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Alright well I have been meaningggg to post some of these but I'm always so paranoid someone I know it worse, the person in writing about will somehow magically stumble upon it and see it. So my ridiculous paranoia has kept me from posting anything. But im finally posting stuff!! So yup

okay so a bit of a description of my friend I'm going to call A (for my own paranoid sake)

hes pretty tall with long black hair, kinda a emo look when its straight otherwise it's kind of wavy, he's pretty skinny typically wears dark colored or black skinny jeans occasionally a band shirt ( okay basically your typical emo look but he pulls it off well. I will say he is attractive but I could never date him or anything like that because of our friendship. Anywayyss so there is 1 thing you must get about A, he's is vary unusual sometimes and very animated in everything he does and I mean EVERYTHING lol. Singing,walking , standing, yawning and yes sneezing. Okay enough discription on to the obsss

So I have so many I almost don't know where to start it which ones to share, so I will share yesterday's to start, so u was with my friends and we were all just sitting in somewhat of a circle. I was talking to a friend and A was sitting across from me. I was trying to have a conversation with a different friend who was sitting next to A when I noticed him acting strange out of the corner of my eye I tyrbed to look at him and ask if he was ok and he assured me was.so I somewhat returned to my discussion with my friend before I noticed him acting strange again, this time I was pretty sure why. He kept twitching his nose and then would do almost kinda what a cat would do and kind of started to paw at his nose . It was actually kind of adorable. After continuing to do this for a while his mouth went slack a little and his breath started to hitch and he just say there with his hands out stretched in almost a I give up move but then he started to paw at his nose again so I thought it had gone away(all throughout this I'm still trying to carry on a conversation without staring at A ) one of my other friends had noticed his show by then and asked if he was alright, he looked up and turned almost a solid red and looked super embarrassed and told her he was ok. shortly after he sat pretty still for a minute with his eyes closed mouth still a little slack just waiting then he started to hitch again before finally sneezing, I'm terrible at trying to spell sneezes but he has the kind of sneezes that can definetly startle you if your not paying attention because they are pretty violent,they are also kind of high pitched but not so much that they sound girlish.anywayss that was way longer then I wanted it to be but oh well, il prob add more later today because I have plenty more possibly better obs, alright Il hush now bye! Sorry for writing so much!

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Omg this is so cute <3 Please fill us in on some more obs of him! He sounds adorable! And don't worry about the ob being long; I personally like long obs. :)

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