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cartoonish sneeze - girl from work


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Ah .... the work place, some of the perks of having a socially rich work place is you get to see a lot of sneezing *grin* and around my particular office it's 95% women employees, which is kind of like the cherry on top because I still like female sneezing better than male sneezing for whatever odd reason. The other thing about my work environment, since there's a lot of young interns (and the internship takes 4-5 years), there's a small turnover at the end of each year, a few people get their license and some leave for the private sector and new blood comes in, so things are kept fresh ;)

Today's observation is brought to you by G, one of the new girls in the office. G is 30 years old, she's a cheerful person, fun to talk with, has a good sense of humor, and actually a lot of things about her are a little cartoonish come to think of it. She's got beautiful brown skin (she's from Yemenite origins) and a head full of long black curls, she wears fashionably geeky glasses, her nose is rather thin and has some pointy-ness to it, and her figure is curvy in a healthy sort of way.

I've seen her sneeze before, and I think she's even complained about allergies before, today was just extra sheepish in that regard. We were sitting 'round in her room, since mine was being used for some group activity on account of it being one of the larger rooms around. For the life of me I can't remember what we were talking about, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't important :P when ... all of a sudden ... she gets this dramatically tortured expression on her face and she starts rubbing the sides of her nose. In between what must have been exasperated inhales and hitches she's still trying to finish her sentence. It was all just so darn cute, how quickly the irritation took over her, the nose rubbing, the hitching breath, my god the hitching breath ... and her trying to still talk sweatdrop.gif delicious. After what must have been 5 seconds (which I'm pretty sure in tickly-nose-time is 7 hours) she lets out this incredibly cute cartoonish and dramatic "ashoo!" I swear she kind of jumped in her chair, propelled by the force, it was adorkable.

I bless her as I laugh and add "is it even possible to do that more cartoonishly?". She smiles and says she's rather theatrical in general (true that!) so she sneezes theatrically as well. Then she continues to go on about how sometimes it just takes her sneezes so long to come out ... but other times she can just go through a fit of 5 in row out of nowhere (yep, I've seen that too, fantastic performance). For good measure she throws in that it's not a cold or anything, just allergies, and that she hasn't taken her allergy medication in the last few days (which I of course internally applaud). Now that's practically an open invitation to ask further questions so I'm all "oh, what are you allergic to? life? everything? *wink*", she laughs and nods but narrows it down to "mostly dust". Which in my eyes is again fantastic, because out office space is old, and it gets dusty rather easily, and she's got the closest room to our storage space, and that's probably THE dustiest area in the whole place :P so I add "well, good thing you can't find a single floor tile here that isn't coated in dust", we both laugh and move on to talking about something else.

And that's that ;) I'll be keeping an eye while she's still off her allergy meds proud.gif

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Fantastic obs, army-girl! I always love reading your contributions. They are so well-written and cute. :D and I envy your work situation with G, she sounds cute and sneezy! Thanks for sharing!

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