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Sneeze Fetish Forum Functionality [dead thread -- forum software has changed]

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EDIT: much of this post no longer applies after the forum upgrade happened. some stuff still does, but a lot of stuff looks different and etc now, so not everything in this post applies anymore

I've had this idea for a while of starting a thread about the little functions of the forum that people might not necessarily know about because they aren't explicitly stated anywhere and must be discovered through trial and error. I thought it would make it easier for people to know how to do certain things and have a better forum experience - I would have totally appreciated a thread like this on forums when I first started using them. Sometimes they're just not very straightforward. heh.gif This might be a really long post, but I think it will help a lot of people, even if it's in very small ways. Even people who have been here for a long time have been like "What? Really!?" when I've pointed out some of these things to them, so this might even be helpful for forum veterans. I hope so, anyway!

If you see your content/username in the screenshots here, it's not because I'm singling you out - it's probably just because I know you and your stuff was handy. tonguesmiley.gif Also, I use the 'Delicate Blue' skin, so if you use a different skin than I do, my screenshots will look a little different to what you see, but it all functions the same!

So, the first thing I want to point out is the New Content button. It's directly below the search bar and directly above the Donation Statistics on the right-hand side of the forum. This will allow you to view every thread that has had a new post in it since the last time you read the thread. Some people find this easier than going through every subforum to see what threads will catch their eye.But wait! You might say. I only want to view new content in certain subforums. Won't this show me everything? And I have an answer for that. A lot of people don't know you can mark individual subforum as read. Here, I'll show you. This is the Stories forum:


Roleplays and Interactive Stories is greyed out because I've clicked it. I've put my cursor to hover over the Drabbles subforum to show you that it marks the forum as read once you click that little circle. Once you do this, the posts in that specific subforum won't show up in New Content.

EDIT: Garnet has just discovered an even easier way to filter New Content. There is literally a "filter by forum" selection on that page, like so:

Using this, you can simply select the subforums that you are interested in seeing new content from - useful if you want to avoid anything from a particular subforum or if you only use the forum to view a small selection of material. This way is much better than the way detailed above, but marking subforums as read will be useful for other reasons, so I'll keep them both in this tutorial. Next to View New Content there's a little button shaped like an upside-down tear drop. That's the forum's Quick Navigation feature. If you click it you can - gasp - quickly navigate the forum from whatever page you're on. (Guess what? I just figured out what that button did 10 seconds ago while poking around for things to talk about in this post. heh.gif )

You can do something similar with individual threads. See:


If you click the circle next to the thread, you will go to the first unread post in that thread and not have to go through the hassle of digging through to see where you left off. Once the thread is read, obviously it looks like the thread by tma underneath. This is super handy for very long threads (and the day I discovered it on another forum that frequently had threads that exceeded 200 pages was a WONDERFUL day, let me tell you. Tears of joy may have been shed).

On the bottom of the forum, there is a little grey triangle in a circle. If you hover over it, it will say "Go to top," and if you click it, it will do exactly that. To the right of this circle is some text that says "Mark Community Read." If you click it, it will do exactly that. To the right of THAT you can click "Change Theme" to change how the forum looks to you. There are a couple different skins. Choosing different skins does nothing but alter the appearance of the forum; it's purely cosmetic. (But Delicate Blue has a flower on it and why wouldn't you want a flower on your forum?)

Even if a person has it so that their profile is set to be able to be viewed only by their friends, you can look at their content by hovering over their name in on the Search page, in-thread, if they are visible online at the bottom of the forum (basically wherever their username appears), like so:


Click the box I've outlined in red and it will take you to their content even if you are not their friend. (Please bear in mind that if you have not yet been fully validated, you will be unable to view their content even if you do this.)


Here I'm going to talk about Ignore preferences for a little bit. A lot of people don't seem to realize you can turn signatures off completely, or even ignore certain peoples' outright. You might want to do this because certain peoples' have flashing gifs, for example. If you want to ignore a certain person's signature, you go to one of their posts and hover over it. A small X will pop up in the upper right-hand corner of their signature. It will give you the option to ignore that poster's signature or ignore all signatures. You do whatever makes your skirt fly up! (Note that you cannot ignore a specific Staff member's signature. If you want to do this, you have to turn ALL signatures off; software won't let you ignore a staff member in any capacity. Uh, except Youth Mods apparently, because I just tested that.) You can also do this via Ignore Preferences in your Settings, but sometimes it's easier to just hit a button.


Ignoring signatures entirely is one of my favorite functionalities of this forum - I have EVERYBODY'S turned off, so feel free to say very rude things about me in your signature, because I'll never see it. mf_zippy.gif

Exploring your Settings by clicking your username and clicking "My Settings" in the drop-down menu is a good idea in general. You can basically customize what notifications the forum gives you, restrict your profile, that kind of thing. I won't go into every detail there because it's all pretty self-explanatory but setting all of those things up the way you like them can make your time here more enjoyable.

You can collapse a lot of things on the forum. If you hover over the "Information and Links" part of that subforum, for example, an arrow pointing up will appear on the far right of the bar. If you click that, it will collapse that subforum. You can also collapse things like the Donation Tracker and Birthdays widgets by hovering over them similarly and hitting the X button that pops up.

(courtesy of Jormungandr)The selective quote feature is one that seems to trip up a lot of people, so I'll explain how to use it here. To use it, all you have to do is highlight the bit of text you'd like to quote in the person's post, and hit the Selective Quote button and you should be good to go! One thing to note is that this feature does not seem to include emoticons used by the person in their post, so you will have to add those in manually if you want them to display.

(also courtesy of Jorm!)How to turn a normal link into text that leads to that link.You can just copy and paste a link, of course, and it will look like this: http://www.sneezefet...rum.org/forums/

However, you can also make that same link look like this!

All you have to do is type the word or phase you want to form the link. Highlight them, and then in the post box, click the little icon I have outlined in red:


A small box will pop up, and you can paste the relevant link there, then click OK. Voila, your link is prettified. The icon directly to the right of the icon I highlighted above will unlink your link again if you highlight it and click it.

Related to the above, you may also want to insert a picture in one of your posts. This is very simple. What you'll want to do is upload the picture you'd like to link to a site that will host pictures. Imgur is my personal favorite; you don't need an account to use it. After you do that, click your picture to get the full link (this will end in .png normally, but may also end in .jpg or .gif or other formats). Then in your post, click the small icon of a photo in the same bar I posted a picture of above - it's two icons over from the highlighted one. You can paste the link to your photo in the pop-up box, click okay, and then your picture will appear in the post.

Viewing content.
If you look at somebody's profile, you can see on the left-hand side on the menu where it says 'Posts' and 'Topics'. If you click them, you can choose to see some of the member's most recent posts and topics. But there's a better way to go through someone's content, if you are looking for a specific thread, for example. On their profile, toward the top left side, there's a button that says 'View Content.' If you click that, you'll be taken to a page where you can sort by posts, topics, or posts and topics, and it will show you 40 pages' worth of a given person's contributions to the forum. I am fairly certain there is not a way to view someone's content beyond that 40 pages, but if anybody knows, please feel free to tell me and I'll edit it in.

I'm sure there are a TON of little things I'm missing from this post, but I think it's a good start, and if/when I come up with more things, I'll definitely edit them in. If any of you guys have any suggestions for other things to put in I'll edit them in too.I also wouldn't mind for this thread to be used as a catch-all thread for little questions about random forum functionality that don't really need a whole thread to themselves, because then people can refer back to this one specific thread, but I'll defer to the mods on that. Maybe this thread can be pinned, if it seems like something enough people would get use out of? Whatever is cool, I just thought it would be helpful to some people. heh.gif

Hope some of you found this useful!

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Awesome stuff! I actually didn't know a bunch of those :blush: Thanks for the Forum 101, I apparently needed it! :D <3

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Joal 555

Thank you for taking the time to do this, Junia!

I'm sure a lot of people will find it very useful!

Ignoring signatures entirely is one of my favorite functionalities of this forum - I have EVERYBODY'S turned off, so feel free to say very rude things about me in your signature, because I'll never see it.

I know you were only joking and it's highly unlikely that anybody would do this, but with my "stuffy staffy" hat on ( :hat: ) I should remind members that the rules of the forum apply to signatures too!

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This is a great idea! If I have ideas of things to add, would you prefer I PM you or post something in thread?

Ignoring signatures entirely is one of my favorite functionalities of this forum - I have EVERYBODY'S turned off, so feel free to say very rude things about me in your signature, because I'll never see it.

I know you were only joking and it's highly unlikely that anybody would do this, but with my "stuffy staffy" hat on ( alucard.gif ) I should remind members that the rules of the forum apply to signatures too!

Surely you know me better than this by now, Joal! I'd already run through about 6 possibilities of varying rudeness by the time I scrolled down to your post! All for naught.... Alas.

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This is a great idea! If I have ideas of things to add, would you prefer I PM you or post something in thread?

Oh, PM me, please - I'm much more likely to see a PM than a notification for the thread. :D

(I'm gutted you won't be saying anything rude about me in your signature. :sadwalk:

(edited three months later because the sadwalk smiley's code was broken somehow...)

Edited by Junia

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Just replying to this topic to say I'll be working on an updated version of this thread that will be more relevant to the current version of the forum software, post-upgrade. It will probably be a few days while bugs are sorted out and I also believe HoL is planning on installing apps to the forum in order to restore certain functionalities, but I'm hoping to get it done quickly so nobody feels entirely lost at sea during the update. :lol: 

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So I was reading Junia's mail here, and the first I (stupidly) did was click on the "mark side as read" button you indicated, and instead of marking just the thing I was reading, it marked the whole website...which means I don't have access to my old threads with " Unread" anymore! Damn. Anyway to undo that?

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