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Finally caught the winter cold I wanted!


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Hi guys! It's been a little while since I've had any obs posted. The fall semester kept me pretty busy. This is an obs from about a month ago!

I've been running all around campus this season so I definitely got to see the colds start spreading... we had at least three separate times when a different cold was going around. Pretty much everyone I knew got sick at least once! Somehow I managed to avoid getting sick at all, even though I wasn't exactly on the best sleeping schedule because of being so busy. No idea how I escaped it.

I was pretty disappointed though because the last time I was sick was at the very beginning of the year and it was a little short-lived. I like to catch a cold at least once during actual cold season; last year, that didn't happen at all!

This year looks to be finally making up for that, though, because I came down with something around the second week of December. I have no idea who I caught it from this time because no one I knew was sick anymore, although I think there was still something going around the hall I lived in so I'm pretty sure it was that.

I don't know if I've ever given a description of what I look like but I have short brown hair, a rounder face, and a thin, slightly upturned nose. smile.png

It was completely sudden, like most of my colds are; I woke up one morning at the beginning of the week with my nose completely stuffed, and blowing it was pretty much useless. I didn't sneeze much at first but my throat was getting more scratchy throughout the day. Soon after that we had a weird patch of weather where the sun came out and melted the snow away like it was the start of spring... that was what triggered the sneezing: "ESCHIEWW! H-ITCHEWWW!"

Later in the week, when I was starting to feel better, the sneezes got really messy and my cough sounded worse than it had when I actually felt sick (does this happen to anyone else?!). I tried sitting towards the back in my lectures because it was sort of embarrassing... > > I was prepared with tissues by this point though so I was able to catch all the snot laughing.gif

This cold must have been more visible than my last one because I got a lot more people asking, "Are you sick?" usually as soon as they saw me. I had a lot of fun getting to talk about it ;)

Hope everyone had a great holiday / new year!

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Bless you & congratulations. I know how satisfied you must feel. The cold I'm just getting over was just perfect, the kind I fantasize about & hardly ever get. It was all pouring snot & non-stop sneezing, making me fit for nothing but being in bed with my significant other. It was after the festive season proper too so it didn't matter too much. I hope yours worked out as well as mine.

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