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Secret Santa for Grey on a Sunday! (Hunter Clarington!)


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Hi Grey on a Sunday, I'm your secret santa! I'm so sorry this is up the day before the deadline (I'm a professional procrastinator) but your gift contains two parts and this is the first! I looked around a bit on your profile and noticed you like Huntbastian so I included that as well. I hope you like the first part of your secret santa gift! hug.gif


Everything's Fine

“Look Blaine, you’d be perfect for the position.” Trent continued as he and Blaine walked through the halls of Dalton Academy. “Sebastian has been out sick for days and the choreography is awful. Hunter is failing the group and with Sectionals a couple months away-,”

“How is Hunter failing you?” Blaine’s brows knitted in confusion. “I thought he led his show choir to regionals back in Colorado?”

“Yes, but I sure he wasn’t like this, Blaine.” Trent replied as they walked. “Hunter chose Mercy by Kanye West as one of our songs to sing. Have you heard that song? How are we going to sing that and you need to see the choreography. Everyone looks like dying birds.” then quickly added. “May Pavarotti rest in peace.”

“That’s not that bad.” Blaine tried to defend and he wasn’t sure why really considering the New Directions hadn’t been off to a good start either. He stopped in his tracks and turned to Trent. “Look, I’m sure the choreography is fine and I have to-,”

“Please, Blaine.” Trent begged desperately. “I know you don’t attend Dalton anymore but we’re still brothers, right? And we need you. You’re Blaine Warbler.”

Blaine was silent for a moment. “Fine, but it can’t be that bad. I mean, with-,”

Trent didn’t respond and opened the two giant wooden doors, letting Blaine take everything in. The Warblers were all trying to the choreograph Hunter was doing in the front of the group but failing miserably while Mercy by Kanye West almost blared through the room.

“Okay, drop it to the floor, make that ass shake. Whoa, make the ground move, that’s an ass quake.” Jeff rapped or at least tried to.

Blaine watched the group dance then walked over to the iDeck and turned down the music, effectively stopping everyone’s dancing and turning to Blaine.

“Blaine!” Some of the guys smiled, approaching Blaine with wide, open arms.

Hunter, still in the front, turned to the iDeck and immediately spotted Blaine. He smirked and walked closer to the other in a confident stride that only said, “I am Hunter Clarington.”

“Hi, Blaine Warbler,” Hunter greeted, a harsh sniffle. “Have you come back to finally join your Dalton boys again?”

“No, Hunter. I’ve told you. I’m loyal to the New Directions but I heard you need some much needed help.”

“Then you are here to help us rather than the New Directions. I knew it. Once a Warbler, always a.. heh.. ihhh… hih..,” Hunter’s face scrunched up as he tried to stop the itch. “Hnxgh!” Hunter turned away as much as he could, the stifle only snapping his head forward a little. He sniffled again, this second time wetter than the first, and he pitched forward once more, further this time than the last. “H’ktsSCHuh!

“Bless you.” Blaine hummed. “Would you like help or not? Someone told me Sebastian is sick and by the sounds of it, you’re not that well either.”

“I’m fine.” Hunter almost snarled and cleared his throat. “But having the one and only Blaine Anderson to help would make the Warblers guaranteed for us to win Sectionals.”

Blaine blushed softly at the compliment and watched as Hunter walked over to the iDeck and turned on the song again. He made a mental note to tell Hunter about the unique song choice for sectionals but the boys still danced and tried to learn all the lyrics and as time continued, Hunter kept sniffling then started sneezing and finally coughing.

“Maybe we can carry on without you.” Trent told Hunter once Mercy started up once more.

“What’s that supposed to.. heh.. mpf’sSCH! Huh’UtSCHh! – ngXh! Mean?”

“I think you’re sick..,” Trent pressed.

“I’m not-,” Hunter glared.

“Come on, Hunter. We’re not stupid. You’re sick and you probably got it from Sebastian.”

Hunter rolled his eyes, sniffing and rubbing his nose in the process. Trent tried not to wince at the noise. It had gotten increasingly worse as time went on and Hunter had barely pronounced a proper ‘m’ or ‘n’ for a while.

“You know Blaine, he’ll help us. Just go home and get some rest. You don’t want to end up like Jeff and get pneumonia. We have to be our best for Sectionals.”

Hunter sniffled and glanced around the group. “Fine, but you better be 150% by the time I come back.” He went to the other side of the room, picked up his Dalton bag, and headed out of the room.

His apartment wasn’t that much better. Sebastian was getting over his cold, only a small cough remained but he was still resting, something that the Warblers never saw him do. Hunter was greeted by Mr. Puss as he walked in and set his bag down.

“Hi beautiful,” Hunter cooed as he picked her up then turned away. “HACHIEW!” The sneeze bent him forward to the waist and a fine mist sprayed his arm like they always did.

He only sneezed openly in his apartment around Sebastian, the only person he was comfortable around. Sebastian thought it was funny at first, that someone so confident, snarky, and put together could have such a messy sneeze.

“Did you catch the Warbler cold?” Sebastian walked into the living room only a moment later.

Hunter rolled his eyes as he pet Mr. Puss. “No, I’m fide.”

“Fide, huh?”

“Yes,” Hunter repeated and sat the cat back down. “Just some allergies, you know. The ragweed in Ohio is always a bitch.”

“Hmm,” Sebastian nodded slowly as he walked closer to Hunter with a soft smirk. “I can practically feel your fever radiating off of you.”

“I feel fine, Seb,” Hunter sniffled wetly and rubbed his nose, passing Sebastian to go into the living room.

“Fine, fine. Whatever you say.” Sebastian shrugged and sat on the couch next to Hunter. “Wanna watch the Avatar movie with me?”

“Sure.” Hunter answered, clearing his throat and getting comfortable on the couch.

Sebastian nodded and tried to contain his smile as he went to get the DVD from their movie shelf. He would wait all night for Hunter to tell him the truth that he, Hunter Clarington, wasn't always the put together military cadet he wanted everyone to think he was.

"Heh..hiiih...hehhh... Huh-uESCCHuh!"

Sebastian plucked a tissue out of the box on the coffee table and turned to Hunter. "Tissue?"

"Thang'ks," Hunter sniffled and took the tissue then gave his friend a pointed look. "I'm fine."

"Okay, okay. I get it, Hunt. There's Benadryl in the bathroom." Sebastian turned away from him and Hunter didn't say another word.

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Oh sweet Huntbastian.. I think my heart just skipped a beat?? Guh, this is gorgeous, and.. NNNNNNN Okay I'm fine, I swear I can be coherent. Just.. everything about this. Blaine trying be optimistic, poor Trent begging him to help the Warblers out! The poor dears, that was just adorable AND OF COURSE HUNTER IS SPOT ON WITH EVERYTHING OH MY GOD THIS PART IN PARTICULAR:

“Then you are here to help us rather than the New Directions. I knew it. Once a Warbler, always a.. heh.. ihhh… hih..,” Hunter’s face scrunched up as he tried to stop the itch. “Hnxgh!” Hunter turned away as much as he could, the stifle only snapping his head forward a little. He sniffled again, this second time wetter than the first, and he pitched forward once more, further this time than the last. “H’ktsSCHuh!”

Ohohohoho.. OHOHOHOHOHO! This literally had me melting onto the floor. Poor darling, he needs to rest so badly. AND MR. PUSS FFFF BEAUTIFUL :DDD I just imagine Hunter adoring his cat more than anyone else in the world until, Sebastian comes along and even then it's a different adoration, y'know? So lovely. And the constant need to reiterate that he's "FINE" when obviously he's so not, lord somebody strap that boy down to a bed please. Also yes Hunter having a really messy sneeze when he's not in public UNF.

A-And there's more??? Whaaaaaa~? Thank you so much dear!!! jump.gif

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