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Runny Nose and Persistent Cough (not actually a fetish thread!)


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So I've been coughing persistently for about a month now and for maybe a fortnight I've had on and off cold symptoms such as a runny nose and congestion.

I generally try not to medicate and rely on fluids and eating well,but this is getting annoying now and I really.don't have a health inducing job. Suggestions on things to deal with these symptoms,including but not necessarily medicines easily and cheaply.available in the UK?

I also dislike blowing my nose, it feels unpleasant, but my boss today told me to get a hanky because I'm grossing him out with my minor sniffing haha. I'm hoping this is like mushrooms i.e. i didn't like them as a child but I tried as an adult and they taste fine. What should I do,tissues or hankies? Any brand or type? I legitimately have no idea lol.

NOT looking for fetish based answers :P

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Well, both have pros and cons. I'm from the States, so I suspect our brands may not mesh well, but I can give you a general idea.

I personally find hankies unhygienic after a couple of blows. They're not bad for a bit of dabbing or wiping, but if you got a consistent stream of congestion, I can't see it being worth your time. As far as tissues go, I know that prefer the ones that have a little bit of lotion to them, if I have to do a lot of constant blowing. This only happens to me once every couple of years, so it may be that my nose is just too sensitive, but regular tissues are abrasive.

The one thing I do suggest for sure is don't skimp on the quality. Buy some good tissues that are thick and soft. Kleenex brand makes some good ones with and without lotion. A lot of people don't like the lotioned ones, though. They find them greasy and slightly slick. I guess maybe try a box of each? Tissues also have the wonderful quality of being disposable. I appreciate that. The disadvantage is, of course, you have to carry them around.

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