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Scorpian fanfic for batmansgirl (M - Walter)


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That's for batmansgirl, and thankyou for drawing my attention to this wonderful tv-show! I love it! biggrin.png

Alright, as you wished, I tried to invent something involving a sick and therefore sneezy Walter, but since I've only been watching the pilot-episode so far, I might be a little out of character... I hope, though, that I managed to capture them.

Sorry for my language. Though you said that you don't care for this inability of mine, I do. I tried my best to keep it detailed and to add a few background informations, but since I'm only improving my skills, I might have failed with that. That's the reason why there is no real 'case' as well... cause I simply am unable to express something complicated and technical in english, but I hope that's okay.

So I've been a little reluctant to post this, but since you demanded it and I promised to do this fic for you, I somehow feel forced to share it now! happy.png

I desperately hope, that you'll enjoy this!!

Why was it so freaking cold in here? Walter wrapped his arms around his chest in the desperate attempt to stop himself from shivering, while the laptop in front of him refused to serve his will. So he was a genius, but still unable to compete with windows. Walter even suspected his IQ to be too high for this stupid operating system. He'd been out of this as soon as they'd been replacing dos. Why? Dos had been helpful, dos had been logical! So what about this shit? On the other hand, he'd never been having problems with any kind of software, so why now? That, for his own amazement, escaped his knowledge. It could have been for the horrid headache, though, from which he was suffering since he'd been getting up this morning and which, in company with the cold around here, was creating a quite uncomfortable workig environment. Walter gave in. With a final sigh he closed the laptop and stretched at the couch, closing his eyes for a short moment. This job could be waiting. Everytime everyone seemed to want something from him, simply because they seemed unable to take care of their stuff on their own. Not today, though!

For a few more seconds, he enjoyed the silence around. Except for the silent scratching of the chalk at the blackboard and Sylvester's halfmuted murmuring, there was silence and Walter enjoyed that nor Happy or Toby were around by the time, who had gotten a special job from agent Gallo, while Paige was out, spending some time with her son. Thank god! Sylvester had always been the company he'd enjoyed the most. Quiet and busy with his numbers, not craving for some action like Toby and not critizising his shortcomings in interaction between people, like Paige used to do. In return, Sylvester had other weaknesses...

Walter's silence was disturbed, as a silent itch appeared into the deepth of his sinuses. He knew that feeling quite too well. Perhaps it was one of the inevitables of spending a life as a computer nerd: You had to be blessed with a shitty immune system. Therefore, Walter was used to this tickle. Still, he had problems in dealing with it. If he would be sneezing now, he could be sure that Sylvester would be -

Hu'RRUSHHiew!“ Damn!


Walter closed his eyes and hoped that he would be spared this reation only this one time, as the scratching at the blackboard finally fell silent and he could hear how Sylvester was turning around to him.

„You're not sick, are you? You better stay away from me!“

Exactly! And of course Sylvester had to react like this. If there was one thing that really annoyed Walter, it were Sylvester's anxiouses and his germophobic manners. You only had to clear your throat and Sylvester would start to desinfect every single thing and desperately avoid to touch any of the terminally ill's stuff. Therefore, it fit perfectly, that Walter's headache was accompanied by sneezing now and he perhaps might really be coming down with something.

„Of course not, Sylvester! That's only been a simple sneeze! Don't you freak out now!“ Walter replied in annoyance, but got up and was hardly able to supress a silent moan, as his pounding head was causing him pain with the movement.

Sylvester did not seemed to be convinced. Instead of returning to his calculations, he crossed his arms in front of his chest and his eyes narrowed, as he closely watched every of Walter's movements.

Great! Walter thought and rubbed his eyes, which had started to burn oddly. Why? As much as he'd been enjoying everyones abscence, he craved for Paige to return now, with her magical abilities to solve those problems, resulting from the interaction between people. Not, that they were having a problem, though. If Sylvester just would not have stared at him like this.

Walter's nose seemed not to be calmed yet, and his nostrils quivered again. Hastily, Walter turned his back to Sylvester and pretended to search for something, as the trembling of his nostrils got more emphatical and he had to press a finger under his nose to supress the urge for a little longer.

„Walter? What are you doing?“ Sylvester's tone was not just showing a hint of curiousity, but mostly skepticism.

„N-Nothing!“ he choked out between gritted teeth. Unfortunately, that one word was enough to set the stupid tickle in his nose over the edge and his lips parted slightly, as he released a final, nearly sighed gasp, until Walter gave in and buried his face into the crook of his ellbow.

Hhh... He'ASHHHou!“ That was just great! Especially since Walter noticed, that his nose was slowly getting more and more congested and every sneeze seemed to worsen the itch instead of providing him any relief. If he would indeed have caught something, there would be some funny days waiting for him … stuck in here with Sylvester, who would, for sure, refuse to eat until he could be sure that there was no danger in catching it any longer.

„See?! I knew it!“ Sylvester's voice nearly cracked and despite how annoying Walter might be finding his anxious attacks, he still felt sorry for his friend, who hastily stepd back, as if he intended to get away from the deadly army of germs that Walter was sending out. Walter, on his end, had difficulties to supress a chuckle, defensively rasing his arms.

„Jeez, Sylvester! Calm yourself!“

„You sneezed! Twice!“ Sylvester indeed managed to make it sound, as if Walter had shot him.

With a sigh, Walter sank back to the couch and massaged his temples. He would simply wait until Paige would have returned to their place. With that thought in mind, he closed his eyes and tilted his head back, while Sylvester was still staring at him, but finally seemed to have deceided that there was no harm to expect from him any longer and returned to his blackboard.

No sooner had Walter dozed off, as the door was kicked open and he was disturbed by Toby's laughter. Walter hardly had a chance to greet or in any way talk to his friends, because Sylvester whirled around and unquestioned released a warning of the deadly plague, Walter was about to bring over all of them.

„You better stay away from him. He's sick as a dog!“

Again, Walter rolled his eyes and Toby as well as Happy looked rather surprised than shocked.

„Sylvester, what -“ Happy started, as Walter finally cleared his throat and was able to solve the situation.

„I just sneezed.“ he explained drily and exchanged a meaningful look with Happy.

„No, you did not!“ Sylvester protested instantly. „You sneezed twice! A sure sign that you're sick!“

„Thanks for the diagnosis, House, M.D.!“ Walter replied cynically and Happy giggled.

Toby, however, seemed to be willing to check up on Sylvester's accusation and therefore closely watched Walter from head to toe.

„You do look a little pale!“ he observed.

„Thanks man. That's what I need: you stabbing my back!“ Walter protested, while Sylvester took another step back from him, as if he was obsessed.

„No, honestly!“ Toby continued nonchalantly.„The way you sit at the couch, your head tilted back, the slight shadows under your eyes and … there is, in fact, a slight blush at your cheeks.“ Toby steped a little closer and took seat at the couch, directly next to him, while Happy shock her head and started to fumble at the fuse box to get their electricty and with that the heat going again.

As Toby reached out for his forehead, in fact to check if he was running a fever or something, Walter angrily drew back and slaped his hand aside.

„I- I'm fine!“ he stuttered. If it wouldn't have been for this pesky tickle in his nose. Desperately, he gritted his teeth and tried to stare Toby down, who obviously was not impressed by his pathetic try. Toby had already been conecting the dots, observing the stuttering and the way Walter gritted his teeth, and came up with a small package of tissues, he handed Walter with a „Bless you!“, bevor the other even have had the time to sneeze. Since Toby alread seemed to have discovered the truth, Walter allowed his breath to get even more uneven, hastily pulling a tissue out from the package and covering his nose and mouth with the fabric, as his head snapped forward.


„That's gros, Walter!“ Sylvester could be heard from over the blackboard, while Toby next to him genuinely rubbed Walter's back, as the dark-haired lapsed into a short fit of coughing afterwards.

„You don't need to hold it back for Sylvester's sake!“ he reassured him, reaping an angry gaze from Sylvester, but a relieved sigh from Walter as well, who's nose had started to run by the time.

„Thank you!“ he mumbled, blowing his nose as discretely as possible and listlessly aiming at the bin, in attempt to get rid of the soaked and sticky fabric. At that exact moment, Paige opend the door and nearly got hit by Walter's used tissue. With a disgusted look, she closed the door and gestured to the tissue at the ground.

„The bin is not that far from where you were sitting! You could have got up as well.“

„I've been computing the trajectory accurately! I just missed, because I got distracted by your entering!“ Walter murmured and rubbed his still tickling nose.

„Of course! Now, get here and clean that up!“ she ordered and Walter got up reluctantly.

„A- AhhHh! Alright!“ his breath was getting erratic again and as he finally was facing her, he caught another harsh sneeze in cupped hands, which bend him by the waist.

Ha'RRISHHyou!“ Walter stayed in that position and picked up the tissue to place it, where it should have landed in the first place, while his nostrils were still trembling and his sinuses still itching. He straightened halfway to take in a few, short breaths and again snapped forward with another sneeze, he released openly in the air.


„Jesus, Bless you!“ Paige offered genuinely, while Walter straightened, but still lectured him to better cover his sneezes for the sake of politeness before she asked: „What's up? Are you not feeling well?“ and placed a cool hand at his forehead. Walter could hardly resist Paige's touch therefore simply shock his head slightly, while his nose had still not calmed, yet.

„I- I'm f-FhhIIH! … FI'TISHHOU! Fine!“

Her frown, however, revealed, that she was not sharing his opinion.

„No, you're totally not!“ she observed and ushered him to the couch, grabbing for a blanket and pressing him to the pillows, before she tugged him in carefully.

„You stay exactly there! I'll get you a cup of tea and you'll sleep afterwards!“

„A-alright, mum!“ Walter answered, still fighting his breath. Paige rolled here eyes, but started to get his tea ready.

Walter leaned back and sniffed quietly, desperately trying to avoid Sylvester's look, who's expression was showing an unbearable mixture of panic and this typical 'Told-you-so-look'.

He had not much time to think about this however, as his eyelids flattered. Desperately, he gasped, head tilted back and lips parted slightly. Finally, he jerked forward, pressing the blanket to his mouth and nose.

Ha'OUMPFfffshhh! MPFFSHHiew!“

„Bless you!“ it echoed from Toby, Happy and Paige at the same time, while Sylvester grumbled somtheing that sounded like: „Gross!“

As Paige finally had prepared the tea and got back to the couch, she found Walter fast asleep and there was a silent smile, lurking around the corners of her mouth. She place the cup at the sidetable and carefully pressed a kiss to his warm forehead. This guys might be brilliant, but therefore, she found Walter's sight even more endearing, weak and tugged in at the couch. It felt good to be assured, that he still was just human.

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Oh My GOD C-can this be REAL! I LOVE THIS WITH ALL MY. SOUL I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable admonishes self omg I love YOU iloveyou Wthtfjjgfsadgfr WHAT IS LIFE besides sharing is caring and it would be a CRIME to not share this gem I'm SO HAPPY

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Oh My GOD C-can this be REAL! I LOVE THIS WITH ALL MY. SOUL I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable admonishes self omg I love YOU iloveyou Wthtfjjgfsadgfr WHAT IS LIFE besides sharing is caring and it would be a CRIME to not share this gem I'm SO HAPPY

Oh my gosh!! I'm so glad you like it! :blushing: And don't worry for making me uncomfortable. Since you seem to like it that much, it's not that bad any longer! ;)

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Yeeeeesss I,ll help

To say Walter felt sick was a understatement he felt horrid HRShooo! GUH! Wad thd held is wrond with meb.

It's called a cold Walt us normal people get it all the time mozal tov your human. Walter turned his head quickly which made him dizzy it was Cabe. Wad do youd wambt Gabe. Me nothing him Gabe gestured to Ralph wanted to see you since he had no school today. Oh imb sorry Ralph I don't want to get youd sick. Ralph to his amazement walked over to him. Ralph then took off his shoes leaving on only his socks on his feet. The rest of his attire remained unchanged. He then gently pushed Walter back down and looked him in the eye. There is little to no chance I will come down with this affliction do to the fact I am immune. Ralph then climbed next to Walter and curled up into the crock of his arm his head resting on Walter,s chest now sleep he commanded. Walter fell asleep for good half hour then he heard a *flash* oh this is SO! Going on Instagram. Then there was a whispered but unanimous SHUT UP Toby!

Paige then entered the room to check on Walter she cooed at the sight of her son and Walter she then tiptoed over and gave Walter a kiss on the forehead she then went to pick up Ralph but that made Walter hug Ralph more protectively

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this is really good! perhaps walter needs a bit ... more ... care taking by paige :-)

Thank you! blushing.gif ... And I guess you're right. And someone should be calming Sylvester, I think! wink.png

But I need to warn you: I'm not that good with fluffy stuff, but I'm willing to try my hands in it, though.

Yeeeeesss I,ll help

Do you want me to make a continue based on your suggestion? happy.png

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Oh yes pleeeaasse do. That would be lovely hopefully I helped 8D

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Did you just see the new EP omg bonding of Ralph and Walter is over 9000

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To be honest, I did not really know how to begin where you ended, and therefore I simply went on at where I finished my first part, trying to let the things happen you imagined, with a few exceptions however... Hope you'll be fine with this. Sorry if it's stupid... :s

While Walter at the couch sank into feverish dreams, most of them dealing with lots of extremely frightening and at the same disturbing sceneries, Happy managed to get their electricity going and the room started to warm up. Everyone seemed to be busy with their own stuff, except for Sylvester, who literally was drowning his hands in desinfectants. The fealing of fear and anxiety, however, could not be expelled by the desinfactants alone and so he was torn between panic and short phases of hate on his friend, who'd been getting him into this situation, though he knew, that Walter per se could not be blamed for being sick.

Paige desperately tried to explain him that colds basically weren't deadly diseases. She was hardly able to concentrate on this, however, since Walter at the couch was zoning in and out of sleep, torn between phases of restless sleep and short moments of wakefullness, during which was moaning silently, stifling a cough or muffling a sneeze in the blanket or simply looking quite pathetic in a way that it pulled at Paige's heartstrings and she would have loved to return to him, sitting next to him and brushing through his dark locks. She was, admittedly, unable to leave Sylvester alone, though.


Toby looked up from his laptop and threw a confused gaze at Paige, while Sylvester next to her was counting the amount of deadly lung diseases into which a simple cold could have evolved, started with a common pneumonia. Paige had to admit, that Sylvester's panic somewhat was contagious. Just to know about all the diseases you could have died from, might the possibility be less than even present, was scary.

„You're the behaviourist! Could you please calm Sylvester somehow?“ she pleaded.

Toby seemed to be considering her request for a short while and than looked up at Sylvester critically, as if he was estimating the dangers of his diagnosis.

„The only way to get rid of an anxiety disorder is to face your fears! He'll be fine!“ he finally deceided and Paige, who wasn't a psychologist, but clever enough to see that Toby simply did not like to deal with Sylvester by the time, grimaced in annoyance. She was about to think of a proper reply for not to make it sound too offensive, as Happy steped at her side.

„Go!“ she said and gestured to Walter. „I'll get him out of here, so he don't has to face the deadly plague and the way Walter pines away!“ Happy added as Paige seemed to hesitate for a second, but finally mumbled a „Thank you!“ and left Sylvester to get back to the couch, where Walter's breath was irregular as always. Paige reached him in time to witness how Walter freed himself from a nightmare by sneezing harshly.

Hu'GUSHHHchhiew!“ the fact, that he'd been sleeping until that moment caused him not to cover his mout in any way and so he released it openly into the air, catapulting himself into a seated position. The movement followed a loud moan and a rub of his temples.

„Wha-Hhat the h-Hhhh!“ Walter's chest was rising and falling in a fast pattern as his breathing got more and more emphatical and his red nostrils trembled dangerously. Paige had to admit that the sight was somewhat attracting her and she was hardly able to look away for not to stare at him ungraciously, as Walter hastily lifted the blanket to his face and snapped forward „Ha'PFUUsHHHtshhyou! … Hh'HSSTSHhhoouu!

„Bless you!“ Paige rubbed Walter's back, who blinked and rubbed his eyes, obviously trying to find out where he was and why he was feeling so shitty. The look of him just melted Paige's heart. „How do you feel?“ she asked and carefully brushed a few locks out of his eyes. For a moment, Walter looked as if he wasn't so sure himself.

„Awful … I guess.“ he coughed and Paige laughed.

„You guess?“ he chuckle gave way for a concerned frown as she noticed the heat radiating from his body.

„Sure you do!“ he observed and got up to get him something for the fever and his chills. Walter sank back to the pillows and coughed weakly. In his opinion, he'd never been feeling any worse. He always was feeling this way with every cold he'd had in his life but this time for sure was the worst he'd ever experienced. He mentaly prepared to die. Weakly, he grabbed for a pillow to cover his face and especially his eyes with in attempt to shut out the light which was worsening the pounding of his poor head, as the door was teared opend once more. Walter could hear the steps of heavy boots and a dark voice calling out for him.

„Paige, where's Walter?“

Walter moaned. He did not even had to look at the man to know who'd been entering. What ever Cabe wanted from him: He wasn't around!

Paige guestured to the couch and after a few steps, Cabe's voice could be heard directly next to him.

„I have a job for you!“ and while Walter reluctantly was removing the pillow from his face, Paige had joined them, carefully placing a wet towel at Walter's forehead.

„You better go and search for someone else!“ she ordered stricktly.

Moaning silently, Walter shifted into a seated position and the wet fabric slipped down and slid to his lap.

„It's alright Paige! I- I caHhhn HhAHh... HA'RRISHHHOOoou!“ while Walter jerked forward, his mouth covered losely with his fist, there was a small frown forming at Cabe's face.

„Bless you! You need to save a software com-“

HI'AISHHHHAAH! … Excuse mbe!“ Cabe wasn't able to finish his demand, cut short by another sneeze. Paige took the oppertunity to push Cabe back to the door.

„Cabe, he truely can't -“

Walter himself obviously seemed to disagree, because he suddenly was appearing next to her, heavily leaning against Paige for support.

„Whad is id, Cabe?“ he sniffed, rubbing his nose at the sleeve of his sweatshirt and running a hand through his hair, as if to prevent himself from looking too pathetic. His efforts were totally useless. The way his hair sticked to his sweaty temples and his neck, the blush on his cheeks and his red nose were reliable indicators of the fact that he obviously was sick. Cabe, however, did not seemed to have noticed that or, more likewise, simply did not care.

„You got the sniffles? I began to doubt that you're human, at least.“ he started and pushed Paige aside, who was now helplessly standing next to them. Walter coughed and nearly triped at the next moment.

Ralph, who'd obviously been brought by Cabe to leave him with Paige while collecting up Walter to get him to his job, had been standing next to the door for a while, watching them silently. Now, he stood directly in front of Walter, his hands resting at Walter's hip and he emphatically pushed him back to the couch. Regardless of the fact that he'd been catching Walter off guard, he would have been to weak to fight the kid back. So he was forced to stumble backwards to the couch. By the time he'd plopped back to the furniture, Ralph already had curled up next to him, his head resting in Walter's lap.

„Ralph...“ Walter mumbled and ruffled through the child's hair. Now, that Ralph was curled up against Walter, Cabe seemed unable to drag him out of the house and longer. Instead, he cleared his throat and mumble a silent „Get well soon!“ before he turned and disappeared.

Paige returned to the couch and took place next to Walter.

„He … He's goi'g do c-Hhh...“ Walter's words were replaced by the erratic hitching of his breath and he tilted his head back, eyes closed halfway and his mouth hang open. His face grimaced in concentration, as if he tried to gather all his strengh for this one sneeze.

Hhhu... AahHHh! … Id's stuHhuUh... stuck!“

Ralph lifted his head and look up at him. Walter turned his gaze down so his eyes could meet Ralph's and he tempted a smile. „S-SoHuuhH! … Sorry kiddo!“ he mumbled and lifted his hand as his breath got even more erratic. Ralph shock his head and grabbed for the package at the coffee table, holding it out to Walter. Walter grabbed for the package, but had no time to get a tissue from it, as he was surprised by an intensification of the itch in his nose at the very moment and therefore forced to pulled the collar of his sweatshirt over mouth and nose for not to sneeze at Ralph.

Hu'IASHHHyouu! .. Ha'PfffTHSHHHOU! ISHHOU! HN'TISHHHOU! ...“ the sneezes came too fast, so Walter wasn't even able to breath in inbetween. His breath still caught and head covered with his collar, he carefully tried to push Ralph aside.

„R-RhHA! … Hi'RRASHHHYA! … Ralph, you be- be'der … Be'TISHHyou!“ Walter's desperate hitching was mixed with concern as Ralph wrapped his arms around Walter's waist in the firm will not to let him go. Helplessly, Walter was unable to do anything else than to jerk forward with another much more harsh and wet sneeze that shock his whole body.

HU'PRRUSHHHHHHYOU! … Uuuughhh...“ with a deep sigh he sank back to the pillows and instantly Ralph placed his head at Walter's chest and curled next to him. Paige, who'd been getting up to tugg Walter in, instead kneeled next to her son now, trying to convince him from leaving Walter alone so he could get some rest. Walter smiled at her and slightly shock his head, protectively wrapping an arm around Ralph's shoulder and pulling him even close.

„Id's alrigh'd!“ he mumbled while Ralph nuzzled his head into Walter's neck.

Paige got up with a sigh, grabbed for the cup of cold tea and walked off to the kitchen. For a moment, Walter snuggled up to Ralph, shivering slightly, until Toby appeared in front of him.

„Aaw, how sweet! Wait, let me take a picture!“

Reluctantly, Walter opened his eyes and blinked at Toby.

„Toby... Are you se-“ he croaked, but Toby already had been taking his phone from his pocket and aimed at him and Ralph.

„You're going to thank me for that!“ he grinned and the klick of the phone could be heard as the flash fired. The bright light was bringing the tickle back to Walter's nose and he inwardly cursed Toby as his breath started to hitch again.

HhHhhh! ShHhIIi...“ hastily he burried his face into the blanked, while Ralph moaned silently, disturbed by the erratic raise and fall of Walter's chest. With a mumbled curse, Walter turned away from Ralph and pressed the blanket to his mouth and nose.

Hh'Mptsh! … MpfTSHhh!

Ralph blinked and Walter blushed and mumbled a short „Excuse be!“ before the kid placed his head back at Walter's chest. Toby did not seemed to be done, however and Walter covered his eyes with his arm to spare himself another photic reaction to the bright flashlight, while Toby was taking another two pictures and just stoped as Paige returned to them and pushed him aside.

„Toby, let him sleep!“ she ordered and ushered him back to his laptop, infront of which Toby sat down, smiling but not fully turning away from the happenings at the couch.

Paige carefully made sure that Walter was tugged in properly, before she adjusted his pillow so he could sat up a little. Afterwards, she handed him the cup and Walter sighed contently about the warmth it was providing, his hand still running through Ralph's hair.

„I do'd wa'd do ged hib si'g!“ he mumbled and glanced at Paige in excuse. „But he's cli'gi'g do be.“

„Don't worry.“ she answered with a smile. „He's going to be fine.“

Carefully, Walter nipped at his tea and noticed in relief how the hot liquid soothingly made it's way down his throat, somewhat helping the sharp pain. With numb fingers, he clinged to the cup and leaned back, carefully watching out that he was not disturbing Ralph, who's breath had calmed by the time. Looking at the sleeping kid next to him, Walter's eyelids got heavy and he placed the cup aside, sliding back to the pillows and wrapping his arms protectively around Ralph, who silently moaned in his sleep. „If you say so...“ he mumbled and finally closed his eyes, gaving in to the endless feeling of exhaustion that had crept upon him and slowly dozing off.

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Oh, thank you! I'm just glad that you enjoyed it! ^_^

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You I can't. Just OMG THANK YOU from the dethps of my being thank you 8D

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