Mario and probably the princess were recently seen in a pink plane by some of your siblings. Try to shoot it down. We can’t afford a huge attack on the castle!”

“I’ll load some ca-wait a moment. I thought you captured Mario!” Ludwig accused.

“We got Luigi instead...don’t even ask.”

“Why am I not surprised?”

“Shut up, and just fix it.” Ludwig was so used to hearing the last part of the sentence, that he only sighed. Bowser hung up the wand.

A world away, Ludwig had the strange feeling that Bowser took something of his.

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I love this.It's so fricken beautiful I can't even.*squee*

A world away, Ludwig had the strange feeling that Bowser took something of his.

This.I died lauhing.

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