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Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji roleplay? (looking for a specific pairing, details inside!)


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*steps up to the podium and waves???* XD

Hello hello! Sooo, I've got one Kuroshitsuji roleplay going on here right now, but I was wondering if someone might be willing to start another one with me, maybe? This time I have a specific pairing in mind for it, and although it consists of both canon characters, it's a bit of an unusual one.

For personal reasons, I've been staying away from the Kuro fandom lately mostly on Tumblr, which unfortunately means I haven't returned to my Madame Red (Angelina/Anne Durless) roleplay blog. However, she's one of the characters I really love to play, especially in romances, and with her being a doctor, there's plenty of fetish possibilities; so this seems really appealing to me. Especially since I'm undeniably homesick for roleplaying as her but am not ready to return to her blog yet. XD

So, ah, to get to the point--! Would anyone be interested in doing a roleplay for a ship/pairing involving Anne and Eric Slingby from the second Kuro musical?

There's a couple preferences that I have, though, let me go through those briefly!!

It probably goes without saying that I'm going to play Anne, and whoever would be my partner would play Eric! <3

I'd prefer to do a roleplay in paragraph form with some detail, but it doesn't have to be crazy detailed!

There's no plot I have in mind, but I would reeeeally prefer whatever plot it would be to start out with Eric doing the sneezing, and I'd like to work in Anne sneezing at some point too if that's okay with the other person!

Hurt/comfort/caretaking???? 8D My favorite, ah, "position" (???? XD) to play Anne with would be caretaker since she's a doctor, but I'm not at all averse to having that switched up at some point!

PM'ing is my preferred method of roleplaying here on the forum, but a public roleplaying thread is fine by me too!

NO 18+, sorry!!

** CAUTION I'm probably going to be hellishly slow at times, please don't mind that!! **

Either reply to this thread or PM me if you're interested and we can work out a plot! Thanks guys!! heart.gif

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